4 contractions in one hour

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so ive been awake since 4 am, contractions on and off but nothing that really says yep this is it. I feel very uncomfortable infact just walking my youngest into school i didnt want anyone to stop me to talk to me because i felt so uncomfortable and the pressure below was not good, all i wanted was to get her into school and get home! im going to have a warm drink and sit on my birthing ball and do well not much actually as i am tired from being awake...DH is in Warmlee so not far away...
Also she told me to go into labor and delivery if I get more than 4 in an hour and I have gotten more than 4 in one hour but the hospital is a little over an hour away and I don't want to go and get sent back home. What is your opinion?
I've been told to call my midwife when I'm having contractions that last one minute, are 4 minutes apart(finish to start) for one hour.
Today im 31 weeks & i keep having braxton hicks and ive had more than 4 in one hour. Their a little painfull. Should i be worried? Am i just dehyderated? What can or should i do?
Okay, so Iv had atleast five contractions in the last hour and a half, about 8-10 minutes apart.... but they I haven't had one in about 20 minutes.... can it be the start of labor???? I'm 38 weeks!
I believe if you have more than 4 in one hour that's when its recommended to call your doctor? I do have some BH sometimes but its not more than one an hour (at least that I notice.) I do however get abdominal cramps but they last for like 30 minutes or an hour, straight They don't come and go it's just a constant cramp so maybe not the same as what you are talking about. Those ab cramps do wake me up though. (31 wks here.
My dr said I shouldn't have more than 10bh per hour, so you may want to call your dr or head to L&D
Mine were never 10 minutes apart they started at like 4 minutes apart and I went from 4 cm to 7 in an hour!
I have an appt in about an hour with my dr. I called Tuesday and they said if it got to be heavier or changed to red to go in right away.
Okay im due January 20th ill be 37 weeks tuesday and the night before i had 4 contractions that i counted before i went to sleeo then i had 3 mord today, however they were an hour apart, all the braxton hicks contractions ive had were never that many should i be worried?
My doc doesnt seem to concerned about it. He told me at first no more then 4 an hour. Then at my appt he changed it to, no closer then 10 mins. apart that last up to an hour... what do you all think about this.
i remained in bed and drank my water and had about 3-4 more of the sharp stabbing pains in my vagina but no more contractions. after an hour of laying in bed and no contractions i decided to get up and start doing things (dishes, laundry...etc.) while bouncing back and fourth to the computer ..the usual. that brings me to now...i just had two more painful (but not too painful) ones 20ish seconds long...10 minutes apart. and now one more as i am typing about 16 minutes after the last one.
If they are constant and more than 4 in one hour, call your doctor and tell them. I'm 28 weeks today, and dealt with this at 23 weeks.
IM Currently 34 Weeks Pregnant, Baby Is In Position As Of This Morning When My OB Doctor Checked. I Keep Having These Sharp Sudden pains In My Lower Back And One Side Of My Stomach. Like My Stomach Is Getting Hard And The Back Pain Is Sudden In That It Startled Me Into Almost Needing To Stop Everything Till It Ends. They Are Coming In Waves Lasting A Few Moments And Then Will Stop And Return 4 Or 5 Mins Later For Roughly 45 Minutes Total. Anybody Else Experience This?
Contractions are when your stomach tightens. If you touch your stomach when you have one it will be rock hard.
Ive been tryin to time cus ill have like 4-5 cramps in an hour but then it will stop for about an hour nd come bak. Srry for the long post but im not sure if these are contractions or not. My whole pregnancy i havent had one BH or contraction so im not sure what to look for.
i started getting them around 28 weeks and it varies from 2-10 per day but the doctor said dont worry unless they get stronger and get more than 6 in one hour. otherwise it is normal. at about 32 weeks i could get cramps for most of the night but they were steady and not getting any stronger. the doctor said drink some extra water. the pressure down there is pretty normal too. A bit off topic but...
but they seem to be more constant than comming and going...could these be contractions? i'm 38 weeks 4 days. this is also the first time this has happened after sex.
Starting to get contractions & they are most def the real ones! I get one every hour so far for the last 2 hours! I'm hoping this is the real deal but oh my gosh it fric.kin hurts! I almost cried the last one!
You may finally be in early labor but you'll know better if you start timing it. If you have 4 in an hour you are definitely in early labor. Go to L&D if the contractions are 10min appart.
I think typically if you have more than 5 contractions in an hour you should call your doctor. Is this her first baby? How far along is she?
36 weeks pregnant and been having contractions for about 3 weeks now. I was in pre term labor according to the hospital, but wasn't dilated (3 weeks ago). But, been having any where from 8-15 contractions a day, cramps, diarrhea (tmi sry), and fatigue. I am a scheduled c section so doc doesn't want me dilating past 3. But haven't been checked in 3 weeks.... Idk what to do. I've did the whole laying on left side and drinking plenty of fluids... They are so annoying.. Anyone else??
Probably like 2- 3 times in an hour. It's pain that starts off as menstrual cramps and develops to more painful cramps and then goes away.
20 and I've had 4 contractions since 3:47. The thing is....they aren't killer painful! I mean they hurt bad like the very worst cramps of my life along with some shooting pain and a hardening belly. I just had another one as I was typing this and it lasted about 40 seconds(ish). Sooo I think I'm going to brush my teeth, hunt down the camera and do a few other odds and ends to prepare for the hospital. If they fizzle....I'll be back!! lol If not...I will post asap!
If i began to bleed while having them, go to the hospital, or if I had 4 in a half hour period or 6 in an hour's period, then go. But the one consistent thing they told me is taht the contractions need to be regular. like 5-10 minutes apart consistently. i have quite a bit of contractions... one comes, the next can be 6 minutes later, then 10 minutes, then 5 minutes, etc. once they get on a more regular cycle, then make sure you give yourself enough time to get to the hospital.
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