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Avatar f tn They are meant for babies to chew on as teething aids but do not look like a chew toy! I plan to buy some this go around. I also chopped my hair with my first baby but will likely leave it long this time as who knows if i will be able to shower daily with 2 kids and it will be easier to "do" if i can at least fit it into a messy bun!
Avatar m tn ve tried applying Vaseline then wearing gloves. The only thing that sometimes helps is covering it non-stop with band aids so it doesn't get any air, but the band aids are rough on my skin. I've also tried giving up gluten. I'm only 3 weeks into that but it's just spreading more. I am female and in my 40's with skin issues that I never had as a youth. Any thoughts?
807542 tn?1238224675 Husband where we work with Youth from 8 years old to 30 years old and belive me if I would have not been in Treatment I no I would of NEVER got 200 Youth TESTED For the HIV/AIDS Virus my question is can ANYBODY get on this site even if they are in Methadone Treatment or maybe they are still using but need to reach out and they get on someones Computer and run into this site PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU WILL BE THERE TO SUPPORT THEM thats my QUESTION
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Avatar m tn Wearing a Hamsa necklace is a trendy wear among women and men across the globe. The Hamsa hand is an ancient symbol for protection and good luck that features many jewelry pieces. Today, you can easily find the right piece of jewelry to match your personal taste since it is available in any style: casual, elegant and even sophisticated. Hamsa necklaces and pendants are in demand worldwide because it is believed that they offer protection to the wearer.
Avatar f tn Have any of yall heard any good things about an Amber due in December and I want to buy one...but I dont know how early ur suppose to use it??
Avatar f tn I can't imagine it would be a problem. What is the necklace for, though? Just curious.
Avatar f tn How many of you have done the necklace test? How accurate was it LOL. . I am 12 weeks 3 days and it was a circular motion which means a girl !! ♥♥♡♡ express your experience!
Avatar f tn i have bought a Quantum science energy pendant necklace that help to protect your energy field, it is anti inflammation, antistress etc etc that have decrease the PATM symptoms a lot on me and on others people around me but thats just a necklace.
Avatar f tn What about wearing them on a necklace? Will they fit on another finger? Sorry I can't be more helpful than that, mine are still fitting.
Avatar n tn You are too young to be confusing yourself like this.Enjoy your youth, and don't confuse your life anymore than it already is.You will have plenty of time to have sex when you are mature enough to understand the things you are feeling!
1330108 tn?1333677304 Alright someone posted a question about a biter and it reminded me about one of my favorite nursing acessories. Teething Bling! It is a beautiful necklace that has a breakaway clasp so if your nursling yanks you don't choke. Each necklace is a single large donut shaped stone on a cord. The stone is actually rubber and designed for a teething baby. The stones look real!
9771234 tn?1405793808 m having a boy or girl she said it was right every time she did it for her.
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Avatar n tn I've had mine in my necklace for almost my woke pregnancy
Avatar f tn I heard if u use a necklace and hang it over your stomach it tells u whatvur having but again that's an old wives tale bit could be fun:)
9310208 tn?1410859285 They'll go back to normal - it's just temporary edema and happens to pretty much everyone. Just put them on a secure simple necklace and wear them like dog tags - that's what I did with my first and what I'm sure I'll have to do again.
10034421 tn?1409205067 I did the necklace test. You get a necklace with a pendant lay down an drop the necklace right above ur belly if it swings back n forth its a boy.if it does circles its a girl.
Avatar m tn I was wondering if anyone had tried the necklace gender prediction. Back/forth = boy, circle = girl. I have done it over 10 times & always get the same result.
Avatar f tn m 39 weeks and I had to take all of my rings off! So I wear my wedding ring on a necklace. Because when you have your rings on causes your fingers to swell a bit more because of it's cut!
8518086 tn?1407289593 The way I did it was I put my wedding band ring in a necklace and then put the necklace over your stomach.
7184931 tn?1390773745 You know the game where everyone gets a necklace and if they catch you saying "baby" or crossing your legs you have to give up your necklace, do the same with mustaches lol by the end whoever has the most stuck to them is the winner!