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Avatar n tn hi im 35 weeks pregnat and ive been loosing yellow/green jelly discharge is this normal.
Avatar f tn I believe it means that your having some infection anything green coming out of the body is a sign of infection. But i know its normal to have a yellow discharge during pregnancy. If your going to the doctor for it the doctor could find out what the problem is.
1106300 tn?1258070957 If the discharge has an odor is is colored (yellow, green, blood tinged etc.) then you should call your doctor.
5793136 tn?1375294504 I never had a discharge problem but when I noticed a nasty clearish green mucusy discharge I immediately wanted answers. Mine was my mucus plug shredding and coming out in pieces. She told me any discharge during pregnancy is normal and only to worry if it has a foul smell or is bloody red. She said some have brown yellow green blueish purpleish clear white so many colors of discharge but it is normal...not saying that just BCUZ it is you shouldn't keep it from Ur doctor..
Avatar n tn m early in my pregnancy I have more than normal discharge that is clearish/white I seen a doctor recently and got all kinds of test done for std everything is normal she said if it has yellow or green color then it could be an issue see a doctor they'll be able to tell.. does it have a funky smell (sorry but that can also tell a lot )?
Avatar f tn Hi im 6 weeks pregnant and have mild cramping and some yellow green discharge firat I thought yesterday infection but it doesn't feal or look like ot no whight discharge just yellow and green has anyone elts experience this and is rhis normal plz help me out today is Saturday so can't call my doc and going to the er they might just send me home so anyything will help thanks ladys
Avatar f tn Its more a yellow green and thick and stringy
869568 tn?1248372915 I am 15 weeks pregnant and I know that discharge is totally normal during pregnancy. I just need to know what is normal and what is not. I just heard a story from a gal who went into pre-mature labor b/c she had a bacterial infection and didn't know it. She thought she just had normal discharge. So, that got me worried. So, if you ladies don't mind me asking and you don't mind sharing to put my mind at ease, are you having discharge, too? What color is it?
Avatar f tn Not normally. I would go to your doctor. There shouldnt be any green discharge at any time.
Avatar f tn I am 8 weeks pregnant and have a yellow discharge that has a faint fish like smell to it. Am I oka...
Avatar f tn Hi well I have my next appointment until Monday so I will ask my doctor as well, but I am 31weeks pregnant and have been having this yellow discharge for about 3 days now. Its not alot but its mucus like and sometimes its in little chunks. I got checked when I was 27 weeks and had no yeast infection or nothing, I also got tested for Hiv, chlamidia, basically everything and I have nothing. So is this normal or something bad? Help please im really scared. This is my first pregnacy.
Avatar f tn Hi Im 20 year old and I have yellow green discharge without smell im so worried about that is that normal?first my discharge is look like cottage cheese I go to OB Already they said i have yeast infection they gave me vaginal table for 6 days after the medication my discharge become liquid then turns to yellow green color. Please help me i need a best answer to this problem.
Avatar m tn it became itchy and when i checked my underwear, it had a yellow-green discharge in it... and the symptoms showed-up after 2weeks when i had intercourse. please help.
Avatar m tn I have noticed today that i have green/yellow do you cure it without going to the doctor? i have no insurance so what is the quickest and easiest way to cure it?
Avatar n tn However, several weeks ago I developed a bad sinus infection and along with it I started to have green/yellow discharge coming out of my right eye, which has since spread to both. I was given a strong dose of antibiotics for the sinus infection along with eye drops to combat the eye infection. Unfortunately, the drops and antibiotics has not stopped the discharge from my eye(s). I have seen an eye doctor and he said I don't have an eye infection.
Avatar f tn m14,andimhavingyellow/greenishdischarge,andithasaweirdsmell.Iamsexuallyactive,andobirthcontrol,butiveonlyhadsexafewtimes,andwithpartnersiknowthatdonthavediseases..Ineedhelp.I'mscared,andcluelessonwhattodo.Comment/reply,please!
Avatar f tn Are you sure its green and not yellow. After sex I get this gross mucus like think sticky yellow discharge. Just ask your doctor when you see them next. But discharge can change during pregnancy at anytime.
Avatar f tn I have been having a yellow, green sometimes discharge with lumps of snot init ive been thinking its my mucus plug coming away slowly but the discharge is yellow grenny could it be a yeast infect? what does this sound like??
3113559 tn?1347750099 Yea sounds like mucus plug but call your dr. cause sometime green or different color discharge can indicate the baby had a bowel movement is what I have just read dont know anything about that but maybe ask and let me know.
Avatar f tn I'm twenty two weeks and have yellow green vaginal discharge. Is this normal? Should I talk to my doctor about it?
Avatar f tn Lol I don't wanna touch it with my finger. But it looks yellow on my panties.
6628393 tn?1398789276 That's a normal type of discharge. If it were green/yellow like when you have a sinus infection or looked like cottage cheese then it's an infection.
8593574 tn?1398970803 I have noticed these past few weeks that I been having a yellowish green discharge. . Its not everyday. But i have noticed it. Is it something to be worried about. Has anybody else had this? Should I call my doctor?