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Avatar n tn However, several weeks ago I developed a bad sinus infection and along with it I started to have green/yellow discharge coming out of my right eye, which has since spread to both. I was given a strong dose of antibiotics for the sinus infection along with eye drops to combat the eye infection. Unfortunately, the drops and antibiotics has not stopped the discharge from my eye(s). I have seen an eye doctor and he said I don't have an eye infection.
Avatar f tn My English Springer Spaniel puppy of 15 weeks has had a slight discharge from her eys for the last couple of days. The discharge is a yellow/green colour.One eye is worse than other. They're not so bad in the day but they need to be wiped in the morning and evening more. The eyes themselves look quite red. I've assumed its an type of conjunctivitis??? I've been bathing each eye regularly and seperately in cooled boiled water. Will it clear it's self up with good constant care?
1084962 tn?1256482652 i rescued a kitten recently and it was a bit young and now having trouble with its eyes. having yellow and green discharge and buildup . i have to wash its eyes out, what can i do for the kitten and what causes this?
Avatar m tn redness is gone and discharge crystallized then went away for awhile. The discharge is back. white,yellow or green in color. when it is white in color you will see it go across eye to inner corner. eyes r watery and itchy. There is no redness or swelling. No other health problems. Just the eyes. What is it and how do i get rid of it?
Avatar n tn three days later, I started to get this burning sensation, itchy, and a Yellow-ish green-ish discharge. Not knowing what it is, i didn some research, and i have not yt found a reliable source. I wont be turing 18 for another 3 months, and I dont want my mom finding out about this stuff. So If anyone can PLEASEEE HELP ME OUT, It will be greatly apprietiated:) Thank you.
Avatar f tn Sometimes watery, usually thick, and can be clear or green/yellow. I even feel a pressure build up in my tear duct when I blow my nose or turn upside down. Mucous is actually even forced out sometimes when I blow my nose. The lotemax and cleanser don't help at all. I've been to my doctor multiple times now and these visits are expensive and I feel like I'm not getting anywhere.
1774317 tn?1314229650 i have recently been experiencing some browny green discharge from my breasts... it's not directly from my nipple.... it's actually coming from *around* the nipple (the pink area surronding the nipple) i'm not totally sure what to think of this... but i would like maybe a little information about it.
Avatar f tn Yellow/green, frothy, dischargeFoul odor with dischargeIncreased amount of dischargeIncreased frequency of urination
Avatar n tn All I can think of is an undiagnosed sinus infection that discharged real loose like that for an unknown reason. Any yellow or green or yellowish green discharge from the nose indicates infection. I have had sinus infections without even realizing it. Go to the Doc. Untreated sinus infections can really screw up your ears and sense of balance, leading to constant dizziness, nauseau etc. Not to mention the damage to your sinuses,i.e. loss of smell and taste.
Avatar m tn Today the 24th- My urination seems to be the same, uncomfortable but not as bad as it was on my flight. My left eye is still red, but has not worsened, and there was a slight yellowish /greenish discharge in the tear duct(I believe signaling a bacterial infection) when I woke up. Discharge seems to be that of left over urine dribbles that linger after I go to the bathroom, but not clear and thick nor yellow , white, or green. So I am a bit frazzled here! 1.
Avatar n tn An imbalance causes a hyper release of toxins and toxic byproduct which results in a variety of symptoms, the small bumps, yellow discharge, and irritation included. Because it feeds on sugar, it actually causes you to crave it, making the reactions worse. It's a catch 22. Avoid sugars; that means fruits, breads, any simple carbohydrates, and, of course, the obvious ones like candies and desserts.
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Avatar f tn It's like a yellow green. I don't know how many partners he's had but I know it's been a few haha (small town, attractive boy) but we used a condom and I've had it happen before that but it's never been this bad. And I just recently got on birth control in September and got tested for guanorea and syphilis and I didn't have either.
Avatar n tn It is common knowledge that infection turns the secretions yellow. But a clear yellow discharge may not necessarily mean infection . Long standing cold can lead to thin yellow discharge. You should take regular steam inhalation to reduce the congestion. How are you now ?
