Yellow green discharge before period

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Avatar f tn Right after my period I noticed a yellow-greenish discharge and it hurts to pee too. The color is a mixture of partial period (brownish) and the color of phlegm to be exact. Ever since my period I've only had this type of discharge two times, second time is today. No funny smelling odor or whatsoever. The texture is just the same with a normal discharge. Not foamy. It's just the color that bothers me and the pain down there. I have a history of UTI, could that be the reason behind it?
Avatar f tn So before I got my period I got this greenish yellow discharge...they said it was supposed to go away once you got your period....but I still have mine allll the time between my periods....sometimes its thick, sometimes its watery....and I don't know if its a bad thing or not... but it smells bad and it ruins my underwear, I feel like I need to wear a pad all the there any way I can get this to stop?
Avatar f tn Instead of periods, I get yellow discharge. It kind of has a smell but it’s not green, chunky or anything that I’ve read about an infection. I don’t feel burning or itching too. I’m really worried about my health but I’m a little convinced that I’m healthy because we had a fitness test at my school and I passed. I’m very confused. Help!!
Avatar f tn I have been having a yellow, green sometimes discharge with lumps of snot init ive been thinking its my mucus plug coming away slowly but the discharge is yellow grenny could it be a yeast infect? what does this sound like??
5793136 tn?1375294504 I never had a discharge problem but when I noticed a nasty clearish green mucusy discharge I immediately wanted answers. Mine was my mucus plug shredding and coming out in pieces. She told me any discharge during pregnancy is normal and only to worry if it has a foul smell or is bloody red. She said some have brown yellow green blueish purpleish clear white so many colors of discharge but it is normal...not saying that just BCUZ it is you shouldn't keep it from Ur doctor..
Avatar f tn My gyno has me on the pill and the mirena IUD. Within the past week or two I’ve noticed my discharge become yellow/green and only today it has flecks of blood in it. My gyno has me only taking the non period tablets for the pill so I haven’t had my period in over two years. I’m STD free as well. I get yeast infections quite regularly but this is much different. The discharge is very mucous like and thick.
Avatar f tn Its more a yellow green and thick and stringy
Avatar m tn It is also normal to have this increase in discharge before your period. In pregnany the discharge is referred to as leukorrhea. As long as there is no unpleasant odor you should be fine.
Avatar f tn It sounds like Braxton hicks. I think light yellow discharge is ok like egg white color.
Avatar f tn My period is about to start for this month, so i was wearing a small pad just in case. I noticed though that my discharge had changed a little. Its a yellow/green color and its sticky like mucus or snot, and it doesn't normally smell, it just smells like my discharge normally does. The only time it ever smells is if i've been wearing the pad all day or for a long time. When it does smell the only think i can think of is sweaty gym socks if you know what i mean.
Avatar f tn Yes, discharge is normal at your age. However, if it has odor you may have an infection which may require medical treatment. Does your discharge come out yellow or is it clear/milky? It shouldnt be colored but sometimes discharge can "dry" a pale yellow color (it may get mixed with a trace amount of urine for example). If your discharge actually exits your body w/ a yellow color that is another sign you may have an infection.
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Avatar m tn The characteristic symptom of trichomoniasis infection is a heavy, frothy, yellow-green, fishy-smelling discharge from the vagina. The infection can also cause discomfort during sex, vaginal itching, pain when passing urine and occasionally stomach pains. Diagnosis can be confirmed only after pelvic examination and swab samples of the discharge and cervix swabs.Treatment depends on the same.
Avatar f tn Before using the Monistat, I did not have the yellow green discharge. Today is the second day and I now have this yellow green discharge.
Avatar f tn Hi Im 20 year old and I have yellow green discharge without smell im so worried about that is that normal?first my discharge is look like cottage cheese I go to OB Already they said i have yeast infection they gave me vaginal table for 6 days after the medication my discharge become liquid then turns to yellow green color. Please help me i need a best answer to this problem.
Avatar m tn it became itchy and when i checked my underwear, it had a yellow-green discharge in it... and the symptoms showed-up after 2weeks when i had intercourse. please help.
Avatar m tn I have noticed today that i have green/yellow do you cure it without going to the doctor? i have no insurance so what is the quickest and easiest way to cure it?
Avatar n tn However, several weeks ago I developed a bad sinus infection and along with it I started to have green/yellow discharge coming out of my right eye, which has since spread to both. I was given a strong dose of antibiotics for the sinus infection along with eye drops to combat the eye infection. Unfortunately, the drops and antibiotics has not stopped the discharge from my eye(s). I have seen an eye doctor and he said I don't have an eye infection.
Avatar f tn m14,andimhavingyellow/greenishdischarge,andithasaweirdsmell.Iamsexuallyactive,andobirthcontrol,butiveonlyhadsexafewtimes,andwithpartnersiknowthatdonthavediseases..Ineedhelp.I'mscared,andcluelessonwhattodo.Comment/reply,please!
Avatar m tn ok ive been having a vaginal discharge for over a month now, i thought it was nothing..... then it went from white to yellow then from yellow to green and there is a very strong odour too..... before this happened i had, had with someone and a week or to it popped up.... i have been tested but am still waiting for the results but am curious t o see what it could be??
Avatar f tn Hi ladies I've been having a lot of discharge, sometimes it's white and gooey other times it has a tint of yellow/green I've noticed it on my panty liner. Are any of you experiencing this and what is it?
Avatar f tn So I've been having this yellow-green discharge today... It started after I had sex with my husband. Is that sign off infection?