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Avatar f tn This I can deal with, as I already have for years but the part that worries me is that for the last year I have been getting tingling down my bum and the backs of my thighs every time I get a yeast infection after sex. My family doctor hasn't seemed overly concerned and said it just nerve damage from the reoccuring yeast infections. I didn't think anything of it until a nurse friend suggested it sounded like prodrome symptoms.
Avatar n tn If oxistat is the right medicine, when can i expect relief? This has been going on too long! 3. How did I get a yeast infection? 4. About 1 week ago I started to notice sone red bumps, like pimples between my upper thighs and scrotum. Is this related?
Avatar n tn Hmmm, this could be anything from a bacterial infection to an STD you need to see a doctor asap to have this diagnosed.
Avatar n tn It's been a month and a half since my last treatment... and it seems to me the yeast infection is coming back again... I am reddish between my thighs and vagina... and inside my vaginal lips... and down the middle crack on the outside of my vagina. I don't understand.. i don't feel itchy?? HOwever, for the past week i've been having severe pain in my abdomen.. similar to the pain of the 2nd day treatment during my yeast infection...(daggar like, tightening of abdomen)...
Avatar f tn Yes Nystatin is used to treat fungal infections such as yeast. Yes antibiotic can lead to a yeast infection because they kill off the good bacteria as well as the bad. There are bacteria in our bodies that keep things like yeast under control. When we get rid of those bacteria, the yeast can grow unchecked and lead to a yeast infection. Yeast infections like warm moist places. Inside skin folds is a perfect environment for them.
Avatar f tn in regards to the medication only getting rid of the yeast infection temporarily that depends on ur body the medication the doctor gives you will treat and get rid of whatever you have going on and then it's up to you to take precations to avoid yeast infections but chances are you'll get another one bacteria in the vagina is funcky and can be offset by a lot of things some steps you can take to avoid yeast infections: avoid milk and sugary things while you have a yeast infection and alchol i
Avatar n tn umm i think its yogurt that is good during a yeast infection, well i think to prevent yeast infections soemhting ot do with the bacteria inn it......yours doesn't sound like it's that bad for now,,,although i would be concerned with the itching...i had a prescription with mine,,,,these little egg like things to put inside and they dissolve inside and after taking the third one,,,its all over and done with....
Avatar m tn I am currently on a low sugar diet also. I developed this yeast infection 2 days after taking Augmentin for a sinus infection. I still can't believe I'm going through this. My heart goes out to anyone that has to suffer with a constant or reoccuring yeast infection.
Avatar n tn On the inner thighs, near the groin, I have a browish, scaly rash. I dont know if this is jock itch, or a yeast infection. What can I use to get rid of it?
Avatar m tn I've looked up pics online and it looks like balanitis, but the white heads, which I never got before, make me nervous. I've showed this to docs in the past who said it was a yeast infection, and it has always cleared up with an anti-fungal, but I went to a new doc to get a swab done to make sure, and he said it was herpes. I have had this problem since before the last time I was tested negative for herpes, so I was doubtful, but he was certain it was.
Avatar n tn Okay,I'm back and I've been reading and researching on male yeast infections and I didn't think they we're possible. But anyways the tip of my penis is red and I have a rash on it and I itch a lot in the buttocks area,also my scrotum is red and my upper thighs tend to be red a lot I also have slight discharges every now and then.I think I got it from masturbation bc I was going like 3 times a day now I've stopped and I was wondering is this a yeast infection or something else?
Avatar n tn This is the first time I have had thrush that I have had to go to the Dr to seek a Dr advice because it is extremely itchy and red on my vagina and on my inner thighs. The medication has been working but I am now concerned that the redness is not going away. Its been 1 week. How long should I wait before the redness goes away until I go back to the Dr? Im also susceptible in hyper-pigmentation after cuts and grazes and worried that my skin will turn darker in these areas the longer it is there.
Avatar m tn Let me describe me my present penis condition! am under going yeast infection medicines for 1 month consulting a Dermatologist! When i pull out the fore skin of my penis i find some blackish or reddish colour changes!! and also at the end of the penis shaft there is violet colour changes and it disappears when i put medicines and apply anti fungal cream! only during the night time it seems to be colour changing!! Is it only yeast infection or any other bacterial infected??Please help me!!
Avatar n tn I went back to the doctor and he did not test for yeast infection but gave me 1 150mg of flucozane for yeast infection. I have recently finished a third dosage and it one dosage is suppose to clear it up. However it hasn't really done anything at all. I do not have a rash or any redness anywhere in my generals. Also, I have noticed with this episode and my first one that a couple of times in the night i would wake up scratching my chest, but no visible signs of anything.
Avatar m tn After about 3 months I did a bit of research and realised I had a yeast infection but I was still too embarrassed but I found canesten so I used that but nothing happened and I even tried garlic cloves and inserting a tampon with natural plain yogurt but still no results.
