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Avatar m tn ve tried applying Vaseline then wearing gloves. The only thing that sometimes helps is covering it non-stop with band aids so it doesn't get any air, but the band aids are rough on my skin. I've also tried giving up gluten. I'm only 3 weeks into that but it's just spreading more. I am female and in my 40's with skin issues that I never had as a youth. Any thoughts?
807542 tn?1238224675 Husband where we work with Youth from 8 years old to 30 years old and belive me if I would have not been in Treatment I no I would of NEVER got 200 Youth TESTED For the HIV/AIDS Virus my question is can ANYBODY get on this site even if they are in Methadone Treatment or maybe they are still using but need to reach out and they get on someones Computer and run into this site PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU WILL BE THERE TO SUPPORT THEM thats my QUESTION
Avatar m tn hi,everyone,I am a 21 year old male youth,not long ago I and a female workers mutual masturbation, but my glans penis has a small wound, in the event to finish in the last moment , my hand was covered with liquid from the she after orgasm appeared some vaginal secretions and then give yourself masturbation, I'm sure my hand have a lot of vaginal secretions , and absolute multiple met my wounds, unfortunately I finally after ejaculation, my urethral orifice of residual semen and met vaginal s
Avatar n tn Is not true there are no evidences of oral infections: "the New York State AIDS Institute concluded: "The risk for contracting AIDS through oral intercourse is not zero, but is lower than associated with anal or vaginal intercourse.
Avatar n tn You are too young to be confusing yourself like this.Enjoy your youth, and don't confuse your life anymore than it already is.You will have plenty of time to have sex when you are mature enough to understand the things you are feeling!
Avatar m tn I am doin Masterbating since i was 16 now i am 19,I Will Do Twicw or Thrice in a weak,is there is any harm in futher for me,can i be a father in futher,doing masterbating i will get a huge Problem or any Diseases in futher,now a days in am getting tired,i will get little head ace and my body will be Hot.masterbating causes diseases like Memory loss,Aids and any Danger Diseases in Futher Please Help...i Am Scared...
Avatar f tn http://*****************.org/duringpregnancy/hcglevels.
13017155 tn?1429020488 Concerns: My daughter is 14 yrs.. She attends a youth group on a weekly sometimes biweekly basis. She came to me last night and told me she made a new friend. This new friend is soon to be 18 yrs old and appears to be a boy but is really female. I told my daughter that the relationship/friendship is inappropriate and they she can't continue to befriend this person. My daughter became very upset and starting crying and through a sort of tantrum and said I cant stop them from being friends.
206807 tn?1331936184 I always thought it was a bad decision for Bush, as a politician, to refuse to acknowledge his wild youth — which, by his own account, lasted until he was 40. But now it seems it was a bad choice for Bush as a father. After his 1976 drunken-driving arrest was revealed last year, Bush said he didn’t admit it when he decided to run for president because he didn’t want his daughters to know about it.
Avatar m tn I can understand your concern since you are a smoker. But youth is on your side, you need to stop smoking to ensure that you live a long healthy life. I have a sister-in-law with Emphysema from smoking, gasping for every breath as she is dying from many years of smoking. There are so many aids to help you stop, no reason you can't do this. The shortness of breath can be caused by anxiety which the constant worry is causing.
1858011 tn?1319837353 You can get on her site at WWW. Joycemeyer. Com or org. I don't think it really matters on you get onto the site. Sorry I might have put the wrong web address because my hands really get cramped up. But, I hope u can enjoy her listening very, peaceful, powerful, and loving.
Avatar f tn Columbia-Lyme [dot] org You can also search: LLMD [your city and state] I'd start with ILADS -- it's a physician organization -- and go from there. I don't have personal experience with any of them. Columbia U may not have a referral service as such, but if you would consider going to NYC, it would be something to look into. Best wishes to you -- let us know how you do.
Avatar m tn The only way i found one in pittsburgh is by going to lymenet . org and hitting flash dicsussion then wrote seeking a doctor in pittsburgh. Then they sent me a list of names. You have to reguster first too!
Avatar f tn lymediseaseassociation [dot] org truthaboutlymedisease [dot] come lymenet [dot] org chroniclymedisease [dot] com You can also google/search a phrase such as 'LLMD Virginia' or other geographic area near you. The website for International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS [dot] org) is also a place to check for information; I don't know that they have a referral function now, but they used to, I believe. Best wishes -- let us know how you do, okay?
Avatar f tn Ro, You may want to go to the main forum at www.*************.org and post this question. Lots of ladies on that site are Her2neu positive and on or have been on Herceptin.
12742885 tn?1427016324 I'm 21 years old and have made myself to belief i am an "AIDS child". Each day when i go to sleep i feel a pain which is totatlly wired. I have had the worst flu' f my life back in december and i was going to se my doctor. I have talked to my socalled fiance on the phone throught this chole process. I was wondering why i ate much, but did not gain weight. I was having dry coughs, and had this flu' like for 3 weeks.