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Avatar m tn You have periodontal disease caused by plaque build-up. You need to go to the dentist and get your teeth cleaned, and then start taking good care of them, or your teeth will eventually get loose, and can fall out. It does cause mouth odor and you don't want this. Plaque build-up is caused by not brushing correctly or often enough. Food particles remain around the teeth working their way between your teeth and gums, causing swelling, redness, and bleeding.
Avatar n tn t smoke but I have in the pass used hydrogen peroxide to as mouthwash when I had gotten a cut in the inside of my mouth and I have used Listerine Whitening MouthWash Pre-Brush Rinse which also have hydrogen peroxide but now I have heard that it can up your chance of oral cancer. I am just so afraid I was just at the dentist last week and I had him check but he said not worry that my mouth looked very healthy. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I am sure I have a gum infection...What is the best over the counter or home remedy that I can rinse my mouth with until I get to a dentist?
Avatar f tn It works if used correctly. If you direct the flow down into the gum you can cause the food to get lodged deeper and end up with an infection. Direct the flow away from the gumline.
Avatar m tn I went and seen a reputable dentist and they said the gum had receded some from food particle being stuck under the temporary and gum. They cleaned it out and when the infection went away I was fine. I suggest getting a dental irrigation syringe with some warm water or listerine and irrigating around the tooth and see if that helps. Also use a desensitizing toothpaste.
Avatar f tn I developed an ulcer like sore on my gum 3 days ago. I have some swelling in my gums near the sore. Wondering if this is another outbreak or maybe something else? I've started flossing more regularly and used listerine zero daily for 3 days prior to the sore showing up. Just confused because I've had coldsores since the initial outbreak and didn't expect to see anything like this again. Ugh.
1875073 tn?1320454493 Here is something my grandmother would do for us. get some brown listerine an cotton swabs , wash your mouth an throat out with listerine spit it out the little that left swallow it .take a cotton swab an put it in the listerine an swab your ear with it .it kills 99% of germs do it three times a day for 3 days an it will go away .my grandmother did it to us i did it to my kids an my kids are doing it to there kids. it helps the pain as well.
Avatar n tn Can I add a few drops of Listerine in my dogs water to make his breather smell better?
Avatar f tn Make sure to try extra hard with oral hygiene, brush at least twice a day, floss every time you eat (gums may bleed more at first but dont be put off it will settle down). Also try a mouthwash specifically for gums eg. Corsodyl daily or listerine gum treatment.
Avatar f tn I have gum disease (it's well under control), so for the past several years I've swished/gargle with listerine twice a day right after tooth brushing. Then someone told me this wasn't safe to use during pregnancy. I'm 29 weeks and have been using it the entire pregnancy. I will certainly ask at my next appointment, but has anyone ever heard such a thing? I know it has alcohol in it, but it's not like I'm drinking it.
Avatar n tn Now i have 7 or 8 teeth rotting out it seems from the gum out, my gums are bloody sore and aggravating. My teeth ache all the time and sometime the pain gets so bad it hurts behind my eye in my head and in my ears.Some of the teeth have small holes forming on them and one has a black spot. The others have since broke in half or close and have black bumps exposed and whenever i eat or drink anything it hurts terribly. This wasn't that bad until i got pregnant now it is so much worse.
Avatar m tn I have a cavity in my last molar and the gum hurts and I get bleeding during brushing. Isn't it less invasive to try fluoride treatments, mouthwashes listerine/fluoride first or safer to get a filling?
Avatar n tn best thing you can do is see a good general dentist who will take films, do a thorough exam and explain the findings. If indeed you have a gum problem of some sort, it most likely can be treated in the office. IF it is more severe, you may be referred to a gum specialist (periosdontist). Bit is all starts at the general dentist.
Avatar n tn ve been using an electric tooth brush, and floss alone with listerine. Do I need to make another dentist apt. or is there something I can do to get rid of the blackness and odor? When I went to my dentist for my referel to the maxifacial surgery guy they didn't mention anything about an infection. I would of hoped that they saw anything in the back area that would of been shocking to them and would try to fix or something.
Avatar n tn re saying about the Listerine; the reason I was having him do the Listerine was to kill plaque germs and also because I read that using it right before using fluoride might help the teeth absorb more of the fluoride since the enamel is slightly softened by the Listerine. I got that info from the blog "Ask Dr. Ellie." I'll look into it a bit more though; thanks for mentioning it. I'm glad to know that this can be fairly common in teens.
Avatar f tn Just one tooth has a receding gum line. It's not swollen but there is a red line around the base of the tooth and now i can see a little bit of the root. It hurts when i brush my teeth, and it bled the other night. I've read up on it but i'm still not sure whether it's gingivitis or not, the textbook diagnosis is that the gums get swollen, red or purple, prolonged cases result in tooth loss. i'm freaked, i don't want to lose a tooth! anybody have any advice on the matter?
Avatar f tn Use listerine gum treatment mouthwash it's the best
Avatar n tn I had receding gumline of my bottom front teeth. I had to have a gum graft. They took some gum from the roof of my mouth and stitched it to the front where the gum was receding. During the procedure my mouth was numb so there was no pain. After the procedure there was some slight didcomfort but not too bad.
Avatar f tn Which tooth paste did you change to? Listerine total (also a gum protector) is the mouthwash I'm using atm. And an advance whitening toothpaste by colgate.
Avatar f tn 7 months ago, i had unprotected receptive oral sex with my ex boyfriend who declares he is hiv negative. The concern is i do have gum disease. It has been treated. Behind my bottom front teeth my gums are permanent receded due to loss of bone. My tongue covers it though. I had no sores or cuts in my mouth. Should i take a hiv test? What are the chances I have hiv? I did wash out my mouth with listerine after wards.
Avatar m tn t brush), either rinse your mouth a couple of times with water, or chew sugarless gum -Speaking of gum, Xylitol (a specific type of sugar) gum actually slows bacteria growth, which makes it the best type of "sugarless" gum, it is usually well marked on the package
1201433 tn?1328997637 I had aching gums, but thankfully no loose teeth (I would check every morning when I wake up) I am currently on tx and after a month and a half, my whole bottom row of teeth ached. I thought I was getting gingivitis/gum disease. I made an appointment with my dentist, but wasn't able to see her until a few days later. In the meantime, I brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth with Listerine after eating anything! Drinking ice cold water was a big help (temporary numbing affect).