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The really good news is that as low as your level is, you should be able to completely control your blood sugar levels by diet - simply eliminate some of the sweets and starches - assuming that you have some degree of self control. Unfortunately, this problem is one side effect of PCOS; my own blood work was done because of those repeatedly missed ovulations I mentioned on another thread. The doctor wanted to check this issue as well.
Would you say this is out of the normal range. I had blood work done about a month ago when I had my annual physical and my sugar level came back at 109. My doctor didn't seem to alarmed.
0 - 48 U/L Optimal Adult Reading: 24 In your case,SGPT levels are greater than SGOT. Alcohol is one of the most important offending agent for liver, but it typically causes a rise in SGOT which is more than SGPT (SGOT/SGPT ratio is more than 2).So in your case,alcohol is not the offending agent. Important causes for elevated SGPT are viral hepatitis B and C, fatty liver, certain hepatotoxic drugs, and autoimmune liver diseases.
They ran a pregnancy test and I failed that one too. So they ran a blood test on my. That is when they suspected i had a tuomr. Normal levels for my age was around 25 and my levels came back at 48. So the next step was to do an MRI. And when that came back it showed a 3mm tumor. After that they tested me to see which kind of tumor it was. And of course it came out to be prolactinoma tumor.
I just had my serotonin checked from a blood test. It says my serotonin levels are good. I have a lot of pretty bad depression and have suffered anxiety for the past almost 2 years. It doesn't make sense that I could be depressed but the seotonin levels are normal. Are these test accurate? I understand it's an expensive test. Did I just waste my money?
Okay, have been hospitalized now for 4 days and on heavy intravenous to bring the old bp down to a normal level. Have put me on part time hours and a diet that is low in sodium. Feeling much better. Thanx to those who told me what to watch for - ending up having blurred vision and a really bad headache so decided to go to emerg. good thing I did. Had stress test on baby and apparently everything there is ok.
You might have noticed above I stated "If you live in the U.S. I'm going to assume that number is an A1C". You didn't respond to that. You now mention that you live in Canada and that this was a fasting blood sugar. That is entirely different, because 6.9 is equivalent to 124 which is, in fact "pre-diabetes" not diabetes. This is the reason you have to be very clear communicating if you seek information on an internet website!
Today I got my Sugar levels tested but Fasting blood sugar is showing 105 where the range is 60 minimum to 110 max. PPBS and Glucose blood sugar GH1BC all are normal. Now i am worried as I am close to 110 in Fasting blood sugar ? how to reduce it further.......I do cardio for 30 minutes everyday with 10kms speed..5 kms per day...still fasting blood sugar is on the higher end but normal non- diabetic ! Please answer my question after reading the above details.
That would also explain the use of an insulin drip over several days to gradually -- and MUCH more safely bring your blood sugar down to healthy levels. You're right that steroids can cause elevated blood sugars, as well. As JW pointed out, we're not physicians, and I also encourage you to record the timing and symptoms to discuss with your doctor.
I am 64 and just took a Glucose Tolerance Test because my general blood test showed an elevated glucose level. On the GTT, my fasting glucose was 95. My two-hour glucose was 178. My doctor said we should do nothing right now, and he'll retest me in 6 months. But a friend whose daughter has diabetes and is very knowledgable, thought I should have the A1C test right now. Anyone have thoughts about this? Thanks!
A lot of women with pcos have an elevated testosterone level myself included - well I was reading an article the other day and it said that high testosterone levels have been linked to miscarriage. Well having had 7 (possibly 8 but it wasn't confirmed by blood) pregnancy losses myself I though mmm there might be some truth to that statement.
121 mg/dl. Normal is normal fasting levels If you post back with postprandial test result be sure to include what foods were consumed as certain foods can/will elevate your blood sugar levels more than others. Random anytime testing is useless as they result in false/positive readings. Lastly, an A1c of 5.6% equates to an estimated daily glucose [blood sugar] average of 114 mg/dl, prediabetes.
In Canada, the glucose [blood sugar] measurement unit is mmol/l. The A1c in Canada and the US is measured in % [percentile]. An A1c of 6.5% equates to 7.77 mmol/l, diabetes. These are the glucose ranges: - Normal ranges are 3.33/3.88 to 5.5 mmol/l - Prediabetes 5.55 to 6.94 mmol/l - Diabetes 7 mmol/l and above You can purchase your own home glucose test meter from your local pharmacist or ask your doctor for one or where to obtain one.
Ok I didn't know what forum to post this question in so I'm trying here because it is a Insulin problem. So Ok my insulin levels are 570 but my fasting glucose is perfectly normal. I've had this problem for quite some time now. When it was first found my levels were 130 thee doctors put me on the Metiformin for 2 years to level it out.
