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Alternatively you could continue to live with the cat and take medications for allergy. Unfortunately if you choose that approach, there's a chance the allergy / asthma will get significantly worse in the future.
i have recently got rid of my cat witch i was allergic to i was and still are having asthma and difficulty breathing im a bit confused because my cat is know gone and although the symptoms have eased they have not gone altogether is this common? how long am i to expect this to go on for can anybody help?
But first, make sure the problem is the pussycat. Perhaps the cat could be boared away for a while and you could see if the symptoms subside? It may be general asthma developing from other reasons. If it is the cat the answer is not to take medications. The inflamation can be life-threatening and is nothing to fool with.
I think it best to treat the ear infection using your vets medications, and trying some over the counter antihistamine for your cat. Antihistamines are effective in 70% of all cats. You could try Chlortimetron at a dose of 1-2 mg twice to 3 times per day. It is safe and available at drug stores and markets everywhere. If this is ineffective, ask your vet if a course of steroids or prescription antihistamines may be helpful for your cat.
Of all, the Prednasone works to get rid of the itch for a short time. Is this a problem for dermatologists or allergists? The dermatologists I have seen have tried to control the problem, not cure it. One suggested that my metabolism has simply changed. Can I change it back? I realize staying out of the sun is one answer -- but I'm desperate to be with my 5-year-old outside this summer. Any ideas?
When your eyes start to itch, wash them out with water, please, for the love of pete, don't rub your eyes with your fingers/hands when they start to itch. The reason for not letting the cat near your face is because many people including me have asthma attacks from the allergy. Another thing, if your friend don't mind, is to buy a shampoo that solves the saliva problem. If the cat/s is cleaned with this shampoo, it heavily controls the situation.
The only way to be sure is to get an allergy test done for the ingredients of the chewing gum. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
You need to keep the cat away from you. As for symptoms are concerned anti histaminics can be taken whenever there is attack. I suggest you to undergo skin allergy test. I suggest you to consult dermatologist for further management. Take care and regards.
Hi, Now that you have a source for the allergy, its best that you try and keep the child and cat separate. You can also take some advise from your doctor as to how you can best handle this situation. All the best. Let us know if you may have any other questions. Best regards.
If the sores developed after the other cat arrived, I worry about infectious diseases, and so it is important to make sure that both cats are on good flea and parasite control (such as Revolution spot on, used every 2 weeks for 3 treatments on both cats), and your vet may want to culture your cat for ringworm.
If it's caused by allergies, what kind of antihistamine would you recommend? I tried Zyrtec for about a week and stopped using it because it also didn't have any immediate effect. Does it take longer than a week to start working? I don't know what else to do and this is driving me insane. The doctor said my other option is surgery but I want this to be the last resort... Anything else I should consider in case this is allergy related?
you have a pet dander allergy and should consider removing the cats from your environment...
decrease medication usage and symptoms, keep the cat, etc. I've looked up allergy shots on the Internet and it seems like all I see is how people have had bad reactions to the injections. I'm wondering if there are any people here who have done Rush immunotherapy and what their experiences were. What was your Rush day like? Was it ok? Did you have bad reactions? What were the weekly shots like? Overall did you get the results you expected?
The safest amount of Diphenhydramine for a cat is .25 mg per lb of cat.... e.g. 10 lb cat gets 2.5 mg per 24 hrs = 3 doses of approx .70 mg You can get the medicine 'syringes' (no needles) from your family dr, vet or local pet store. it sounds like a lot but it isn't.
Have you tested for food allergies. I have recently tested positive for a milk protein allergy (casein allergy). Not lactose intolerance but a proper milk allergy which is much worse. Also a parasite called Blastocystis Hominis which can cause dizziness.
I've been taking allergy shots for five months, Allergy tests, in 2010 and in 2005, showed allergies to some molds, dust mites and ragweed, as well as cat dander and a few other things. The tests showed moderate allergies, not severe ones, but I also have other nasal problems, due to anatomy and acid reflex, which are also being addressed.
