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Avatar f tn I took zithromax for chlamydia, but i have trouble swallowing pills so i crushed the 1 gram and put it in some yogurt. Immediately after eating some of it i felt sick so i stopped eating it. the next day i ate some more, and i finished it on the third day. Is the treatment still effective if i took the medication over a series of 3 days?
Avatar m tn I just would like to know if I need to take Zithromax again because of how I took the dosage for the throat issue. I hope I killed 2 birds with one stone.
Avatar n tn Doctor H, I have a question about chlamydia and zithromax treatment. Would taking a course of zithromax 500mg the 1st day, then taking 500mg 9 hrs later, then250mg the next day and 250mg the last day, be effective treatment against c? (I know that 1g at once is recommended, but just curious would this dosage be just as good.) Thanks for your help doc. You have been extremely helpful to all of us.
Avatar m tn I feel tickling and pain at the top of it. I'm walking with this problem after a treatment for chlamydia, which was succeful the chlamydia was killed. Now my doc prescribes me 2g of zithromax, 4 tablets to take all in once to cure the NGU/NSU.... Is this a normal dose? I usually read about a treatment of only 1g.
Avatar f tn It works by fighting bacteria within the body, so yes it should cure chlamydia. The usual treatment for chlamydia is a single dose of four pills when diagnosed, but the Zithro will do the same :D Mr.
Avatar f tn many things cause ngu and prostatitis, not just chlamydia. you haven't been properly treated for most of the causes of either of them hence my recommendations.
Avatar n tn Is it safe to take 4 (250mg) pills of Zithromax in a single dose to cure Chlamydia? How about 2 (500mg) pills in a single dose? Is that considered overdosing? How long does it take to be fully cured after taking the necessary antibiotics? Thank you!
Avatar n tn What is the proper medication for Chlamydia? From what I've read, the usual treatment for uncomplicated cases is a one time 1000-1500mg dose of Zythromax (azithromycin). If I took this medication in smaller doses (500mg per day) over a 3 day period (for another condition) would it be also be effective for Chlamydia?
Avatar f tn In the weeks following the encounter with the prostitute i had increasingly obvious symptoms of chlamydia. I tested positive for chlamydia 3 weeks ago and negative for everything else including HIV (test at 7 weeks). I was given Zithromax 1g, which i have previously had before for a single other STD infection a few years ago (also chlamydia). The symptoms of the chlamydia seemed to disappear completely after one week.
Avatar m tn Most symptoms improved but still had some irregular iching and very very little discharge but now clear. After seeing the Dr again, he said to take 500mg of Zithromax per day for 4 days to be on the safe side. Should this completely clear up my Chlamydia in your opinion?
Avatar m tn The health dept said they usually test just for syphilis, HIV, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. I have had a temp of 99 for a while and slight burning when I pee (although when I drink water I don't. Mostly it's probably dehydration) and no UTI. This doc seemed to be incompetent (in my opinion) and said the zithromax would do nothing for the bacterial infections (which I simply stated to show how he seemed unfamiliar with STD treatments). Just to put my mind at ease until I can get tested next month.
Avatar m tn Azithromycin is almost 100% effective against chlamydia and also the treatment of choice for other cases of NGU. It's not a top choice for gonorrhea, but usually is effective anyway. The blood test your partner had cannot diagnose any of these infections. That probably was a test for syphilis and/or HIV, not for gonorrhea or chlamydia. However, she might also have had a standard culture or DNA test for those infections.
Avatar f tn Has anyone else had the same symptoms when taking a low dose of Zithromax? Am scared of large dosages of medications!!!!! Terrified is more the word!!!!! But, I am equally terrified that my docs are letting something very serious go unnoticed. I have had joint pain, heart problems and felt very ill over the past year.
Avatar n tn How effective is the 1mg does of Azithromax that doctors prescribe for the treatment of Chlamydia? I received this drug and it worked fine on me. I had 2 negative tests 5 weeks and 10 weeks afterwards. My regular partner took the same doseage as me. She used to take a lot of anti-biotics. We didn't have sexual contact for 4 weeks after taking Azithromax. We have been having contact again, and I am starting to feel small signs of symptoms.
