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Avatar n tn and, my mother informed me that when she used to have her period she ALWAYS had a vaginal yeast infection...could i be having the same thing but its with my nipples? the doctor also said my ducts could have clogged but ive never breast feed!!!
2020005 tn?1476662562 I also am worried Chloe will develop thrush in her mouth or a yeast infection vaginally, I know her diaper rash is yeast infection related because it won't go away with antibiotic ointment (nystatin). Does she have to be treated with antibiotics as well?
809236 tn?1280609758 Hi all, I actually stopped pumping for my baby (had a preemie, so I could only pump) 3 months ago because I got a yeast infection on my nipples and it was so extremely painful and so difficult to get rid of that I couldn't take it anymore. I tried EVERYTHING to remedy it, and finally thought that killing my milk supply was the only thing that I could do. Unfortunately, however, it looks like I sacrificed my milk for nothing because I STILL can't get rid of the yeast.
Avatar f tn Sometimes you can get a yeast infection on your nipples. They would be itchy and have a whitish look to them. Antibiotics can give you yeast infections... maybe that could be it...?
4654179 tn?1382646814 Is it possible you have thrush (yeast infection) on them? Thrush will cause white stuff to stick to a baby's mouth so I imagine it could cause your nipples to become white too.
182352 tn?1231187010 Have you thought of any kind of thrush giving you problems? In other words, you might be getting a yeast infection on the nipple from the baby's mouth? I would check with a lactation consultant to see if this is a possibility and what else she might recommend, before I'd give up on one side. Good luck!
231441 tn?1333896366 The previous dosage regime didn't work - I guess there is a faint hope that it may work if repeated - but definitely this is resistant if there is still vaginal yeast infection after 4 'one-shot' doses now. At least if there is bacterial infection as well the pap will pick it up. I have followup for the pap with my Obe next week (I will call to make sure she is in before I go).
Avatar f tn Could be thrush, a yeast infection, or a clogged duct. Try soaking face downward in the bath, and then using a Q-tip on the ends to see if any waxy substance comes off, and if nothing like that is seen, check in with your doctor.
Avatar n tn Vaginal yeast infections are caused by Candida albicans, which, along with a few types of bacteria, are normally present in relatively small numbers in your crotch. sometimes the yeast multiplies rapidly and takes over, causing a full-fledged yeast infection, or, in the heart-warming terminology of the medical establishment, candidiasis or monilia. this can be due to a change in the vaginal environment, injury, sexual transmission, or HIV.
Avatar n tn sounds as if it may be a yeast infection of some kind to me .
Avatar n tn I got tested for Genital herpes which came out negative, but I have been looking online and alot of people say that many people get a misdiagonosis of Herpes as a Yeast infection. That is when I was diagonosed with a yeast infection (Papsmear and they found alittle Yeast). I've been lost ever since the Middle of November because this is when it seems to have been happening!
188576 tn?1287722662 You might have a yeast infection in your breasts. Check your baby's mouth if there is white it could be thrush and you both will have to be treated. After 24 hours of treatment my nipples stopped burning. Before I used gel soothers I put in the fridge. The cool gel helped tremendously.
152339 tn?1189759427 I read that if you suddenly develop sore nipples after weeks or months of successful feeding, it is usually thrush (a kind of yeast infection). Apparenly, according to "The Nursing Mother's Companion", by Kathleen Huggins, R.N., M.S., a book which you should all get if you don't have it, when you have symptoms like shiny, reddened, swollen, tender, and cracked nipples and it develops after months of feeding successfully it is usually thrush.
231441 tn?1333896366 So question - could all this be due to systemic yeast infection? What do I do? Fill in Dr says it can't be yeast because my nipples are only red, not cracked and with white curd discharge (though there is curd like particles to be seen in the breast milk that I exress) and refuses to treat! I don't know when my usual Obe is back. At least she knows my history and I think she might be more able to help. I would try to see her if things get worse.
262365 tn?1268511868 I googled Mastitis as I was told by her having thrush and me breastfeeding that I for certain also had contracted yeast onto my nipples. About two days ago it felt like a ton of bricks had fell onto me, I am having body aches, tender breast/nipples fever and chills. I phoned the dr and was told more that likely I have Mastitis, antibio was phoned in for me also. I know that you can get this infection from blocked ducts, but is it possible to contact it via thrush from my little one?
