Yeast infection in little boys

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Avatar f tn Yes, it could be a yeast infection. It is possible for little girls AND boys to get them, although I do not know what causes it. You may want to take her to her pediatrician so they can properly diagnose. If that isn't possible, try some OTC cream, like vagisil and see if that clears it up.
Avatar n tn I took him to a gastrologist and he said he has yeast overgrowth. Very common in boys. We haven't gotten rid of it completely some kids always have it. What has worked for me is keeping his diet low in products containing yeast and high in good yeast, like yogurt or go to herb store and buy capsules of it to put in his food. Adding the good yeast helps get rid of the bad yeast. Secondly I use Gentian Violet a natural herb you get from the pharmacy and swab the area 2 times a day for 4 days.
Avatar n tn Did anyone know that it is common for people with diabetes to have reaccurring yeast infections. Did anyone know that people with HIV have reaccurring yeast infections. Did anyone know eating lots of pickles & pretzels can make a yeast infection worse,because they are high in yeast content themselves and breed bacteria found in reaccuring yeast infections. Did anyone know that taking antibiotics for any kind of infection will sometimes give u a yeast infection.
676912 tn?1332816151 Bubble bath's, well to many can cause a yeast infection, just like if a woman uses soap in the vagina, it can cause a chemical yeast infection and so forth. Also, make sure the undies he is wearing are rinsed well, or if you have switched detergents/body soap recently. I have to use ALL Free on my boys and on myself as we all have eczema. I too am not a HUGE fan of A&D ointment, I mainly use it on the kids for chapped lips.
Avatar n tn My daughter had a yeast infection in her butt crack. I'm sure he could get yeast or jock itch. Jock itch medicine will cure yeast too because they are both fungus.
Avatar f tn The best reason I can come up with to explain why I decided in favor is that that's what I'm accustomed to (keeping in mind that I personally don't believe that there are reasonable reasons NOT to do it.
1168718 tn?1464987135 I know that anything that messes with the nature balance of things can cause a yeast infection. I usually get a yeast infection after a round of antibiotics because antibiotics tend to kill good bacteria as well as bad. That can be one culprit. Other culprits can be hormones, diabetes, the use of prednisone, the over use of douches..just to name a few. Excessive dryness down in the nether regions can cause problems as well.
127529 tn?1331844380 I forgot to mention that you should watch Sam for signs of yeast infection now that you are on the antibiotic. About 3 days in with mine, CJ started developing yeast on his tush. I nipped it in the bud with some nystatin and it hasn't returne, but those can get out of hand quikly if not caught early!
639543 tn?1297031234 sometimes the antibiotics kill the infection but its soo irritated that it still burns and if its still irritated you may be making it worse by taking baths because water gets up in there and it could bring in more bacteria.
Avatar f tn I took her to the vet when it had started she thought it was a fungal infection and given her a steriod injection and malaseb shampoo. It still continues and she is constanlty licking her stomach. It looks like white blisters then pops into a circle, not crusty her whole belly is red. She licks her paws and anus as well, any suggestions. I feed her parina dog food not sure if this is food related? She is up to date with all her vaccines.
242516 tn?1368227505 asthma and other lung diseases or a disease that affects how your body fights infection) These are general guidelines, meant to be taken in the whole context of your health history by your doctor. Conditions that increase the risk of bacterial infection including the complication of pneumonia include the elderly or those with heart and lung disease. Another helpful reference includes the American College of Physicians, Annals of Internal Medicine, 20 March 2001, Volume 134, Number 6.
9122515 tn?1410649108 Including a bad rash I got all over my vaginal area and thighs from a cream I used to treat a yeast infection I couldn't even close my legs, preventing me from coming out my house. I have two boys which I had to stay away from most of the day because I had to stay naked as I couldn't stand anything touching my skin. I finally made it, you can too. God bless you and your precious baby who is worth all the suffering.
326352 tn?1310997895 We were thinking Lauren had thrush this weekend and are fighting the ever present vaginal yeast infection. She gets one everytime we're on an antibiotic. Strange thing is, when the regular stuff quit working, the ped doc told us to use Lotrimin which is for fungus. Never put the two together. We're using protopic now with the Hylira. The Hylira (thankfully now generic and cheap) is a goo that you put on twice a day for moisture (no steroids).
1560663 tn?1298050127 Like you all know I have 7 cats and I manage to brush them all, even if its a little bit every few days. In older cats their joints ache like ours and they have a harder time cleaning themselves, give them a little help, I use wipes that are unscented, alcohol free and are fine to use on a baby's face, nevermind spending a bunch of money on petwipes. If you have a cat that doesn't like being brushed, try and wipe their furr, that will get some of the hair.
