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Today i noticed one of the sides was swollen and there was a black substance coming out of the other side. I did my research online this seems to be a gum infection and/or abscess of the tooth and very painful for the cat. I've never grabbed this cat, nor will it let me take it somewhere, it moves tries to escape doesn't like to be grabbed. Please tell me if there is something i could take, any antibiotic or pain killer or anti inflammation, anything.
If your cat has a respiratory infection accompanied by bad breath, the breath problem should resolve as soon as the cat recovers. Another unusual cause of feline bad breath can be underlying illness - some metabolic disorders and organ problems such as kidney disease can cause an unusual odor on the breath. In most cases, the odor will not the typical sulfur smell of classic halitosis, but may still be quite unpleasant.
Had a tooth pulled because of gum pain in December. Sinc ethen, I have severe gum pain across the spot where the tooth came out to the end of the back teeth. Been back to the suregon twice and he took panaramic ex rays and says he sees nothing wrong. No broen teeth left in sopt where tooth was pulled, so Ive lived with the pain since December. Ive had my sinusses cat scanned, brain mri, and 3 dr appointments with eye doctors. No one can find a thing wrong. Going back to the surgeon today.
However, it's not affecting the whole gum, it's just as if someone took a scratchy red marker and drew a intermittent width line along the gum line where his teeth meet the gum. I started him on Clavamox antibiotics that my Veterinarian gave me for another cat that has just passed from heart failure. I was wondering if there's anything natural I can do to help him.
I had a tooth extracted after a crown prep where the dentist kept trying to find enough bone to attach the temp by using a laser to burn gum tissue back. This was done 4 different days. Finally I had the tooth pulled it was a molar,tooth 3. About a week or so later, the premolar next to it started feeling like it was moving, sort of popping in the socket. I was told that this can happen after an extraction due to shifting from the space.
My cat has recently been diagnosed with Cat Scratch Fever. I understand that for most cats this is not a big issue. The problem for my cat is that he has several health issues (FIV, early stage renal failure, hyperthyroidism) that with this is resulting in mouth ulcerations on his tongue. What treatment options are their for Cat Scratch Fever and can it be "cured"?
Hi Nicole, I would only add that untreated dental disease may lead to a number of other systemic ailments as bacteria which live just under the gum line often enter into the bloodstream during normal eating motions. Infection of the heart valves and organs with numerous blood vessels are typical sites of new infection from dental disease. In people, even pancreatic cancer has been linked to gum and tooth disease.
Hello from a newbie, Does anyone know of a link between Bartonella with encephalitis and chronic fatigue syndrome? I have CFS and in 2005 suffered from a severe Bartonella infection with encephalitis. I don't know if this is linked as I have also contracted Hepatitis B and C, Epstein Barr twice (at 18 and at 42), dengue fever, tuberculosis, and chronic herpes (since 1981).
If you can manage, it's always best to manually explore the area for obstructions. I recall one cat who we caught who had a terrible mouth infection. We ended up pulling through a hole in the cheek six inches of string that had somehow gotten lodged in the pocket of flesh between the gum and the cheek. Cats have a wonderful propensity for healing, but you have to watch for signs of how things are going. always go to a vet if things don't seem to be improving or something seems amiss.
could be two things... gum infection.. ... some kind of stomach virus or bacteria thing.. or UTI... my kitten had the same problem when i got him at one month old!! and it turned out to be ecoli in his bladder ... he would meow non stop and he would look like he was dead when he slept... i took him one day after i got him to the vet. . please go to vet....
It is very painful for the cat to eat with gum infection or any other teeth problem - teeth extract will not bother cat at all. It sound very drastic and on the beginning I can't bear that I have to do it, however, I will help my cat. Cats after extraction have a normal life. My outdoor cat already had most of back teeth removal and it healed in the couple of days.
and i cannot give her the hairball formulated food because it always causes her to have a urinary tract infection...any ideas...i have tried the stuff in the tube that she is supposed to lick off..but she wont always do it...
I have been diagnosed with herpes and I get occasional outbreaks, gum disease, fasciitis in hands/feet/knee - all these were diagnosed a few years back by my doctor. I did have some type of rash on my chest but I had it before this incident, so it might be unrelated. I had an HIV test on January 21 and it was negative. I also had an HIV test back on April 2010 and it was also negative These symptoms were just weird for me. My belly was itching, but I did not see any bumps.
Okay, I have another weird kitty question. My cat is real picky about his water. I change it everyday so it's always fresh. I clean the bowl out every couple of days. I even have to keep the water bowl separate from his food dish. But whenever I get a glass of cold water from the fridge he runs to me and practically begs me to let him drink it. Sometimes I will let him see me pour water from a water bottle from the fridge into his bowl and he will drink it up really quickly.
