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Avatar n tn hi there will this problem led to swollen lymph node under the jaw n is dry mouth cause my gum problem
Avatar m tn my gum on the left side of my jaw is swelling, its affecting my teeth and throat which makes me hard to eat.. it look like Ulcer.. How to cure my swelling gum?
Avatar n tn In all probability he had a dental infection below the tooth that has the silver filling. This infection has spread to jaws and gum. Other than this he could also be having a gum infection, an infection of the skin of face, a boil or abscess or infection of the jaw bone. It is difficult to diagnose this on net. Please consult his pediatrician and his dentist as soon as possible (read immediately!). Meanwhile please give him acetaminophen to make the pain tolerable. Take care!
Avatar f tn What you have described in an infection in your jaw most likely caused by the nerve in the tooth dying. This should be promptly treated by to prevent further destruction of your jaw bone, adjacent teeth and possibly maxillary sinus. A cyst or tumor is less likely but certainly possible. In any case you should see your dentist or an oral surgeon as soon as possible. Antibiotics will not cure this infection!
Avatar f tn Hi and thank you in advance for this incredible service. A few years ago several of my molars in my bottom teeth fell out or crumbled out. These were teeth that had had some work, some with unfinished work too, some root canals that didn't end up getting crown-finishes. The gum/cheek swelled up on the left side then went away. Then the right side swelled up and a tooth's remaining root there was hurting pretty badly, and it kept getting worse, very painful.
Avatar f tn Usually tooth infection takes a very long time and has to spread to neighboring gum area to spread to blood vessels and cause infection. However this can be painful, can cause exposed roots and cause persistent infection. Hence consult a dentist immediately. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn The first thought I have is that your mother may be suffering from osteomyelitis which is an infection in the bone marrow of the jaw. There many other explanations for her continued signs and symptoms. It is difficult to say with any certainity and without a complete medical and surgical history and clinical examination. Certain medical conditions and medications may have contributed to her condition.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had a gum abcess that needed 3 courses of antibiotics. Finally the lower right molar was extracted as this was the origin of the infection. This was 4 days ago but the abcess is still there and I have some throbbing pain in the lower jaw and ear on that side. The extraction site has white spots beside it.
Avatar n tn I have been told I had damage, possible caused by infection, to my 5 and 7 facial nerves, because of a year long infection to 5 lower teeth that were eventually extracted and then had dry sockets. The upper nerve pain has subsided somewhat, but now the lower gums and jaw feel hot and like thousands of needles are pricking the area. Ice and oral jel does temporarily ease the pain... is there anything I can do or is there a better topical I can apply to help with the pain.
Avatar m tn It's been a while since I've had a dental check up. I would say around 8 months now. I've used a mouth wash on it and it seems to have smoothen out a bit but its still there and looks white. I will go and have a dental check up as soon as I return home next week. What exactly is an abscess? is it somehting to worry about? One more question could this abscess have anything to do with my jaw feeling a bit week on the same side?
Avatar f tn Hello, I had my impacted tooth removed 3 days ago and now the area is white and it still hurts. my gum is swollen and i can barely open my mouth. the doctor prescribed me antibiotics the day he extracted the tooth. Should i wait and finish the antibiotics or should i go see the dentist.
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Avatar f tn He took a couple digital xrays and told me I have an infection in my jaw below #1 molar. The tooth has already had a root canal, many years ago. I've been on monthly Aredia for almost a year (widespread bone mets). My oncologist says extraction is out of the question, so I am being treated with anitbiotics for 8 days to see how it responds. My dentist indicates this is a standard abcess and not ONJ.
Avatar f tn I inquired with my endodontist about the swelling, hardening and it moving from back to front of mouth and he said he has never seen anything like it but is theorizing that die to all the trauma my jaw, gum and mouth experienced it will just take quite a while for this to clear up. I am becoming worried that this infection is spreading throughout my jaw and tissue and that there will be permanent damage.
