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Avatar_n_tn Hi there, I'm 21 and have experienced swelling in my right foot for the last 2 1/2 years. For me, it was following a few very painful injuries on the foot (girl trod on me with heels etc) and an intensive ballet show. I have seen orthopaedic doctors, physios, had MRIs etc etc. Eventually I saw a vascular surgeon this year and he thought it was lymphedema due to the trauma and prescribed me compression stockings to wear every day.
544292_tn?1268886268 Hi Everyone! Welcome to Part 7! Snuggle in and make yourself at Home, eh?
544292_tn?1268886268 This thread is full of helpful and kind people who want to help you get off this terrible drug. Please snuggle in and make yourself comfy. I know you can do it!
Avatar_n_tn I feel tired, lethargic, my bones ache in the morning esp in my feet. I'm in bed asleep by 10-30....and now i've developed a fissula, a perenanal abcess. My doctor thinks it may be because since the interfeon my immune system is v.low to warding off infections. Are these symptoms shared by others.
Avatar_n_tn It says that this is similar to H1N1 except it causes you to multiply your fat cells at a rapid rate and most likely will gain 50-100% of your body weight without increasing any food intake. They have tested it by injecting the virus in monkeys, rats and chickens and this is what they found! I'm sincerely freaking out and all these posts seem like proof that it really exists!
Avatar_n_tn yes i have had the synvisc injections and that was one of the best things!!!!! i have had two series in my right knee. each series lasted 6 months. now i have a pretty bad problem with my left knee and i am trying to get a prior authorization from my ins. co to approve it, however they want 90 days of conservative therapy befor they will approve it. i work in a pharmacy, i'm trying to come up with the money myself to get started on the left knee.
Avatar_n_tn Hi, My daughter was just diagnosed with trichotillomania. an impulse disorder in which she pulls her hair out. In my research, skin picking is in the same catagory. The treatment for this type of disorder is therapy and medications such as Zoloft and Klonopin. These disorders are closely related to OCD. Good luck to you.
Avatar_f_tn Only relief is ice. It started 10 years ago (was living in mountains of Colorado--sunny, but little humidity) in the summer. It comes back every year around July/August and lasts thru December, disappearing just as suddenly as it returned. Does your itch do this as well? I am awake every single night with this, although it also occurs in the daytime now. It started on my left upper arm, but seems to expand each year.
Avatar_n_tn Some of the weird parts are that the shakiness seems to be seasonal - coming in spring and lasting thru summer and its miserable like a tingling pins and needles sensation thru out my body. I have also been getting what some doctors seem to diagnose as recurring sinus infections- like 10 a year- i take anti biotics and i feel slightly better until the next infection but i still have the other symtoms while I am on the medication. I have hay fever and allergies to mold dust...