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Avatar n tn I didn't know I was pregnant and got my wisdom teeth removed at around 5-6 weeks. I was under IV sedation and was on loratabs for about five days. I'm currently 9 weeks and have yet to see a doctor (waiting on medicaid approval). So I guess my question is, does any body think this will severally harm my baby?
434196 tn?1206385870 No the only time I had IV sedation was when my wisdom teeth were pulled. I think the "twilight surgery" is much safer than IV and is almost identical from a patient perspective. I think it allows doctors that normally wouldn't have the facilities to support IV sedation to do a surgery in the same way. They basically handed my 4 valium and asked how I was doing. I asked for 2 more and than they started the procedure.
Avatar f tn So yesterday I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed and I was sedated with an IV. When I arrived to my appointment a nurse came in and put the oxygen tubes in my nose and hooked up my IV, but she never administered the sedation, she just got me all set up. She said the doctor would be in to talk to me before they administered the sedation, and sure enough the doctor came in shortly there after.
Avatar f tn Getting my wisdom teeth out this Friday and I'm really scared. My lower right side is impacted and growing horizontal and causing my right cheek to be a bit swollen and my neck as well. I have slight jaw and tooth pain and war paint. Dentist prescribed antibiotics for 10 days and I started the corse yesterday and going to continue it after the surgery to prevent infection. I am very scared of this procedure although so many people have gotten it done.
176495 tn?1301280412 It just depends on what teeth they are removing. If you are having some wisdom teeth pulled as well, they might do IV sedation. I would ask them. Sometimes it's difficult for the dentists to use nitrous when they are pulling so many teeth at once - because the equipment for nitrous gets in the way. I would call them and ask them what they are doing. Ask if they can do IV sedation. It's like a twilight thing similar to when you would have an endoscope or colonoscopy.
Avatar n tn I'm having my wisdom teeth out next week. The doctor said he is going to use i.v. sedation. I filled out appropriate paperwork letting them know I have recently taken klonipin which is a Benzodiazepine. I have read that most oral surgeons use Benzodiazepines for I.V. sedation.The doctor didn't mention anything about possible complications with the i.v. sedation, but do you think there could be problems ?
Avatar m tn They also stated they would not give me any IV sedation even while also knowing I successfully had IV sedation during 3 recent surgeries which I noted on my Hospital dental surgical hospital patient information forms, which I have outlined below. The Hospital Anesthesiologist stated they would use local anesthesia for the periodontal condition.
382218 tn?1341181487 Anyway, thanks all for sharing your wisdom tooth removal stories, not a MS topic but who else would I go to for advice with this learned and helpful forum available at all times? :) And the upside of the tooth extraction? Only soft foods for a couple of days. Hence, the smooth and creamy Chocolate Haagen Dazs I had for breakfast with no guilt.
Avatar n tn You would not have a breathing tube with IV sedation. It sounds like you had IV sedation and local at your oral surgeon's.
Avatar f tn I'm having my wisdom teeth out this month. I'm worried about the pain involved with this surgery as well as the iv sedation. I do not have a high pain tolerance and have been told that i will need pain medicine for the first few days. I was also told that being an addict it takes more anesthesia to get to where they want me to be. I'm vey nervous I'm fairly new to the program...Help.
Avatar f tn Is there any way you can wait? I didnt have it dont but I had a root canal and it was awful! And I remember with my wisdom teeth if it wasn't for pain killers i would have went nuts!!!!!
Avatar f tn t take any pain meds, and I was up for 3 days in excruciating pain. I had my wisdom teeth out years ago but the pain even while medicated was worse than the root canal. Put it off if you can... I think your dentist is crazy for saying he or she would do it. A wisdom tooth can wait! Don't put yourself through the misery!!
Avatar n tn Post-op discomfort after wisdom teeth removal may last weeks. Wisdom teeth are frequent occlusal interference. It's common patients feel the jaw position or bite is different after wisdom teeth removal. This is probably what you described " misaligned". If you do'nt have temporomandibular disorder, the bite will be realigned after a couple of weeks. If you do have tmd problems, seeing a tmj specialist is advised.
Avatar n tn I have afib and take sotalol and digoxin. I am scheduled to have my wisdom teeth out w/ conscious sedation. They will use either versed or propafol. My cardiologist is not concerned, nor is the oral surgeon, but I am - I have read that both of these drugs can cause palpatations. Of course, I petrified of going into afib. In 6 years I have only had 2 episodes, but I do occasionally feel missed beats..... I'm confident stress causes it - as a matter of fact, I'm positive.
1380183 tn?1279107641 I recently had my wisdom teeth removed. My mom took me to my appointment. After the removal, my mouth was bloody inside, and while I was still under the influences of the medication, I touched the inside of my mouth and got some blood on my fingers. (my mom told me i had touched the inside of my mouth when I later realized that I had some blood on my fingers). She told me that she had to help me get into the car by holding my hands and whatnot because of the medication.
Avatar f tn Any wisdom teeth experiences or words of advice would help. Also if anyone has taken halcion for wisdom teeth removal let me know.
Avatar m tn I have but mine is with any thing that is salt! i had mine taken out in 08' and they left chipped peices of tooth still in there. right afterwards well the doc said it was the stiches. well two days later i had to dig the chipped peices out! and what not!
1550634 tn?1296568028 The pressure feeling may be coming from the movement of the teeth. Its normal to have some pain or discomfort from your wisdom teeth as they come out. Try some over the counter pain medication such as Tylenol or Motrin (whatever you would take for headaches that's safe for you) and see if that helps. I took my 4 wisdom teeth out with an oral surgeon and I was put asleep. Didn't remember a thing.