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Avatar n tn If you keep getting yeast infections, you probably have a systemic yeast infection. Garden of Life Fungal Defense is the best yeast detox on the market in my opinion. One bottle is a 2 week detox. Just follow the directions and drinks LOTS of water.
Avatar n tn I took an std test for chlamydia and gonnorea and they both came back negative but the doctor gave diflucan thinking it might be a yeast infection. It worked for about a week and then the burning came back. The doctor then gave me doxycycline( 10 days 2 pills easch day) and said that this should work. It works a little but he said it might take a week and its been six days. I have a couple of questions. 1.
Avatar n tn it's not necessarily yeast, it could be Erythrasma (bacteria) Antibiotics do foster yeast infections, it's called Antibiotic candidiasis (also known as "Iatrogenic candidiasis") is a Candidal infection caused by antibiotic use.[1]:311 Antibiotic candidiasis can result from overuse or over-prescription of broad-spectrum antibiotics[2] (such as oxytetracycline commonly used for the control of acne).
Avatar n tn There is no reason for you to suppose you are infected or have any problem related to her infection. There is no such thing as BV in men, thus no diagnosis for it in men. In women, the diagnosis is based on a combination of clinical findings and microscopical tests; there is no single test for it. I already told you above that doxycycline would have cleared up chlamydia (for sure) and gonorrhea (probably) if that were your partner's underlying problem.
Avatar n tn I have been through the unbelievable embarasment with filling prescriptions, because unfournutley for men there is no prescription yeast infection medicine specificly for me. I have had to take difilucin 3 different times and it didn't work and everytime I had to pick this up I have eithier had to convince them that it is ok for me to take and maybe make a joke like " last time I checked I didn't have a vagina.
Avatar n tn After some reading I am supposing this is Balainitis caused some infection. I went to a Urologist where I am currently working. After looking but without testing for STD´s he claimed I did not have an infection. Unfortunately, I was applying an anti-bacterial cream to keep the Balanitis down, with the cream symptoms are barely visible. My wife of all this and we will test when we get back at home in September. He did an ecography on penis, testicles and prostata and diagnosed prostatitis.
Avatar m tn I went to the STD clinic together with my girlfriend and we got checked for Gono, Chlam, Syph and HIV. Our test came back negative. Later in the year my gilrfriend got checked out at the clinic for Gon Chla, Syph, and everything was negative then we stopped using condoms a few times . She was at the end of her period and she told me she still had a little spotting. We had unprotected sex and the next day I felt a little tingle but nothing really.
Avatar n tn ), but infection still present. Had rashes 3 weeks into taking doxycycline, so its not treating infection (few courses of sex probably irritated it). 1 week later took diflucan - No results with diflucan, rules out yeast infection? Not sure if this ties, week or so prior to symptoms girlfriend did have a throat infection. Had unprotected sex and oral sex where she needed antibiotics to cure it – could this have passed anything on to the penis?
Avatar n tn When I returned to the states I developed a mild yeast infection after intercourse—this infection just keeps coming back. Now my boyfriend has prostatitis—likely linked to the yeast. He informed me that he ex-wife used to get yeast infections all the time. I never had a yeast problem before, despite ejaculatory sex and b.c. pills with my ex-fiancé. Could my new boyfriend have been carrying yeast from his ex and passing to me? Or is his prostatitis all my fault? P.S.
Avatar n tn They called and said I had a VERY bad yeast infection. This time I started feeling similar to the last time. By day 3 I was swollen and red again with mild itching and a white/clear stretchy discharge. I have been with a new partner since Nov. 2005 and these problems have started since then. I seem to be irritated down there almost always after we have sex. Do you think maybe it's his body chemistry that isn't mixing well with my "inside"?
Avatar f tn Have you looked into it being a yeast infection? Yeast infections in men can mimic some of the symptoms of herpes, particularly the blotches on the tip of your penis. I was put on fluconazole, and the redness started to fade. Still there, so now I'm trying monistat.
Avatar f tn I check my temp when I get these episodes and its perfectly normal. I do not have a infection or am not sick. Im not even in a cold environment. Everyone around me is not cold. Its the weirdest thing, and I cant find a answer for it. Its like my body is messed up and sending these chills for no reason. Please help.
Avatar n tn is often used in the UK to mean yeast infection in general, whereas on this side of the Atlantic we tend to use thrush to mean oral infection only. It wasn't always that way; the change in the US seems to have evolved in connection with awareness of oral yeast as a possible indicator of AIDS. (There is nothing in your situation that raises HIV/AIDS concerns.) Whether yeast causes urethritis in men also is subject to differences of opinion on each side of the Atlantic.