Doesn't mean you don't have a problem with either of these things. In fact, everyone in my family is on medication for thyroid and each of us had to get tested on several occasions because our doctors were convinced we had thyroid issues, but the blood test wasn't reflecting it. The problem being that your levels fluctuate all the time and the slightest thing will render your test invalid. In fact, even fasting for an hour too long can alter your results.
and cancer All human metabolism depends on glucose as an energy source. Tumors live on glucose the same as normal body organs and tissue. The idea that sugar feeds cancer is based on a misconception of how PET scans work because prior to a PET scan they make you quit eating all sugar and carbs so that when they inject you with radioactive glucose in areas where there are tumors or malignant activity happening the tagged glucose immediately lights up on the PET scans.
It doesn't hurt to check it out. Also, I noticed you eat sugary snacks. That would definite aggravate your glucose levels. Check it out!
A1c is a measure of blood sugar levels over a 2-3 month period and I notice that your blood glucose was 105. Those results could be affected by thyroid, but I'd guess that they are more closely related to insulin resistance. Your pancreas produces insulin, which regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Insulin resistance is when your body produces enough insulin, but the body doesn't use it properly.
For now I'm trying to get an excercise program of walking every day in place, staying on top of my bp (methyl dopa (aldomet) seems to be doing a good job of controlling it so far) and keeping my blood sugar levels in check, the reg excercise should help with that. I'm a little bummed that I don't seem to be getting any testing done (everyone on here seems to have had blood tests and u/s done or scheduled. I don't even get to see my ob until week 11 or something.
Hello Worthy, You came to a good place to get some answers and I find a few questions embedded in your posting. I'm not a physician, but I have had diabetes for ~35 years. Often we diabetics will lose weight if our blood sugars are running consistently high. The reason is that, since the sugar is "swimming" in our blood and not nourishing our other cells (muscles, skin, organs), we urinate out lots of calories taht we consume.
You didn't miss anything, He just says eating a normal meal that you would have and having blood drawn 1 hr later is more accurate. He thinks drinking tons of sugar is unrealistic and that we wouldn't normally do that. I don't know, in one way it makes sense. But I would like to get to the bottom of it. It worries me. I don't want my baby to have problem during delivery or right after. I'm hoping the u/s shows something Thanks for your input..
Because of the extra insulin made by the baby's pancreas, newborns may have very low blood glucose levels at birth and are also at higher risk for breathing problems. Babies with excess insulin become children who are at risk for obesity and adults who are at risk for type 2 diabetes - See more at:
11-29) UIBC - 33 NORMAL (normal 26-52) Iron Binding Capacity - 79.5 HIGH (normal 43.8-67.0) Iron Saturation - 0.58 HIGH (normal 0.21-0.42) Albumin - 38 NORMAL (normal 38-50) Everything else was within normal ranges except the above which was either borderline or in the case if iron, way high. I should mention I cook vegan (no meat, no dairy, no eggs) at home, and only eat meat (red meat or fish) when I eat out (which is pretty often).
I continue to take the hormones, but my weight ballooned and I am double the weight I was four years ago. 18 months ago, I had some blood tests, and the doctor said everything was normal. I did not see the results until now, but wish I had done so because my thyroid was 5.1 and my glucose was 6.1 Now I have arthritis and diabetes.
I have been a type 1 for 34 years and, after one three-month period where I had suffered from higher glucose than my usual tight control due to a horrible bout of flu that had me sick for two months, my eye doctor spotted a couple of tiny blood specks. With the glucose back to normal tight levels, those specks vanished completely in three months.
high episodes. An a1c gives an average of blood glucose readings for ~3 months and there is not a test that gives us the range of glucose, tho' that'd be helpful, too. Your "new docs" comment seems quite odd to me. Your hard work to manage your diet and activity and meds are TERRIFIC and certainly are contributing to your good readings. Good luck --- do check in cuz there's likely be more info added to your interesting thread.
Therefore pay more attention to your glucometer readings because they will be more representative of your glucose blood level than your HbA1c. Way back people used to celebrate their nice low HbA1c numbers until we finally figured out what was really going on.
I'm having a hot flash as I type and I feel like bawling.He said it was hormones causing this but then said all my levels are normal. I am making an asap appt with my endocrinologist..any advice on how I should focus this next appt? I'm afraid that I won't be taken seriously even though I feel so horrid. How do I get through to him??? Just this thread has made me feel a bit better today,it was nice to read that I wasn't alone.
And her blood sugar levels should be below 10. Could she have missed an insulin shot? I would take her stratight back to the hospital. They will probably have to use insulin to get her blood sugar levels into the target range. You really don't want her to go into ketoacidosis.
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