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Avatar n tn After being put on antibiotics for strep throat, bronchitis, and a bad bladder infection I ended up with a yeast infection(which is common on certain antibiotics) During the treatment of my yeast infection I had sores on the inside of my vagina from scratching so bad, Then a little bump (with no head or anything) appeared on my clitorous, making it so sore to touch. Again I am assuming that it was a little tear from scratching.
Avatar f tn Except I'm seventeen and didnt have the bumps on the inside though. Sex was really painful and then I had a yeast infection which was extremely painful....then I noticed these two cuts right where you described them. I have a doctors appointment soon, and I havent had sex in three weeks because the last time I did, my boyfriend and I were shocked to see soo much blood come outt of this little cut. Does anyone know what this is? It is not an STD, but is it related to my yeast infection?
Avatar f tn Seemingly overnight, largish white bumps (many) have popped up on my outer lips. They don't hurt, the only reason I noticed them was because my underwear seemed to irritate the area a little. Of course I got freaked out, so I've been doing a bunch of research... a lot of the pictures & articles are about tiny white bumps like pimples, but these are large, like pea sized. They're flat & smooth. I am 20 years old, and have had sex with 3 men.
Avatar f tn Yes Nystatin is used to treat fungal infections such as yeast. Yes antibiotic can lead to a yeast infection because they kill off the good bacteria as well as the bad. There are bacteria in our bodies that keep things like yeast under control. When we get rid of those bacteria, the yeast can grow unchecked and lead to a yeast infection. Yeast infections like warm moist places. Inside skin folds is a perfect environment for them.
Avatar m tn Eventually the itching went away but I was still left with a smelly discharge, probably about 1 month ago my inner thighs and outer lips started to get itchy and ended up getting a rash kind of thing I have just started to use canesten (that cured skin infections) and I can see improvement (but I still have smelly discharge) but now I have two bumps on each side of my outer lips and they are quite painful and I can see them, they are a wee bit red too and it's kind of painful, I noticed them af
Avatar f tn On top of that, I have about 5 bumps on my outer lips, but on the inner side of them. They look like pimples, and they hurt to touch. Is this normal? I'm thinking about it being an STD, but I haven't had unprotected sex in about a year and a half, and this has never happened before. I'm just really scared.
Avatar n tn Also, a yeast infection can cause what seems like a bad case of acne wherever the infection is. The bumps many of you have been experiencing can just be cause by over active yeast in your system. Try eating more yogurt with active cultures in it and see your doctor. Everyone, even infants get thrush infections.
Avatar f tn With my last two periods I have had symptoms similar to a yeast infection but they have gone away as my period ended. There has been a rash that is really itchy and discharge that is whitish and thick. All research I have done says it's either yeast infection or herpes. I have only had sex with my husband but have messed around with one other guy that there was some genital contact but it was 3 and half years ago. Both times (my last two periods) the problem has gone away on its on.
Avatar n tn If you have vaginitis the creams for a yeast infection will make it worse. It is not an STD, it is similar to yeast infection and is brought on by a change in the normal ph. The symptoms are very similar. One thing she had was very swollen vaginal lips. She said it looked like a strawberry. Unfortunately there is no over-the-counter cure for vaginitis. You will need to get a prescription from the doctor. Good Luck!!
Avatar n tn Hey ladies...I had this problem, let it go too long, and ended up with a nasty yeast infection, cuts on the clitoris and perineum(in between anus and vagina), and a fungal infection in the area a thong would cover. Got blood tested just in case...found out yesterday that I DO NOT have herpes.....if you are half the paranoid, hypochondriac I am, go get tested for the peace of mind. Mine was just the mother of all yeast infections! Oh yea...make your partner get blood tested too!
Avatar n tn They are located in the hairy spot running along my lips on both sides. My lips are extremely itchy- to the point of bleeding because I scratch so much. My last sexual encounter was July 18 where I had protected (condom) vaginal intercourse. I don't think this started immediately after that encounter, but I don't remember having this problem before it either. Any thoughts on what this could be? Is this serious?
Avatar m tn I have the red lines on both sides between the inner and outer lips of my vagina. Sadly I have to go to bed. But its gotten so bad I cant even sit with my legs closed now. Panties hurt, pants hurt, its winter so I can't wear skirts. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I also went and got the monistat ovules (3 day) for a yeast infection. After that, I did see what normally looks like a yeast infection. However, the bottom of the outer lips are still worrying me... I kept using the cream, and the blistering has gone away. But it's discoloured (I'm black, so it looks white like dry skin), and has spread from my left labia mj., under the vaginal hole, to the right one. It also has spread to the bottom of my labia minora.
