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Avatar n tn Hi there, I was on Lumigan for several years and developed those darkened eyes that you call panda-esque (I call them "RACCOON EYES"). After I stopped Lumigan, the dark patches gradually faded. Apparently Lumigan "stains" the skin tissues, but when you discontinue the eyedrop, the darkened areas fade. You might want to check with your own doctor to see what he or she can suggest. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Timolol is a beta blocker that is very inexpensive and works well for glaucoma BUT I use it last in my choice of the 4 times of glaucoma drops because of the potential for major side effects. It cannot be used in people with asthma or reactive airway disease, a history of slow heart rate (bradycardia) and can cause many problems like chronic cough, severe loss of energy, chronic nasal congestion (seems like sinus problem that won't go away), very cold extremeties, etc.