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Avatar m tn I had a couple doctors look at me I had symptoms of irritate throat and extreme fatigue night sweats/light fever that would come and go with a white coated tongue. The fatigue was intense for 2-3 weeks! It's been over a month now and it's still there(not as strong). A dr gave me Zithromax thinking bacteria could be infecting my body, even though he didn't find anything in blood work. The Zithromax gave me Diarrihea and upset stomach.
Avatar n tn The antibiotic of choice for cat scratch fever is Azithromax or zithromax and is available in a liquid form for cats and capsules or tablets for dogs. Bartonellosis (cat scratch fever) occurs rarely in dogs but it would not hurt to treat him also. The vet can prescribe these medications. Your cats and dog must be treated for one month.
1353650 tn?1429466974 He will have to continue taking zithromax for the lyme and also take malarone for the babesia for 5+ months. We go every 6 weeks for a check up, blood work and to have an immune boosting I.V that also is a detoxifier. Hopefully we will have more improvement with these new medications.
Avatar n tn vet they did some tests and it wasnt a tick disease so they ruled it thrombocytopenia so they started him on prednisone and he came home and a few days later he was acting normal again and his platelet count went up then a few days ago they lowered the dosage and he got sick again and he could hardly walk, they checked for tumors and there wasnt any and they cant give us an answer of what it could be could anybody please help in any way!!!
Avatar n tn I should also mention I have 5 other cats that are not showing ANY signs of being sick, I also have 4 dogs. None of my animals are sick except for Jasper... so it is not something that is contageous. Also Jasper is Neutered and does NOT go outside EVER not even on a harness or leash unless he is in a carrier then it is only for short trips.
191907 tn?1200622479 you can always ask for a Zpac- zithromax. it's used for skin infections. and safe. if you need more info go to Babycenter.com they have great advice, and I post there all the time.
Avatar f tn If there was no problem with your cat's heart and no fluid in the lungs why did your present vet put your cat on a Furosemide (which is a diuretic for heart disease, hypertension, and pleural effusion)? I think it is time your cat had an echocardiogram by a veterinary radiologist or cardilogist. I would have blood pressures performed on your cat, and I would also request an appetite stimulant from your vet such as cyproheptidine or mirtazapine.
Avatar f tn You did great -- Mepron is what I was given for babesiosis, as I recall, along with zithromax. My LLMD treated that first, then moved on to treat the Lyme. Any discussion of you having 'babs'? About your boo-hoo breakdown -- it was well deserved. You are going through a lot, and letting the tension out is healthy. I sat down the other day and wrote a letter to an old acquaintance I last saw several years ago when I was still very ill ...
Avatar f tn She lives out in the country, heavily wooded area and ticks are prevalent throughout the grounds. Her dogs get them sometimes but they've been given some sort of medication that prevents them from getting sick. A few weeks back, they had taken three ticks off of her grandson after he was playing outside. Because he has platinum blonde hair, they're pretty visible on his scalp but nevertheless they still check him thoroughly.
222135 tn?1236491821 Oh geez, Penn! How awful for you! Hope you're feeling a bit better today?
Avatar n tn This time the test was done through IgeneX and it showed three bands which were not positive or negative, but interminate??? The doctor wants to begin treatment of Zithromax (pill form) and Mepron (liquid form) for possible babsia which can go along with Lymes Disease which I don't even know if I have or not?? I am VERY CONFUSED. I have had numerous MRIs done along with an MRA and an EMG and nerve conduction test and visual evoked response and lots of blood work over the years.
725248 tn?1316165845 And talk about painfulas far as teh 1-10 pain scale, my pain is usually a 50, sometimes almost causing me to pass out from the pain. I do drink lots of water. So does anyone out therre have any advice for me I am desparate for advice.....please.help me.........Thank you so much...........
12773 tn?1328916786 and maybe gone, but I think I emailed them to Eileen, so I am sure she may still have them. Pdilly - I took Zithromax for 9 days, because they gave me generic.. I was so looking forward to only 5 days of pills.. and it seemed to work.. but then some people at work got this bad cough going around, and it came back around I guess. Cuz its bad again. I swear people need to stay home when they are sick with the flu..