Avatar n tn If that's the case, would taking 500 mg of Cipro for 10-14 days cure me? Prior to being prescribed the second dose of Zithromax I had asked for Levaquin but the doctor refused, saying that this should clear it up. If Cipro will not cure my chalmydia, what is left? I couldn't find anything in the CDC recommendation regarding treatment failure. Thanks.
Avatar m tn My tests came back monday, and I was negative for HIV, hep C, hep B, syphillis and gonorrhea. I tested positive for Chlamydia. They prescribed a 7 day course of doxycycline - 100 mg twice per day. I still have a clear discharge from my penis from time to time. The pain has gone away, though it was never very acute. Does the fact that the discharge is minimal and clear indicate that the infection has been cured? It was thick and milky.
Avatar n tn This is the 10th day of 1g of Zithromax. Although I wasn't having any itching pain in the penis on days 7 & 8. I've had a small itching pain these last 2 days. I've heard that chlamydia is a disease that will try to hide in your body until "favorable" conditions present themselves. Could this be the case with the mild itching pain that I'm having and will the doctor (appt on Mon.) give me a follow up medication? What meds should I be looking to receive?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with chlamydia two weeks ago and started on zithromax 250mg two twice daily for one day. Vibramycin 100 mg one twice daily for 2 weeks and flagyl 400mg one twice daily for a week. Stupidly I had unprotected sex with a new partner today. Am I clear of chlamydia ? Could I have infected my new partner ?
Avatar m tn I was treated for a bacterial infection yesterday, given a 1g dose (4 pills) of zithromax for an unspecified STI either NGU or Chlamydia. I had sex with my girlfriend and the condom broke in the act and I immediately stopped. What are my chances of getting reinfected on the first day of treatment. I'm just scared guys.
Avatar n tn Okay, So i tested positive for Chlamydia infection & BV, took the 4 pills of Zithromax, and got my medication (for bv). It must have been too much for my stomache because i vomited it all up later on that day. I still feel the symptoms for chlamydia, (i.e. i feel the same from before i was treated) and now i am seeing that i have blood in my urine. Whats going on? Do i have to take the Zithromax all over again or should i be worried its something else?
Avatar n tn but just think of it as contracting anything esle in life, that has a cure. (zithromax 1 gram dose is usually the cure for Chlamydia) Now there is a high chance of coinfection, meaning chlamydia plus something else. That something else is thought to be gonorhea, and the treatment for that is a 250 mg shot of Rocefin. Simple shot in the hight thigh. Now there is a 2 gram dose option for gonorhea and chlamydia...
Avatar m tn I went for another treatment of zithromax and did not have sex for three weeks (no discharge). Had sex again and the discharge came back?? any idea?
Avatar m tn I was instructed to take zithromax 1g yet i was only able to get a hold of 6 tablets 250mg of zithromax. Very quickly I started to feel the pains go away. But after a week of being pain free I have no started to expirence more pain and swelling of the testicles. Is there a chance the antibiotics did not work correctly and I still have chlamydia ? Please let me know I am sick of the pain it is affecting my every day life.
Avatar m tn 2) if i do have chlamydia my doctor already gave me treatment of 1000mg of zithromax, would this clear the infection? 3) the pain of my testes came before the precum, Would the pain in my testicles be the cause of the precum or clear sticky discharge?? and if it was would the 1000mg of zithromax clear the pain on my testicles?? please respond thank you " _______________________ 1 - yes it should have. 2 - yes it will.
Avatar n tn if my girlfriend and i both took the treatment the same time and the had unrotected sex 8-9 hours after and very day after that can we still be cured? also note that the nurse at the clinic said we couldcontinue having sex. She didn't say that we had to use a condom either.
Avatar m tn I am too ashamed to go to a physician for this. I live very close to the Mexican border so I just went south of the border and bought some Zithromax (In Mexico prescriptions are not required to buy medications). After I take my 1 gram doseage, is there any sort of thing that I should look for as far as making sure everything is ok with the medicine? (side effects, interractions, etc). This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/247394'>Zithromax dose</a>.
Avatar f tn My results came back already and I tested positive for Chlamydia. I was given 1000mg of Zithromax. My fiancee has still not received his results and I have not told him about mine. If we've had intercourse since I received the antibiotic but before he has been treated is it likely that I have reinfected myself and do I need to go back to the doctor for a second dose?