Contractions during pregnancy 4 months

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Avatar n tn I am 26 weeks and experience this as well. Sex is okay during pregnancy. But take it easy during Sex. If it hurts or makes you uncomfortable in any way. Just let your partner know. I usually am the one on top, because of course I know what hurts and what doesn't. Pain could also be a sign of infection.
172411 tn?1287089865 People get Braxton Hicks contractions all through pregnancy, they just don't usually feel them until there is more baby and less room in the uterus.
Avatar m tn Your First Visit Your should call and schedule your first examination during the first 6 to 8 weeks of your pregnancy, or when your menstrual period is 2 to 4 weeks late. Doing so now helps your health care provider estimate the duration of your pregnancy and predict your delivery date. During your first visit, you can expect to have a full physical, including a pelvic and rectal examination.
Avatar n tn I have seen plenty of women whk *aren't* breastfeeding complain about cramps and contractions during pregnancy so I don't believe you should worry at all about nursing your daughter
Avatar f tn For example, over the weekend, a friend told me brussel sprouts were bad during pregnancy. What??? I hadn't heard that! I'm sure there are more out there. Here are the ones I know of. Deli meat (unless heated) Soft cheeses Can more people add to this list? I feel like I need to start paying closer attention.
Avatar n tn My fibroid also got bigger during pregnancy, but I never felt any pain from it. My doctor told me it all depended on where it was located and the size that would determine if it was going to be a problem or not.
Avatar f tn It has taken 7 months, but I finally added my pregnancy tracker to my postings. Idk why, but I always felt nervous. For some reason this morning, when I looked and it said 77 days, it just seemed like it was time. I can't believe it's so close!!! Bam- thanks for keeping cycle buddies going. So where will you guys go from here? Are yoyu doing Femara again? You also talked about iui earlier; is that still a consideration?
Avatar n tn all this sounds so weird to me because I was kinda questioning if I was pregnant or not I got off birth control and haven't had a period since march 1 then i was starting to gain weight in my stomach getting bigger now in July and was wondering because i always just gain weight more in my legs not my stomach usually it's flat but here recently for the past 4 weeks it been getting big and it's hard but I had started the pack back like 4 weeks ago and was hoping it would straighten out my period
Avatar f tn But I read that not moving during pregnancy is not good. You can get blood clots and other health problems. Why is bedrest necessary? I mean, I know that having 2 babies means that there is more risk of everything, but does it really mean that I cannot walk at all?
Avatar n tn Which we have since then had removed. About 5 months ago we got a positive on a pregnancy test. I started cramping and spotting at 6 weeks, and by the 8th week we had lost the baby's heartbeat. I never actually miscarried. I had to have a D&C, was put on daily progesterone, and 3 months later we're pregnant again. The doctor has put me on prometrium again, to reduce the risk of miscarriage. It has progesterone in it and is inserted vaginally each night at bedtime.
754316 tn?1233684924 I remember that some days I would bleed worse then others. During pregnancy bleeding is just a waiting game. Either it will end in miscarriage or it will resolve itself. I would ask your doctor to schedule an ultrasound to see if you have a subchorionic hematoma (bleeding behind the sac). Its actually pretty common in pregnancy and is a lot of the times for early bleeding without a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn C and miscarriage I was told (by a diff doc) that I only need to wait one cycle because there was nothing they saw or saw in the tests that show I cannot go on to have a healthy pregnancy again (I have 2 boys and I have been pregnant 4 times) I have known people to get pregnant sooner, not always a good idea but there's nothing except a different doctors opinions saying to wait.
Avatar n tn I had my 1st child in 2007 and after I had her I was getting these very very bad pain in my belly but the nite when I was going to labor my contractions wasn't as loud as it was a post be but its like 3 or 4 months later I started to get these very very bad pain in my belly and it would wake me up at nite I would do the breathing blow in and out and it didn't work lol and so around 2am they stoped and never came back again until dec.23.
Avatar f tn anyone familiar or heard, know, experienced taking subutex while pregnant? i am now on 1mg per day and there is limited studies. please help.
Avatar f tn Your stomach will always harden during contractions, but some women feel the pain in different areas...some in the back, some even the upper thighs. Many times the pain in those areas is so intense, they don't realize their uterus is hardening up.
15480 tn?1302533402 Does anyone know if it is safe to take Tylenol PM during pregnancy? I only want to take it occassionaly but I need 1 good nights sleep!! Please help!
8666559 tn?1399390262 ENTER YOUR DETAILS: The Second Trimester of Pregnancy Private Care & Tests During Pregnancy, in London & UK ยป Pregnancies are split into three stages, each lasts about 3 months and is referred to as a trimester. Each trimester involves a particular set of developments and changes for both mother and child to be. This article should hopefully give you some of the information you might be looking for regarding the second trimester, which begins about 12 weeks into a pregnancy.
1177493 tn?1286662826 I have been having terrible headaches for the past 2 weeks. Always on the right side. I take tylenol twice a day for it. During my workouts I started having leg cramps. It goes from my butt to my knees. Usually one leg at a time and more the right leg than the left. I check my blood pressure often and my blood pressure has dropped like it did with my 2nd pregnancy which is great. Around 105/66. My stomach hasn't gotten much bigger. I don't look pregnant yet.
175662 tn?1282217256 That's actually the best time to travel during the pregnancy, but as you are high risk, you really need to ask your doctor if he/she thinks it's ok. If you do go, always ask for a copy of your prenatal record, just in case. I'm sure you know all the other precautions to take regarding long drives and pregnancy. But ask your doctor; he/she is the only one who's opinion matters in your particular situation.
12770261 tn?1427165038 Ok, 1st off I'm 38 weeks pregnant (i love the look on pplz face when i say I'm 9& 1/2 months pregnant) But anyway on Thurs. I went to the hospital @ my mothers wish w/ contractions but I wasn't even close to labor I was 70 % thinned & 2 almost 3 cm dilated BUT my bp was 178/97. On average my bp has been 110/60 and I called while I was still @ the hospital & spoke to another dr in my drs office he just said it was nothing to worry about & basically made me feel stupid.
Avatar n tn What else could red blood be from if not a mc? My 1st pregnancy can smooth with no problems so this is all new to me. My dd is now 20 months old. Help! Also, I still have a little naseousness and my boobs are still sore and big.
Avatar n tn my bf and were trying to conceive for almost a year (we just recently stopped a few months ago) up until 4 days ago i was two weeks late. on the first day i noticed just a small amount of bloody discharge and thought i was starting and put a tampon in-i noticed a few hours later nothing was really goin on.. two days pass and nothing so i bought a pregnancy test yesterday- last night i started getting really bad cramps and started-so i never took the test.
1454858 tn?1306787978 Have any of you been afraid to have sex during early pregnancy?? It just seems like that little piece of rice is so fragile... I know the penis isn't actually near it, but... I'm thinking crazy here, like an orgasim will shake it loose. Also if I see a drop of blood from my cervix being sensitive I would worry. My husband hasn't toughed me in a couple of weeks. The other day he said this was why. At least we were feeling the same way. I know it is irrational...