I have been around cats for years and recently came up positive for cat and dust allergy. I have chest congestion and a cough. I do not have asthma. The symptoms are not relieved by taking an antihistamine. I have had total elimination of symptoms with prednisone. Any suggestions other than living on pred?
Hi! We have an american curl, female, 2yrs old, named Awa, and got her when she were 16 weeks old. Shortly after she joined the family, approx 2months after, we noticed some acne on her chin, but assumed this as "normal" for a young cat. 2 months later, she began to get a wound on her neck, she had hair loss first, and then an wound started to open in the skin, and grow larger and larger, up to 5 cm in diameter.
My son had an allergy skin test today and there were some startling results. The Positive Control base was 3+. Dog and Cat, Mite P and Mite F were 4++. Trees A, B Grasses B, weeds and ragweeds were all 4+++, basically off the charts. The doctor didn't really specify whether or not it was absolutely not acceptable for the child to be around pets or not. Now in his primary home, his mothers, he does not have any pets.
1) Have you bern allergy tested within 5 years. My son went from cat only allergens to everything in the 5 year gap. You can do at RAST test at your doctors office they draw blood you will get the results in two weeks or less and usually this test will fall under all insurances it is very common. If you prefer an allergist and immediate results you can have the scratch test done. And should fall under your specslist copay.
Do NOT give ANY antihistamine without getting the dose from a vet and be available to watch for any negative reactions since all antihistamines have sedative effects. Or your vet may want to see the kitty for an exam to see if something else might be going on. Best of luck.
I don't have an allergy to mint, but as for the problems w/ dental products, try contacting your dentist office. A lot of times, they carry in office special toothpastes, mints, gum & mouthwashes in multiple flavors, or they can order them for you.
The same itching, scratching and weeping (which is a colourless fluid the same as produced by other types of eczema). I used steroid cream for years too but I also didn't think it was good for my body in general. I have now discovered Aloe Propolis cream... it is totally natural and I pop a little in my ears if they feel dry or itchy. It hasn't cured completely yet... but these things take a while... but it is definitely helping and is something I will continue to use always.
I have a 7yr old Cat that has started licking and knibbling at her hair. She is a completely indoor cat (spayed and de-clawed) and always has been. We have a 3yr old small dog. 3 months ago we got a bad flea infestation and it took some time but we got rid of them. Both animals are treated every months with flea meds (but had never had to treat our animals for fleas before this outbrake). During the outbrake AlleyCat cleared all the hair on her belly area (no lesions or sores).
We have another male cat that she has been around for 6 years and another outdoor cat that has been around for 2. She has no allergies or rashes that the vet could find. I have put the spray on her stomach that is supposed to taste bitter, but she still licks! And the worst part about it is she doesn't understand why I am spraying her and she cowers down like she's in trouble. I have also tried spraying this other spray that is supposed to make cats feel safe and secure around the house.
I am embarassed to say that the licking all started 6 years ago when i brought home a kitten. Buster is a needy cat... he needs attention all the time, so I thought I'd get a friend for him. The kitten brought mites but wasn't bothered by them... though Buster was. I found out that some cats are just more sensitive than others... it doesn't surprise me that Buster has sensitive skin. The problem was though that he was after himself all the time.
Your heart must of dropped seeing Lucy begin to pick at her food again. I'll be praying for you both today. And I Totally understand the financial aspect, as well as the drain from the stress and worry of caring for a sick kitty. Hopefully this will be something easily treatable. My heart reaches out to you honey. We will anxiously be waiting for your update. I'll be with you in spirit this evening. Hugs to you...
I also have to use Nasonex spray, 1x/day and allergy testing. She indicated that I would need allergy shots for the next 3-5 years. I live in Hawaii, at this point I'll do what ever it takes. It sound like you may need a higher dose of Prednisone, and maybe see an Allergist. Hope this helps.
The day before every allergy shot, my cat gets a super-duper-cat-dander-shampoo-bath.
I do not have a cat. I have had the rash for close to three weeks and I am already on antihistamine and a prescription rash ointment but nothing gives me any relief! I also wondered if it could be related to a strep throat infection being untreated or possibly a sun allergy. It is very uncomfortable!
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