Avatar n tn it hasnt spread beyond that area, and its like a discoloration with small, almost miniscule red spots that appear and disappear randomly. i had sex with my ex girl friend while she had a yeast infection, could i have gotten a yeast infection from her? and if so, would that be the cause of the rash?
Avatar m tn A week or so later my prescription was out and the infection had left my groin area but spread to the backs of my upper thighs (on the left side more so than the left). I got a tube of lotrimin after the Econazole was out and recently just finished it. Now the infection is worse than ever (aside from not being in my groin or stomach area) and there's a patch on my left underarm. I also feel it coming to my elbows and the backs of my left calf.
Avatar m tn Hello hun, honeslty i truly do not believe thr it is a yeast infection, especially for eight years. If it was a yeast infection you would have a yellowish or other than cream colored discharge, itchiness of the actual vagina, not the bumps and you would, as a lot of people do have burning of the vagina as well. Im not too sure how this would qualify for a yeast infection and they should have done a pap smear at the gyno n tested u for a yeast infection, not just tell u to use monistat.
Avatar n tn All summer, even before I slept with this person I had something like a cut on my inner labia, as well as symptoms of a yeast infection. It went away for a while but tended to remain there. It was somewhat uncomfortable, but I was not close to any kind of doctors to get it checked out. I slept with someone a week or two ago and it was painful, and started exhibiting the signs of a vaginal yeast infection a day or so later.
Avatar n tn I was also concerned with the antibiotics because overuse of them can sometimes can lead to a yeast infection. The red blotches are minor but when I play sports there is a minor disturbance on the feel but nothing visible on the skin. I know I pay too close attention to it and it could be just psychological. I probably wont see a dermatologist anytime soon as my insurance is already unhappy with all my treatments and testing which should be fun to pay.
1142929 tn?1271626435 The stories are all very similar, and usually begin with a UTI or a yeast infection. I wish I knew exactly what is going on with these ladies and how to cure it, because it is SO common! One thing I have told many women and it seems to help--the doctor who said DONT take any more medicine is right. What you need to do now, is to let your body heal and restore its natural balance. I encourage women to use probiotics and/or yogurt with live cultures of lactobacillus.
Avatar f tn If this wass a yeast infection on my thighs would i be able to see it? oh i also had a bit of burning around my lips as well. Because of the symptoms I have been using zinc oxide on my thighs and even put it around my lips.. My lips seem to feel better but my thighs-not at all. the burning on my vagina is mild and does not really itch. I dont really notice too much discharge but my period also just ended so it may be too soon to tell..
Avatar n tn Also on the pubic hair part i have a white rash, it's dry and doesnt itch. On both my inner thighs the rash is dark brown. i dont know if this is an STD. i havent been sexually active in almost a year and i got this rash about 4 months ago. i also think it could be jock itch, or a yeast infection. right now i dont have money to go to the doctor, so any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn i been dateing this guy for three years and he the only one ive had sex with well any way ive been iching really bad on the sides thighs close to my private and there a little discharge. i think it can be a bateria infetion cause fromm him mot cleaning himself well plus he has the extra skin on his penis.there no bumps or smell.
918486 tn?1274226278 I have red pust pimples all over my arms stomache and lower thighs but on my upper left thigh i have a really big red angry looking rash that i think it might be a yeast infection i dont know what they are i have never had yeast infection or poison ivy before they both keep spreading and they itch really bad and the anti itch power i got for my thight isn't working.
Avatar n tn A few days after the incident, my vagina itched very badly, and was just very raw. My dr told me it was a skin irritation/ yeast infection, and gave me cream and a pill, which cleared it up. However, I have since broken out all over thighs, and they look like zits. They do not itch, just hurt. I squeezed one, and just puss came out. I am also a bigger girl, so i'm not sure if they developed as a result of my thighs rubbing together.
Avatar f tn Yes I went today and doc checked out and cultured it. It is definitely a yeast infection on diflucan and inserting monistat 7 and taking lactobicillus acidophilus. Also soaking in epsom salt to relieve itching soreness and swelling.
Avatar m tn hello since before christmas 2010 i have had a problem with my penis (glands,top) , non itching , or burning it is always red around the top of penis and the crease that goes to pee hole lol, after intercoarse or masterbation and if i have long showers , and sometimes after a sweaty sleep , altho it is in most cases its always red and inflammed looking it mostly after activities , i had seen my doctor twice the first time he told me to take monostate or similier cream witch i did and nothing r
Avatar n tn when i was prescribed my antibiotic my doctor told me about this and told me that yogurt has avtive bacteria that help relief the symptoms of yeast infection.. if you even research on the internet you will find some info on this, and it actually works.. try also eating plenty of yogurt if you dont like the idea of putting yugurt on your vagina.i think you also said that you use baby wipes. if they have perfume in them it could cause itching.. it sucks to have this..