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Avatar f tn Also, I developed high blood pressure the last year, so I'm on blood pressure meds (Norvasc - generic). I take vitamins - B12, calcium, magnesium, multi-vitamin, D3 but they don't seem to help. Family/friends don't understand how I feel. I would love to hear from those who have found foods, vitamins, alternatives that help with the anxiety, especially. It's debilitating. I also wonder why a meter hasn't been developed to read at least TSH. They have meters for everything else.
Avatar m tn Xaxax (1 mg, take one tablet daily) 4. Zoloft (Various pill sizes, the most I was ever on was 250 MG) 5. Risperdal (1 mg, take 1/2 to 1 tablet each day) 6. Lexapro (20 mg, taken once a day) 7. Clonazepan (1/2 to one tablet daily up to 3x daily) 8. Wellbutrin (I believe I was taking like 150 mg once a day) 9. Seroquel (Unsure, but I believe the largest dose I took was maybe 100. Used these for sleep) 10. Zyprexa (10 mg, take one tablet daily at bedtime) 11.
225570 tn?1191290673 i ate a banana to cote my tummy then took my meds....25mg zoloft (which im weening off dosnt do anything to me) klonopin .5mg, baby asprin, nexium 40mg, Feel ok this morning woke up alittle anxious but just a tiny bit...so far klonopin vs xanax.......klonopin makes me feel more tierd, fuzzy headed, and makes me feel like i have a really bad case of ADD.......Im not sure but will all this pass? i think my body is just getting used to it..i remember this feeling when i first took xanax....
Avatar f tn I'm desperate to lose 40 lbs (half of which I gained on Zoloft-no longer taking). PLEASE respond if you had any weightloss on this drug, I'm very curious. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn This time to Zoloft! After being on the Zoloft for several years (and not getting much relief) I started noticing that I kinda went emotionally numb! I didn't cry, I didn't yell, I didn't laugh, I just plain did not care...I couldn't connect with life or the people in it anymore! So I decided to go off of my meds, after being on them for 10+ yrs, and against the advice of my "THEN" doctor.
429949 tn?1224695179 six weeks prior to all of this I had a medication change. I had been on the SSRI Zoloft 100mg for 14 years and xanax .25mg for eight months. This new doctor that I was switched to decided to take me off the Zoloft and xanax and switch it to paroxetine (generic paxil ) as he thought that it would take care of my panic attacks better. He did this switch without a taper. six weeks after this change is when this attack happened.
Avatar n tn Befoe going on Effexor, I had gained 20 from other antidpressants (Paxil, Zoloft, Celexa). Since beginning Effexor 1 year ago, I have gained a combined total of 53 pounds. AND YES I EXERCISE AND EAT HEALTHY! At one point I even got a trainer and still couldn't lose weight. I am afraid to go off Effexor because I'm convinced that I'm "A Lifer" as far as needing medication fro depression.
Avatar n tn Sorry to break the thread, but I have a question about Buprenorphine.... I talked to the pain clinic today, and mentioned BUPRENORPHINE (or Buprenex) to one of the docs... They MAY put me on this medication for pain, but I'll find out on Thursday. Anyway, I have been taking VERY LOW doses of this medication (.2 Milligram sublingual tab, 3 times per day) starting yesterday, and it REALLY WORKS!
Avatar n tn I am having extremely debilitating anxiety right now. Mild chest discomfort but I focus in on it so much that it becomes unbearable. I am always aware of my heartbeat and like above I focus in to it where it just drives me insane. I am expereincing undescribable levels of discomfort and I just dont understand whats wrong with me. My heart rate throughout the day is 90-100 bpm resting, and it shoots up even when I do simple tasks such as walking.
Avatar f tn When a new clear pimple shows up I use my climotrizol and colloidal silver immediately and it stops it before it can develop. I will be happy to share before and after pictures with anyone that thinks we might have the same issue.
Avatar n tn i would look more towards seeing if it is geographic tongue i was told by a pathologist that with these symptoms and after i had shown pictures of time of high activity on the tongue that this what i have. I am 26 and this is the first time i have had the symptoms. There is no cure nor is it harmful just annoying as hell. If you feel that these symptoms consist of GT and you want proper diagnosis see an oral surgeon they can give you the best diagnosis. Sites to look at are http://www.
Avatar n tn My heavy periods are almost non-existent. But I can't live on valium and my other choice is zoloft. I'm 50 and I just wanted help with perimenopause. Guess I'll go to plan B. Menopause can't be that far away - right ;-}? Good luck!
Avatar n tn I am so frustrated! This is not stress related...it never happens when I am stressed out! I am on Zoloft (past 8 years) and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia many years ago. BUT, this makes it worse, the MD's just blame it on that or stress!