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Avatar m tn ve tried applying Vaseline then wearing gloves. The only thing that sometimes helps is covering it non-stop with band aids so it doesn't get any air, but the band aids are rough on my skin. I've also tried giving up gluten. I'm only 3 weeks into that but it's just spreading more. I am female and in my 40's with skin issues that I never had as a youth. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn Antibody production can take anywhere from 3-12 weeks +/- after exposure, but all humans WILL eventually develop antibodies. There has never been a case of anyone going from HIV to full blown AIDS without developing antibodies.
807542 tn?1238224675 Husband where we work with Youth from 8 years old to 30 years old and belive me if I would have not been in Treatment I no I would of NEVER got 200 Youth TESTED For the HIV/AIDS Virus my question is can ANYBODY get on this site even if they are in Methadone Treatment or maybe they are still using but need to reach out and they get on someones Computer and run into this site PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU WILL BE THERE TO SUPPORT THEM thats my QUESTION
Avatar m tn hi,everyone,I am a 21 year old male youth,not long ago I and a female workers mutual masturbation, but my glans penis has a small wound, in the event to finish in the last moment , my hand was covered with liquid from the she after orgasm appeared some vaginal secretions and then give yourself masturbation, I'm sure my hand have a lot of vaginal secretions , and absolute multiple met my wounds, unfortunately I finally after ejaculation, my urethral orifice of residual semen and met vaginal s
1310633 tn?1430224091 Well, I 100% agree with you that sexuality in general has no place in an organization like the Scouts...or any other type organization. And yes, there is a very good chance that it is someone who is trying to make a point that is making this an issue. You'll also hear no argument from me that anyone crossing the line with a child should go to jail or...other. I think where I am struggling is the implication that BECAUSE someone is gay they would be more likely to cross the line.
163305 tn?1333668571 Empowerment Karama, a local Palestinian association based in Dheisheh that provides education and training programs for women and youth, initiated the greenhouse project earlier this year. The organization provided families with basic gardening infrastructure and plant seedlings, and funded the project thanks to a one-time $8,000 donation from a former international volunteer.
Avatar n tn You are too young to be confusing yourself like this.Enjoy your youth, and don't confuse your life anymore than it already is.You will have plenty of time to have sex when you are mature enough to understand the things you are feeling!
Avatar f tn Anyone else going through a organization frenzy? I did laundry today and reorganized our entire closet and drawers!! I feel like I need to make room for baby things...I was going through baby stuff and I honestly don't remember buying SO much stuff!! I have no clue where its all going to go!! My husband clearly thinks I'm mental...I freaked out wondering where all these baby clothes came from and he was like..that's all you!!
Avatar m tn Latex condoms, when used consistently and correctly, are highly effective in preventing the sexual transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. In addition, consistent and correct use of latex condoms reduces the risk of other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including diseases transmitted by genital secretions, and to a lesser degree, genital ulcer diseases. Condom use may reduce the risk for genital human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and HPV-associated diseases, e.g.
Avatar n tn That you could read his profile, learn the man is living with AIDS, teaches HIV/AIDS awareness classes and was a paramedic for many, many years, and then ask him which website he got his information from...........!!!!! Sorry jack, but your insensitivity is nearly as mind boggling as your ignorance.
Avatar m tn i went to a dentist that belonged to a big organization and it was crowded with people, when my turn came he called me and gave a local anesthesia shot. he had alot of equipment, had gloves and a mask on, and he had a nurse there with him. so it seemed like he ran it very clean. but i don't know if he changed the needle for the shot he gave me, and i unfortunately didn't ask him. do dentist change needles between patients?
867582 tn?1311627397 Thanks for the reference. I had a look at all of Dr. Burks' answers. I also bookmarked the site and will take a tour of the whole place later (it's always later with me). I hadn't realized there was more than one MS organization here in the USA. Thought there was only the National MS Society.
Avatar m tn He and I actually volunteer for the same AIDS awareness organization. We have both been trained in STD/HIV prevention, but we obviously let one time slip. He works as a transporter at a local hospital, and he told me he was tested and HIV- as of two weeks prior to us hooking up. I was tested using the 30-min blood test on February 21st, 2008, allowing myself 8 weeks. The result was negative.
Avatar n tn Start by contacting your local Pride center, or AIDS community service organization, they can give you more info, and tell you where you can go for free testing.
Avatar n tn Genital herpes is far more common than AIDS. The World Health Organization estimates that 20 percent of all sexually active adults have it. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 21 percent of sexually active women have it, including 16 percent of all white women and 48 percent of all black women. While not fatal, the infection can be very painful, ruining sexual pleasure.
Avatar f tn Merun po bang organization ang may mga Hepa B? Sana magkaroon tayo ng organization or pagtuonan din sana ng pansin ang sakit na Hepatitis B. 24 yrs old ako, dalaga at walang ka relasyon kc natatakot ako makahawa. Chronic Hepa B yung nasa akin, pero sabi ng Dr. Di naman daw kaylangan gamotin. Nalaman ko lang ang sakit na ito nung nka graduate na ako ng college at nag apply ng work.
Avatar m tn Dear All, Aside from this Hepatitis B Community in Medhelp, Do we have a support group or organization that will teach, guide and educate us or sometimes to meet to those people that had the same condition.
Avatar f tn I still suggest you get tested because every health professional, HIV expert, and AIDS/HIV organization suggests HIV screenings post unprotected exposures, but I am confident that you will see a negative result. Wait 6-8 weeks, and please com back to share the good news!