Avatar f tn There will be two small scars not under the arm, but a little in front (where it creases). It is actually liposuctioned out. The nurse called it a breast reduction, but that was not the technical term. The Doctor explained that I may have drainage tubes for one or two weeks following the procedure to empty the drainage so there is no risk of infection. I have been told to wait until I was done having children before getting this surgery done. I'll let you know how all goes.
Avatar n tn My family thinks I am crazy, but every now and then (more often here recently) I feel or hear these little bubbles in my brain??? So am I crazy or could there be something wrong?
419158 tn?1316575204 I know Im going to have to bring him back in for this but I was wondering if anyone eles had had this problem with their boys after having a cath???? How was it "fixed""?? I guess im freaked out, the only way I can see to "fix" it would be surgery. Some how making hole larger.....................I mean he has to pee out of it so it cant just close up right??? UGH!
290867 tn?1333572878 here are a list of symptoms i've bin having Gas heartburn appetite increase,now down yeast infection at 13dpo neusea but no vomiting,jus feel like i want to. well,waiting to see what happens today.
Avatar n tn I had some irritation after sex with my fiancee, and then got a yeast infection.. One of my lymph nodes in my Pelvis became enlarged and painful.. Later, I got something that looked very similar to a canker sore.. I went strait to my gynocologist after reading horror stories online that this was def. an STD.. I got tested and it turn out it was just a small abrasion and I am totally healthy! You can get these types of sores and it can just be a common infection..
Avatar n tn READ THIS It is prostatitis (inflamed prostate). Ibuprofen (400-600mg) will reduce the inflammation. I can tell when it will happen beforehand, and take some ibuprofen over the course of a day to reduce the inflammation. Ive tried antibiotics (cipro, levaquin), as well as lots of other natural cures, and have been to countless urologists.
Avatar n tn Relieved I found you guys yet dissapointed that no cure was posted. I believe I will try DoctorSams suggestion with the ice. But perhaps a cold compress. Where I'm from there is no such thing as cold water out of a faucet. In the interest of finding the common ground I will describe my scenarios and physical characteristics. I'm 38 about 20 lbs overweight. i do not workout but use to be in construction so i am still in pretty good shape.
Avatar n tn I too have an indention in the back of my head, it is at the top and a little to the left. I started having headaches in October everyday. This is right about the time that I was laid off from my job. I noticed the indent probably about a year ago but it had never hurt and wasnt sensitive. Since October i have had the headaches and my head is very sensitive to the touch. One touch and the headaches start...
Avatar n tn I'm 39, mother of two toddlers, low blood pressure, a little overweight but in good general health. I did just start drinking more coffee though (two-three cups/day), but, I have been drinking tea for quite some time.
2020005 tn?1476662562 Well since she was an infant she's had labial adhesions, (her lady bits cover her pee hole if I don't use an estrogen cream, its common in baby girls because of diapers), at her last check up it looked wide open, so she told me it was ok to stop the cream. So i had her check it since it looked like it was closing up again, so I started the estrogen cream again.
Avatar n tn I have found from this site that it helps to read about others who have been given no hope and then suddenly everything comes together and that little heartbeat or yolk in sac in found. It helps me to stay positive about this little one. Thanks for reading...
Avatar n tn ) not painful just odd,This leg is not exactly normal as I have had cellulitis in it in the past (from a little heal crack), but I am so glad to see this is common, I was a little concerned about MS. Did anyone get a responce from MD as to what the cause is ?
907672 tn?1381029323 Then there is the possibility of beta glucan enhancing the killing power of rituximab. Glucans are found in yeast and bacteria cell walls. Leukocytes and yeast are like lions and hyenas. There is at least one study listed at - so that says there is some evidence behind it if it got that far. I haven't been much to lymphomation but I think that whole issue (of how aggressive yours is) lies at the heart of what decisions should be made.
Avatar f tn It was a very quick deal and he had no problems afterwards. Our reasoning is because my husband is and he thought it was best. Also, I know a few little boys who didn't get it done and did develop infections from not cleaning well and that was way painful, worse than being circumsized I was told.
Avatar n tn hi im 14 years old nd i hava a discoloriationin between my thighs nd near the vaginal area i am a virgin nd never had a yeast in fection im really scared bout it cuz i take 1-2 showers a day nd i dnt know wat is goin onalso on da labia nd inner labia