Avatar f tn I think you are likely to have irritation or eczema, not yeast or fungus. The nipples were most likely eczema too. These symptoms do not suggest warts, Hepatitis C, or lichen sclerosus. There is no reason for you and your husband to avoid sex or to postpone having a child. Your husband's rash is not related to yours. Please see a dermatologist, who is likely to help establish the diagnosis and recommend treatment. Thank you. Dr.
Avatar f tn It hasn't ever bothered me but I was reading in a pregnancy book where it said you can get a yeast infection on your breast and if you do breast feed w/ out treating the condition it can give your baby thrush... Now idk if the yellow scab things ARE yeast infections but its something to think about! I'm thinking its a little milk that dries yp but I'm going to ask the dr. I am NOT a breast feeding mother!
631676 tn?1333721803 Or it could be a yeast infection on your nipples too. If you were to have a yeast infection (thrush) baby would also have it and you would see white stuff in the mouth that doesn't wipe off. Sorry to throw so many possibilities at you.
Avatar f tn As a result I've had a yeast infection since November. The itching has ceased completely, but I have yeast discharge inside my vagina, and little balls of yeast on the outside of my vaginal area. I have taken diflucan pills, terconazole internally as a suppository, and clotrimazole lotion externally, but the infection persists. Any suggestions?
124958 tn?1223950159 It could be a yeast infection on your nipples. If it was a clogged duct it would be a large hard painful lump. A yeast infection on your nipples is painful when you nurse or pump. You can also get little bumps that look like a heat rash.
1332690 tn?1292527044 But I wanted to tell any ladies out there, if you have cracked sore nipples due to bad latch or even yeast infection, please ask your doctor to prescribe you some Newmans nipple cream (triple nipple ointment) I have only been using it a day and I can already feel that it is healing me. I tried everything possible before this and nothing worked. I highly reccomend it.
4438923 tn?1354771782 The symptoms I've encountered this far is nipple tenderness (not breast), period like cramps, bloating, tiredness like I want to sleep all the time which is impossible because I am a Jr Biology undergrad student, and sometimes I feel sick but I can never throw up. I also noticed that I got a yeast infection, I usually get a minor yeast infection before my period so it's regular, it's just abnormal to get a yeast infection and not have my cycle.
Avatar f tn A couple of days later, I had a tremendous amount of discharge that resembled a yeast infection (it was white and clumpy). I started using Terazol and put tea tree oil around the pubic area to sooth the itch. A day later, the discharge was thick and yellow (some odor) and I had very sensitive and sore inner thighs. The next day, there were traces of green in the discharge. I noticed this late Friday, when my general practitioner's office was closed (all weekend).
Avatar f tn Moreover, to soothe the pain, I cleaned it using water with apple cider vinegar and then apply some coconut oil because I suspected it to be a fungal/yeast infection caused by candida, or a nipple thrush, even if I'm not lactating (based on my research, possible to have it even for non-lactating women). Then on the 27th, I felt better with the help of that coconut oil but the pain is still there and it's manageable. And then I noticed white bumps.
7677085 tn?1395377675 Yeast infection (in your vag) just after giving birth is probably excruciating! And you can get them on your nipples too, and your baby can get a yeast infection in his/her mouth. This can cause some problems with breastfeeding, especially if you've never breastfed before!
Avatar n tn For a couple of years I have had some kind of fungal infection on the nipples of my breats. I went to the Doctor who said it was candida/thrush after doing a swab test and she prescribed a cream. But that does not seem to help. This problem is especially bad in my right nipple which is often inverted after a shower and I wonder if this is what is causing the yeast to promulgate, because of the warm, wet environment.
Avatar n tn Why does my vagina itch so much? I have thought before that it was a yeast infection, but it comes back repeatedly. My doctor checked me for stds a month ago and i had negative results.
1395422 tn?1308019851 If your having pain in your nipples like shooting pain or pins and needles it could be a yeast infection in your breasts. I've had a couple in the last 14M of breastfeeding. It's painful but with treatment clears right up Call your Dr.