Avatar f tn (btw I was extremely dehydrated and felt completely worn out and terrible while taking this) By day 10 I couldnt take the metro pills any more because I had developed what I think was a yeast infection (looked more like dry dough on the outer parts of my vagina- didnt look like cottage cheese). I reported my symptoms to her and she prescribed mure fluconazole 2 doses, on day 1 and again 3 days later.
Avatar n tn I went to the hospital today because I have a burning sensation and pain that comes and goes on my right side of my outer lip on my vagina and the doctor told me it sounds like the first symptoms of herpes but I don't have any bumps or sores so then I went to another doctor and she said I have vaginitis and not to worry about it being herpes because if I have been having this pain for three days now then I should have a bump or blister by now but she also said to get a blood test if I wanted to
Avatar n tn Hey everybody, I got the same stuff on my lips as everyone of you mentioned above. Actually, it got even worse, it spread out on bottom of my nose, and lately I got blisters on top of my hand. I went to the doctor and she said: "POISON IVY". I told her that I wasn't doing anything outdoor before the bumps pop up. She said that could take 2-3 weeks to develop. I wasn't sure that she was right, but I remembered couple weeks ago I did remove some crawling plant off of my house.
Avatar n tn I came home with a fungal infection on my nipples and under my breasts, along with peeling lips! After 2 months I have finally rid the infection on my nipples, however under my breasts along the bra bone line is still VERY itchy despite using Loprox cream and bactoderm. My lips are the biggest issue, I have seen 3 Dr.s and one dermatologist (twice). My lips when it first began were itchy and had little white bumps along the top of my upper lip and bottom middle of my lower.
Avatar n tn I feel very emarrassed about this but a few ours ago my vaginal lips were itch on the outer side I thought this was due to pubic hair that had grown after shaving so after about an hour of really bad iching I shaved agian although that did calm it down I noticed my right lip was a little swollen then just minutes there im shocked to notice its 3x the size, it is swollen right to the back and as im a petite woman it really dose stand out.
Avatar f tn Recently I've formed paper like cuts on the left side between my inner and outer vaginal lips and on my cliterous. The cuts are ok until I touch or wipe down there. There is also a little rash that dissapears then reappears. I'm really scared. I have no idea what is going on. Someone please help me!!
Avatar n tn It is located under my pubic hair at the top of my outer vaginal lips. The tear bled a small amount but I saw no other fluid. I have no other tears in or outside of my vagina. I'm wondering if this tear closely resembles a herpes lesion or if it sounds more like something that would be caused by a severe yeast infection? I would get the tear swabbed and cultured, but it tends to start healing fairly quickly... Any info is greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn i'm 15 years old, iam not and never have been sexually active in any way, nobody has ever touched me down there. but i have this annoying itching reddness on my outer vaginal lips. it itches mostly when i'm walking and running, and looks almost like a rash but it's not raised, then today one really soar spot on it began bleeding. please help, i'm scared.
Avatar n tn Does this sound more like herpes or a yeast infection? Can an untreated yeast infection last this long? Anyone with a similar experiece? I know I should have already seen a doctor but it's easy to put off when you have no insurance. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn what are the causes of the swollen painful bump on th vagina lips,it really hurtful,cant walk,sit.what are th possibl medication?
Avatar n tn I got tested for Genital herpes which came out negative, but I have been looking online and alot of people say that many people get a misdiagonosis of Herpes as a Yeast infection. That is when I was diagonosed with a yeast infection (Papsmear and they found alittle Yeast). I've been lost ever since the Middle of November because this is when it seems to have been happening!
1321988 tn?1274512481 A few months ago I began getting a very persistent itch on my outer lips. That is the only symptom. No discharge, odor change, pain when urinating. I have tried yeast infection medication just in case. There was no change. The itch will become unbearable and I am worried I will perm. scar myself from itching in my sleep.
Avatar f tn It doesnt burn and hardly itches and iv applied apple cider vinegar, peroxide and a anti-fungal cream my OBG/YN gave me to treat mild yeast infection on the outer lips. I get tested 2-3 timz a year for STD's and so far iv came out negative. I dont know what it could be becuase 3 dasy ago my partner showed me what looked to be the same thing that he contracted on his penis. I need to know whats wrong and if its contagious.
Avatar f tn Sorry, how about the vaginal infection? Can I use an antifungal cream for it too?
Avatar f tn This itchiness increased to the point that it was unbearable. During that time, I tried taking yeast infection meds, but that didn't work. On Aug. 29th, I noticed 2 large bumps under the skin near my anus. They were not itching, but were painful only when I pressed on them. On Aug. 31st, I saw a doctor. She wasn't sure what it was, but she took a culture for yeast and did a test for STDs.