Avatar f tn A couple nights ago I started getting pain on my gum and soft palate (all upper left side). It was pretty bad, but it eventually went away and I fell asleep. When I woke up, no pain. But later in the day, it came on again, a bit stronger this time. It then went away and came back. When I woke up today (well technically yesterday it's 1:32 AM) it was a bit sore but no severe pain like before.
Avatar n tn Hey doc- Recently I have a sharp pain in my bottom right jaw where my wisdom teeth would be- I got them pulled ~3 years ago and when I put my tongue back there it feels like there is a flap of gum covering something, the gum kind-of pulls back. The pain extends into my neck and jaw, and is quite excruciating.
Avatar n tn I went back to work recently and have to talk a lot (customer service), and I wondered if that has made the gum and jaw swollen. My bite feels a bit off on that side and the teeth ache if I apply pressure, though were not damaged as far as I can tell. I've been trying salt water rinses and a topical anesthetic for canker sores, and taking ibuprofen for the pain. Should I be concerned about the jaw ache? Is it likely to be local inflammation from the cut healing?
Avatar m tn You said that you chewed a lot of gum and that is exactly why you have experienced jaw ache. I get the same problem if I chew a lot of gum - best thing is to limit your chewing on gum, or avoid gum altogether. Chewing gum is quite morrish so you can end up chewing for far too long. If you feel like chewing on something, have a piece of fruit.
Avatar m tn I also had fillings on the same jaw soon after as well. The gum pain worsened after 3 weeks from the initial deep cleaning and is now also in the jaw. However, initially after the deep cleaning the pain was reduced for a couple of days. The dentist believes this is cause by night teeth grinding, but don't think so. The pain starts at night while I am still awake and becomes worse when I lay down.
587537 tn?1220104892 got that 5 day medican, a week later took extrays again and still tells me sinus infection. My nose fells clear, my ears do hurt and my jaw aches, along with swollen gums, only on right side. Started more medican and more pain pills. Now there is another "bone piece" coming thru gum and I can not get to it to pull out myself, this whole thing is driving me crazy. Please Help. Advise is welcome. I am running out of vacation and sick time from work, not to mention money.
Avatar n tn The pain is in the gum around the tooth all the way into my jaw. I have been taking clindamycin four days now. I cannot feel an absess. Could this just be a tooth infection?
Avatar f tn i am having some terrible pains in my right hand side jaw area and up the same side of my face is this tooth ache reason i'm asking is there is no specific pain in my teeth thanks
Avatar n tn The next day I was in pain, and the pain continued to worsen, including some pretty severe jaw pain. The dentist adjusted the bite, then assumed it was infection, so put me on 10 day penicillin. Nearing the end of that, I developed swelling on the outside gum, the dentist put me on 7 day clindamycin. The swelling has decreased, the pain is nearly absent, but with 2 1/2 days left of the antibiotic, I have been feeling "twinges" in the tooth.
Avatar m tn I was in pain in my whole jaw, inside my ear, bottom and top teeth were hurting/aching badly. I went to see the dentist and she prescribed low dose antibiotics for 5 days.The surgery did some interim treatment to relieve my pain and drilled the nerve out. Although tender around the area of the 'bad' tooth at the base of the gum the pain did subside. Two days later I had the tooth extracted. As soon as the anaesthetic had worn off I was in incredible pain, no pain killers touched it.
Avatar n tn Hi: I also have this Mysterious Pain in the Jaw??? I only had a filling??? Is it an infection? I've seen two or three dentists/doctors and nobody can figure it out... The pain is INTENSE! Need help... Please.. please.. please.
Avatar n tn my dog yelps when you touch her thoart and the back of her jaw. what could this be?
Avatar m tn He stitched the area and I was given two sorts of antibiotics, in high doses, to combat any infection. After 5 days I still have a very swollen cheek and gum. Also my jaw hurts at the hinge when I try to open my mouth the most I can open is 1/2 inch. Most worrying is the hard swollen area at the left hand point of my jaw just below where the tooth was extracted. Is this normal or do I have a problem.