Avatar m tn She may have had a yeast infection, though so mild she didn't know. Men are susceptible to yeast infections too. It is not an std so do not worry. It is actually a normal though annoying infection that can occur. Taking antibiotics would make it worse as they kill the natural bacteria that balance with the yeast in our bodies. Talk to your doctor about fungal infection...see what they say. Why you were prescribed doxy for a rash and not other symptoms is beyond me.
Avatar m tn Gardnerella vaginitis is a common vaginal bacterial infection that affects three out of four women at least once in their lives and usually accompanies either a yeast, trichomonas or urinary tract infection. Men can be infected through sexual intercourse and can also transmit to additional partners. Read more:" Hope some of this eases your mind some.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm a 27 year old female living in the UK and recently had symptoms of a yeast infection. I was tested and my results came back positive for the yeast infection and I was treated with fluconazole. Symptoms went away after four days. However,the diagnosis came back positive also for ureaplasma (negative for BV and trich) for which the doctor explained to me was an STD and prescribed me for doxy twice daily for 7 days.
Avatar n tn (1) Does my case sound like a herpes infection to you? (2) could the discharge be related to my yeast? (5) what, besides herpes, could this discharge be? Thank you so much for your help.
Avatar n tn There might be a slim possibility of a yeast infection, but that's almost never a problem in men, even though antibiotics sometimes trigger yeast symptoms in women. You have not yet been treated for trichomonas, which could cause urethritis--but not blood in the urine. Except for the slim possibility of trichomonas, which you should discuss with your health care provider, you can be sure no STD is causing whatever symptoms you have now.
Avatar m tn would all these antibiotics case male yeast infection or uti? I'm still getting uretha and bladder discomfort? No discharge and no pain while urinating only before and after urination?
Avatar m tn You might find one that has miconazole in it, as that kills yeast. I wouldn't be surprised if you had a yeast infection after all those antibiotics.
Avatar m tn In our clinic, given your recurrent symptoms, you would have been treated with the alternate medication recommended for chlamydial infection (doxycycline) plus metronidazole, not just metronidazole alone because of the (unproven) possibility that you might have failed your recent treatment. Several additional thoughts arise however. First, your testing sounds unusual.
Avatar n tn Sounds most like a yeast infection, which sometimes occurs under the foreskin of uncircumcised men; many women normally carry yeasts in the vagina, so it's not an STD in the usual sense--i.e., unrelated to number of partners, new parterships, etc. But herpes also is possible.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor the very next day, Monday, and I got a urine test for urinary tract infection and also got swab for vaginal yeast infection. As of Monday I was not experiencing any pain throughout my body and started the antibiotics that the doctor prescribed for me for the UTI. Today, Thursday, the urine test came out negative for bacteria and my doctor told me to it is safe to stop the antibiotics.
Avatar f tn (3) I have protected vaginal sex and protected oral sex, fingering with a social sex worker . I taken doxycycline 1 month ago but I can't remember whether I taken dairy product., I so I'm currently taking another doses of doxycycline again then will do the test. I've HIV negative at week 7, chlamydia positive at week 11. Others are all negative at week 11. 2nd month my penile start to have a few red spots, I use steroid cream and it's gone, then it came back.
Avatar m tn How about yeast infection? Couldn't herpes be down in the urethra but not showing outside? I guess I would have seen something after this many days?
Avatar m tn Its been so long i was going to suggest a fungus or yeast infection which is common. Men can contract these from women believe it or not. If the irritation is external to your penis then has to be connected with the manual irritation or yeast.
Avatar m tn Finally use of antibiotics (you have taken several) can also predispose to yeast infection. While there are a few other processes which can mimic yeast infections (syphils/herpes) in your situation, they are most unlikely. My advice however is that it would be in your best interest to have an experienced clinician take a look. If it is a yeast infection this is easily treated. I hope this comment is helpful.
Avatar f tn Started with sore throat diarhea low fevers never over 100 white tongue that still keeps coming back. Yeast infection, Bacterial Vaginosis 2 times in May. Then my hair keeps thinning out in the front real bad. Now I have begun to notice that I have something like little round scar like spots showing up one on my knee one in my armpit and a few just spread out on my body in various places. There is a few other things i just cant think of right now Does this sound familiar to anything??
Avatar m tn I've had intense itching around my vaginal and anal area and white abnormal discharge (no odour) for the last two months. The first gyneac who saw me said it was a yeast infection and a small cut I had was just a cut and wasnt herpes at all, Then they said it was a bacterial and yeast infection combined. I later checked with a second gyneac who tested me for std's where i tested positive for chlamydia. I've been prescribed 21 days of doxycycline and I'm on day 7 but the itching still continues.