Avatar f tn in most cases, there is a thick discharge, either yellow or green, with pink eye. the best way to tell is to wait until morning. if it's pink eye, her eye will be crusted shut. it's gross and hard to miss. if she rubs her eyes or gets them open, you'll see the crust caked on the lashes.
Avatar m tn Is the eye discharge green or white?
Avatar n tn After that seemed to be a little better and then ended up with a lot of pressure in the head with numbness and pressure down left side of face and across bridge of nose, along with dizziness and feeling extremely ill, went to hospital and was put on 3rd lot of antibiotics, stronger still, after 2 days had large amounts of yellow discharge and major swelling of back of nose.
Avatar f tn Yellow, green, bloody, or watery discharge from the eye. Increasing redness of the eye or eyelids. A gray or white sore on the colored part of the eye (iris). Fever with no other cause. Blurred or decreased vision. But I think you can start off without redness and have other symptoms. What symptoms are you having?
Avatar n tn You can get conjunctivitis (infection of the surface skin of the eye) when you have the flu. Intermittent blurred vision and mild yellow or green or white discharge are common symptoms. The white of the eye may turn red as well. The eye may become watery. If the symptoms are fairly mild, no specific treatment is needed.
Avatar n tn You need to see an ophthalmologist. Green discharge is a sign of a bacterial infection. Dr. O.
613536 tn?1294242047 I think my daughter who is 7 weeks old might have an eye infection. She has a yellow discharge coming from her eye... is this an infection? Will she need a trip to the doctor or is there something I can do to relieve it at home?
Avatar n tn When mucus gets infected by bacteria or viruses, it changes color, to yellow and possibly green. Yellow mucus is not only a good indication that your body has a sinus infection but is also an indicator that it is fighting off the infection.
Avatar f tn However, one alternate cause that needs to be ruled out is a soft tissue infection (cellulitis), in which case oral antibiotics would need to be initiated for coverage. If there is any tenderness, yellow/green discharge, or any redness, pain, or decreased vision in the eye itself, I would consider an alternate diagnosis and treatment and return to your eye care specialist.
Avatar f tn While a pcr swab can pick up particles of hsv dna, if someone isn’t “shedding” the virus and there isn’t an active sore, it could return with a false negative. Herpes discharge tends to be very watery and clearish...if it’s green or yellow, that’s bacterial. Since these symptoms certainly seem too long lasting for herpes, I would look at other possibilities but test at 12-16 weeks for peace of mind.
Avatar n tn im only 16, i used to be very sexually active and might not have been very careful or aware of STD's as i should have been. in the last few months i have being getting thick yellow discharge which has a very bad smell cant stand it my self, but its not a fishy smell, it doesnt really burn or hurt when i urinate, i havent had sex because i am to embarrassed so i cant tell if it hurts during intercourse..
Avatar n tn May indicate an infection, especially if thick or clumpy like cottage cheese or has a foul odor. Brown: May happen right after periods, and is just "cleaning out" your vagina. Old blood looks brown. Spotting Blood/Brown Discharge: This may occur when you are ovulating/mid-cycle. Sometimes early in pregnancy you may have spotting or a brownish discharge at the time your period would normally come.
Avatar m tn If you have a bacterial infection in your eye the discharge will be yellow or green in which case you need a doctor as well to clear this up. I hope this is helpful to you.
Avatar f tn what color was the puss? If it's white and crusty it may viral, it may be allergic. If it's yellow or green, it's most likely bacterial. (Of course, there are always exceptions, but this is a general rule of thumb). I just confirmed what I said with DH who is a phamacist. He said that if it is bacterial, you would at least begin to see some improvement in 24 hours, even if it doesn't clear up totally yet. If it were allergies, an antihistimine eye drop could be prescribed.
Avatar m tn I was told by Vet to use overnight Dry Eye lubricant. The discharge has never been green or yellow so I don't think there is a secondary infection. Right eye is perfect. Dog is blinking from damaged eye. I'm thinking his condition is due to residual affects from his horner's and he has not completely returned to normal. I do have an appointment april 6th but would prefer just treating him at home if I could.