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Avatar n tn I was not on any medications at the time this all started. Any ideas? I have asked my doctor for a referral to yet another dermatologist, but it will probably be a month or two until I get an appointment. I am appalled that after all these doctor visits and medications, I still wound up with scars. Of course, my scratching caused them I guess. Can you suggest other useful medications to ask the dermatologist about, or other diagnoses to consider?
Avatar n tn Im feeling great. I only wish that i had a for sure place to live (we gave our noticwe because we had this great apartment set up io mean it was the entire bottom level of a split level home and beautiful *sigh*) so now they call up and say sorry no they decided not to give us the apartment anymore because they have two dogs and we have one and so they dont want 3 and i was like ahhhh.. what?!?! but hopefuly this other place we were looking at is still available.. I get to find out tomorrow.
Avatar m tn If an unfortunate side effect should happen to you, well, I am sorry. I am not charging you for this, you are not paying me for it, so don’t sue me. It’s a responsibility that you have to assume. If you expect a risk-free life, with massive compensation should things don’t work out, then don't try this. So, why is this book manuscript free? The physician who reviewed it said, “The materials cost less than $5.
2125872 tn?1335238667 Sorry for your situation. Ditto what Rico said. My LLMD also supplements abx with herbs, she sells some at her office with no mark up, I checked, but I take an online brand she also mentioned. You need abx big time. Have you tried applying for disability? Or if you are 25 or younger ( not fair to us older folks) there are grants I can give you info. If you don't treat with antibiotics you will eventually get worse.
Avatar n tn perhaps you should consider switching doctors -- just for fresh insight. Maybe they can list for you all the causes for recurring fever (are her hormones ebbing and flowing on a regular basis, even for her age?) that also cause joint pain. And then the most common causes for each seperately...AND then tell you how they have ruled them out -- are there conclusive tests...was she tested specifically for it, etc.? Again, I'm sorry I can't help.
86075 tn?1238118691 forgot to say, HR, thanks for asking...I guess it's not so bad for having this puppy for over 30 years, though, sure would of like a 1, be grateful for small favors, huh?
Avatar n tn Yesterday morning I finished a 10-day dose of clindamycin for a tooth infection and that seems to have done the trick. I had used Zithromax for 5 days a month ago for a sore throat but that didn't affect the dizziness. The allergist's interpretation for this is that either Zithromax was not the right type of antibiotic or the 5-day treatment was not enough. Depending on the result of the CT scan, I might have to continue taking antibiotics.
Avatar n tn I have been having the same problem off and on for a long time and currently for the past 2 weeks. I do not have any bumps under or on the palm but the center of my palm itches all the time. You would think that the doctors would be able to determine what this is. When it gets really bad I take Benadryl and that seems to calm it down a bit but I do not have any know allergies. I hope someone finds out soon.
Avatar n tn My mother passed away in 1999 and one of my dogs Pebbles was hers, I bought her for my mom when I was in the Training Academy in 97. Sonny is my boy and we bought him to keep Pebbs company. Now they are best friends forever. That's my life story.
Avatar n tn In February of this year I got a CT scan and the ENT doctor said I have a severe deviated septum with chronic sinusitis. I was treated for a sinus infection and that was it. I still felt bad so I went to a neurologist. He wrote it off as a vestibular problem. I did vestibular therapy for 2 months with almost no relief. In May when allergy season started, everything got worse. I have had nonstop sinus pressure/pain, headache, dizziness, major eye strain, my face is sore, my teeth are sore.
Avatar n tn Doc has also given me some Double Base cream that will act as a barrier for when I wash up and shower. I need a cure very badly for the itching - I seem to wake up in the morning vigurously scratching my inflamed hands. I hope this doesnt happen on my wedding day - the ring wont fit!!!!!!!!!!!noooooooooo! Help If you have the same problem, I DO ALREADY PUT ICE CUBES IN A TEA TOWEL AND HOLD THAT FOR A WHILE, BUT CANT ALWAYS DO THAT IF IM OUT!
Avatar n tn I have had hives for almost three years now. Every antihistimine and stomach pill (that has a histimine blocker) has been tried. The only relief I have gotten was when I went on Cyclosporine for six moths. This is an antirejection drug. I do not want to stay on this, but have been off of it for five months now, and hives are starting to return. Sometimes they are red splotches on my skin, other times they are thick welts, both itch unreal. My eyes, lips and feet swell also.