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Avatar f tn I've been having pain due to my wisdom teeth for the last couple of days. Have any of you gotten your wisdom teeth removed while pregnant? Ive heard the dentist can only do it if its an emergency and in about your second trimester. Im 18 weeks right now. And i wanted to see if any have gotten this done.
Avatar f tn -) I had to have my wisdom teeth removed. But since I not sure exactly what about your teeth is bothering you so much, I can't really offer much help. Care to share? I have a few great tips!!!
Avatar m tn i have recently had a wisdom tooth extraction and i am experiencing numbness in the right half of my bottom lip and chin as well pain in my teeth on that side. the oral surgeon wants me to wait a month to monitor the progress. the wisdom tooth was impacted and i have recently found out that increases the chances of numbness. needless to say i am worried about the situation especially knowing that it could possibly permanent. Is surgery to repair the nerve an option? what should i do?
Avatar n tn Post-op pain from the removal of your wisdom teeth should not last that long. When they extract the wisdom teeth, they are pretty close to a facial nerve and facial muscles, so it can very well be a problem with the muscle being damaged/torn. Though the wholes where the teeth were are usually present for a long time and can become infected. I'd talk to the oral surgeon who did the extractions. Good luck.
Avatar m tn t say for sure whether or not it was necessary because its a judgement call from the doctor on how comfortable he feels reading the 2D picture and being able to remove the wisdom teeth. There is a risk of nerve damage from wisdom teeth extractions.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have also had the same problem in the same area. As I use a partial while I'm waiting for implants to heal, I assumed this to be the problem. The metal hook above holding it was hitting on that tooth and irritating the nerve. The pain would then extend into my gums, down into the jawbone and up to my ear. After xrays to rule out anything else, a simple adjustment to my partial and bite worked for me!
Avatar n tn I have had all four of my wisdom teeth removed and my tongue remained numb for one month. I am a Dental Nurse and know that wisdom tooth removal can cause temporary or permenant numbness of the tongue due to damage to the lingual nerve. If you are concerned, I would recommend going back to see you Dentist.
Avatar n tn I have delayed this because my dentist said the the way my wisdom teeth are situated removal could cause some permanent nerve damage to my lower jaw area. I am going to my pcp on Monday again because I am disturbed about this constant pain and tremors. I was going to ask him about getting a ct scan. I had a normal dental appt on Monday but they did not do xrays just cleaning.
Avatar f tn This isn't so much a question but a follow-up of previous posts from 3 years ago regarding post wisdom tooth removal paresthesia (altered sensation) of my chin/bottom lip/bottom gums. I'm now 4 years post wisdom tooth removal and still have the paresthesia, although I believe it has diminished somewhat. Or maybe since it's been 4 years, I've just become used to it. I typically have absolutely no hope at regaining feeling at this point.
660300 tn?1224790361 Had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted 7 days ago of which 3 were impacted. My lips and chin are death numb.....Dr told me to wait 1 month.....any advise?
Avatar f tn Looked like the wisdom tooth had protruded more through my gum. Still having severe mouth and teeth pain on left side. It was hard for me to pinpoint the source. Dentist sent me to Endodontist for # 14 root canal. (jan 23, 2009) Back to dentist Jan 29, 2009, still pain. Dentist wanted to start over, back to before fillings. Drilled out all three # 15, # 14, #12. (upper left), cleaned, rinsed, put temporary fillings. Still have pain, swelling on left side. Have been weary of hot/cold.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure what my topic is .... I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled a week ago. The dentist who pulled them had me awake with local pain killers. The right two were the hardest to get out and they spent an hour extracting them. I knew when they were doing it that they were pulling fairly hard on my jaw and possibly unhinging it as I go to a chiropractor often to get my jaw aligned.
1218873 tn?1300091216 The trijeminal nerve runs along that area. I was having a lot of lower jaw pain. At the time I thought it was my tooth, which needed to come out (failed root canal - I learned the hard way that there is a reason there are specialists) but now I wonder if it was a ms symptom I had the tooth removed in february 09 and had optic neuritis in February 10 which lead to my ms dx.
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1757114 tn?1312651561 Normally people removes their wisdom teeth just for the growth for other teeth. Wisdom teeth has no function in our dental structure. So I suggest you meet your dentist to remove your wisdom teeth.
1847035 tn?1327274923 okay, so question. I need my wisdom teeth removed badly. I think my ortho should have let me remove them before I got my braces. well now no braces but bad hurting wisdom teeth. :( my question is what should I do?
Avatar n tn This is likely to be temporary as the wisdom teeth can develop close to the nerve that connects to all the lower teeth. While that area is healing the nerve can be irritated and thus giving you pain signals to other teeth in the lower jaw. You should have your surgeon/dentist check for any signs of delayed healing in the sockets and or infection.
Avatar n tn 7 years ago I was eating and bit down on my right side. A RADIATING pain shot through my jaw. I went to the dentist and had an x-ray taken. I was informed I had a "cementoma" and that it should not be causing me pain. Long story kind of short visit after visit after root canal after surgically removal of "stubby tooth" after wisdom teeth removal I am STILL having pain.
1550634 tn?1296568028 The pressure feeling may be coming from the movement of the teeth. Its normal to have some pain or discomfort from your wisdom teeth as they come out. Try some over the counter pain medication such as Tylenol or Motrin (whatever you would take for headaches that's safe for you) and see if that helps. I took my 4 wisdom teeth out with an oral surgeon and I was put asleep. Didn't remember a thing.