My cat, Mitzi, makes a terrible grinding sound since she had her teeth cleaned 5 days ago. Took her back to vet who decided to remove a tooth that might be causing the trouble. This meant anesthesia twice in 3 days. She wouldn't eat, so I've brought her home. She tried to eat but the grinding sound is still there. She takes a tiny bite and starts shaking her head and making this sound. She is 17 - she was eating perfectly before the dental cleaning.
I was prescribed a ten day course of clindamycin for a gum infection, which it took care of. Six weeks later I developed severe diarrhea with terrible gut pain and fever. Had blood and mucous in stools an perhaps some intestinal lining. I lost 10 lbs and was very weak and the thought of food made me feel sick.. Emergency room diagnosed clostridium difficile after stool samples and CAT scan. I was put on a 14 day, 4x/day course of oral solution vancomycin which solved the problem.
I was just wondering if a CAT Scan from the head can show any sign of inner ear infection. I also took an MRI from my neck that came back normal. I have been having some dizziness, headache, vertigo and a sore throat that just started yesterday and i was wondering if these could be the sign of an inner ear infection? Yesterday i visited my dentist for cleaning and i realized that when he was cleaning my gum my ears got blocked for couple of seconds.
I'm at a loss & need some guidance.I've had recurring sinus infections off over the past year & have been treated w/antibiotics regularly (most recently was a month ago or less). Also have quite a few cavities. Recently I experienced some pain in my upper jaw/face/ear & head & couldn't tell if it was tooth related as it was also in a sinus region (near left side of nose)& my nasal/ear passages have been swollen lately as well.
Worried about my adult cat Daisy because she has always been a very quiet cat--hardly ever crying, now she keeps meowing usually every night and sometimes during the day. It is usually when I go for a nap or go to sleep at night--but she has always slept with me and crying was never an issue. I think maybe she's hungry so I feed her...and sometimes she will just walk away from it.
When to Take Your Cat to the Vet Cats are notorious in their ability to mask discomfort, pain, and illness. It is best to err on the side of caution - at least call your vet with your cat's symptoms, or better yet, take your cat to the vet as soon as possible. The following are just a few signs that should cause you to seek veterinary attention: Ataxia - unsteady gait or staggering. Possible causes include middle ear infections, neurological disease, or poisoning.
We have two cats in the house. Was wondering what the risk of transmission was if I got scratched by a cat after the cat scratched her? Electric Razors: I have caught her using my electric razor on her legs. What risk is involved there? Wondering if anyone has answers or knows who would.
The dizziness resembled being carsick, with lightheadedness and occasional moments of nausea and feeling faint (but I never passed out). I had a CAT scan and blood work twice, and so far no diagnosis for the dizziness/fatigue. It got better for a few weeks but last week I began to have dizzy spells again, this time accompanied by maxillary sinus pressure. I had just switched allergy medications, from Nasonex to generic Flonase, right at the time my symptoms returned.
Hello, I lost a cat also to CRF over a year ago after a four year battle. I have a cat now that has has elevated kidney values , creatine 2.8 and BUN of 56. Where to start, since you are familair with this disease and have some knowledge, I guess you know that dry food is the worst thing we are suppose to give to any cat who has kidney issues.My cat was a dry food junkie and it took awhile to convert her over to strictly canned food.
My white cat has had an on-going problem with with a black substance on the left side of her nose. Underneath it is a a shallow raw spot. There is also a leak in her left eye, that also turns reddish-black. I have taken her to the vet and he tried anti-bios, salves, drops and it helped temporarily, but he did not know what it was. her vision is fine and she doesn't seem to be in pain, but it's ugly.And maybe her nose might be uncomfortable where it's raw.
1.Is this possible that this infection is related to STD ? 2.How long can a infection last for and will it go away after time , if not what happens then ? 3. Could I have cought this from having sex with someone that was dirty and had a lot of sex partners without showering ? and could that have been some other bacteria other then stds bacteria ? 4. why none of the doctors I went to have no idea what this could be ? there s been 3 5.
Sounds like your cat has a urinary tract infection. It is very simple to diagnose and not too costly compared to other items cats can get.
and place it between lip and gum, at the infection site (just let it sit there for as long as your intuition tells you that it's helping - maybe an hour a day, maybe three hours), 6) buy a "green drink" powder recommended by your local health food store (such as "Greens Pak" by Trace Minerals Research) - use this powder to mix with water to replace one to two of your regular meals daily. 7) Eliminate high sugar and highly refined foods as much as possible, and all dairy.
My basic question is, when trying to detect an osteomyelitis (bone infection) which is the better tool, an MRI or a bone scan? Or a cat scan? Would a bone scan work on the jaw area? But in addition to that question, I have a VERY complicated situation with this infection, so if anyone has any advice, please help - here is the shortest possible version of my whole story... I've had a very serious dental infection for 6 months.
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