How to start contractions naturally

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Avatar f tn Nurse Told Me To Lay On My Side To Move.
3605625 tn?1385021148 Just curious, did u have any idea labor was about to start? Any niggly pains beforehand? And how far along were you when it happened?
Avatar f tn You're due date is an estimate and you may go over. Its best to just let it happen naturally as trying to self induce can be dangerous if your body isn't ready.
Avatar f tn I'm currently 36+4 weeks, and have received the Ok from the Dr to start slowly and naturally inducing my labor. What are the best ways to get things going? Please no negative remarks.
1714215 tn?1334717469 come before my due date. My doctor said at 37 weeks I can start doing things to help myself go into labor. I am wondering what I can do to help get it going. And will she be okay if she comes from 37 weeks on.
Avatar f tn Go to YouTube and search dance to start labor, there are some funny women getting their groove on that will make any preggo smile and I needed that!!
1407098 tn?1287115366 My hsg has continued to drop but I have had no signs of miscarriage for two weeks. I am going to pick up a prescription tomorrow to start contractions and help open my cervix as I do not believe that my body will start the process on it's own. I had prior issues of no cramping or real menstruation before I even conceived so I think this is the least invasive option for me. I will have an ultrasound in 3 days to make sure everything has passed.
1834324 tn?1322144704 Has anyone found an effective technique to induce labor naturally? I've read a lot of things, just wondering if any of them have actually worked for anyone.
232328 tn?1207093671 that people have heard that are suppose to start labor...and if anything in particular worked for anyone. I am 37 weeks along and measuring about 39 weeks and the baby is about 7 pounds right now. I am anxious and tired and just want this to end. hahahahaha. Any suggestions? I have heard that sex is a good one but I just am not comfortable having sex. It is kinda painful right now. Any other suggestions????
Avatar f tn So long story short - it took 5 weeks for my body to m/c naturally. I have a great dr tho. I am RH - so he sent me to the hospital to get a shot. Then I was senthome to wait to see if nature would take it's course. From the sounds of it tho, this is not the same situation for you. If your HCG level is rising, then you are still pregnant. My levels dropped to 0 by the 7th from when the spotting started. Have faith!
1544019 tn?1318508126 We had sex that evening then I was making dinner and my contractions were coming every 3 mins... Went to the hospital - dilated to 1 CM, then to 3 over the next day.. Of course, I stopped there but even if you could get to that part it would be a great help. I find sex gives me very consistent intense contractions still but the only issue is that even with doing this several times since that initial night, i dont seem to be progressing despite that at this time so baby must not be ready.
Avatar f tn Baby will come when your baby is ready, if your dr felt like you needed to start up labor the dr would induce you their self but if your dr didnt say do anything to start uo labor then dont do it. Your baby is still growing no matter how far you are. Just let your baby come when their ready. Dont be selfish. Be patient.
7607740 tn?1396734463 I'm not going to trigger labor but I understand how difficult it has gotten to be tired all the time. We go through this like 35 week slump huh?
8744246 tn?1413298694 I would talk to your doctor also. They might be able to tell you ways to naturally start labor. Walking, sex etc.
478429 tn?1265247987 sometimes orgasms can help kick-start contractions, but Limonada is right, the sperm is what is supposed to soften the cervix. walking helped me get labor going, too :). just as a little encouragement, we BDed at 39w6d when I was pregnant with DD and I went into early labor the next BDing is possible, you just have to be creative :D.
Avatar f tn But i wanted to share since i haven't read about this technique (and i have been doing a ton of research or how to jump start labor). I hope this helps or works for someone! Good luck mommies!
11356079 tn?1421361418 I remember how active labor and cervical pressure feel right before I start pushing but I don't know how it feels in the days or hours leading to labor or the beginning of labor except to time my contractions.
349463 tn?1333575176 I do feel bery selfish for getting induced because I know its when he's ready but I have also been told to not feel selfish that sometimes baby just needs a little nudge to help him. I wanted him to come naturally but sometimes it doesn't always go as planned. Plus I still have time b4 next sat so he may come b4 then. I can't really help u on how to distract yourself because I can't even distract myself on it either. Its on my mind ALL day 24/7.
9442948 tn?1406820051 Massage Studies show that a massage can raise your body's level of oxytocin, that hormone that can bring on contractions. Some massage therapists swear by their ability to help jump-start labor when a mom-to-be is overdue. (Many even focus on certain pressure points to move labor along.) Not into massages?
9310828 tn?1403014688 Lizzie I'm thinking of trying nipple stimulation, because when my hubby plays with them I start to get strong contractions, but I always stopped him, because it was too soon. I didn't know pineapples did anything. I'm addicted to pineapples hasn't start anything for me. I will continue to try and walk and I guess sex.
Avatar n tn He ordered magnesium sulfate to stop my contractions. If I should start having contractions again and have to go in do I have the right to refuse to stop my contractions and if I do what can happen by my refusing to stop my contractions?
Avatar n tn 30 this morning they stopped hurting so much and I could finally get some sleep, until my 1year old woke up at 7am to tell daddy by for work, my contractions have started again about 7mins apart and painful but not to painful going to drink another glass after breakfast.