Wisdom teeth removal side effects

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Avatar m tn When you go to your dentist or oral surgeon to get your examination prior to your wisdom teeth removal, I would go ahead and ask them about it and see if its a possibility. They may do an exam and feel around and see if there's something else going on as well. If everything seems normal, I'd get the wisdom teeth out and then see if the pain persists.
5789146 tn?1374290009 I got my wisdom teeth pulled, and the doctor put me on hydrocodone. I am experiencing mood swings. Is this normal?
1757114 tn?1312651561 Normally people removes their wisdom teeth just for the growth for other teeth. Wisdom teeth has no function in our dental structure. So I suggest you meet your dentist to remove your wisdom teeth.
Avatar m tn hi. i had my wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago. it was on the right side top and bottom, and both wounds have dissovable stitches. i am still finding it very painful and taking painkillers every 3-4 hours. how long will the pain last?
Avatar m tn I have had the same thing. It's been more than a year after my wisdom teeth were removed, though. Are you still having this issue?
Avatar n tn Post-op discomfort after wisdom teeth removal may last weeks. Wisdom teeth are frequent occlusal interference. It's common patients feel the jaw position or bite is different after wisdom teeth removal. This is probably what you described " misaligned". If you do'nt have temporomandibular disorder, the bite will be realigned after a couple of weeks. If you do have tmd problems, seeing a tmj specialist is advised.
Avatar f tn I think I have a wisdom tooth coming through on my top left side. It hurts and if I shine a light in my mouth I'm sure i can see the start of one coming through. I'm a 17 y/o girl. Can I get it removed without it even being fully through? Or do I have to wait? Also I don't want to be put under and I don't want laughing gas. I don't have anxiety over this, I had fillings done and I wasn't nervous at all. Can I just have the numbing stuff and be done with it?
Avatar n tn I've come to find out that my mom has a tumor where her wisdom teeth use to be. When she had her wisdom teeth pulled she developed this bump. It's not painful and looks like if one side of her gums are largely Inflamed. She's actually had this lump for about 20 years now and she never thought anything of it. Over the years it has grown slightly bigger. She is finally seeing the oral surgeon and waiting on test results.
Avatar m tn My dentist also said in my case the TMJ disorder is not too severe so he recommended me undergo the wisdom teeth removal only if the problem gets too difficult to manage. Thank you Dr.Sharma.
Avatar f tn Is there any way you can wait? I didnt have it dont but I had a root canal and it was awful! And I remember with my wisdom teeth if it wasn't for pain killers i would have went nuts!!!!!
Avatar f tn Almost 2 years ago I had my lower left wisdom tooth removed, ever since I have had problems with my jaw. My jaw now pops, clicks, grinds, and makes crunching noises as well as locks. It causes me a lot of pain at times and seems to now be very sensitive to cold weather. I also notice that when opening and closing my mouth it seems like the alignment of my jaw is wrong, the right side appears to pop out when my mouth opens and the left does not.
Avatar n tn I had a wisdom tooth & cyst removed 2 days ago (09/19/12)--left lower side. Outpt surgery under general anesthesia. The wisdom tooth was horizontal next to a cyst---the crown of the wisdom tooth was pushing against the tooth next to it. Not in to much pain, I'm taking clindamycin & oxycodone. Since the extraction, I have only taken 4 pain pills. Of course my face is still swollen, which is to be expected, but my tongue on the left side is still numb.
Avatar f tn I had my wisdom teeth and an unemerged molar surgically removed. I was having severe pain before (the teeth were still embedded in the jaw) and following surgery, I was on opioids and that really helped and that is definately not an option for you. I totally undertand with the BF and no bottle, my little one is also a breast baby although I got a strange comment from my MIL that it's bad that she doesn't like the bottle (????), I find it great that she prefers the breast.
Avatar f tn Ive had 4 epidurals and just like anything there are potential side effects which is why they make you sign the form prior. But my first was 14 years ago and I've never had a single side effect.
Avatar f tn Any wisdom teeth experiences or words of advice would help. Also if anyone has taken halcion for wisdom teeth removal let me know.
Avatar m tn I have but mine is with any thing that is salt! i had mine taken out in 08' and they left chipped peices of tooth still in there. right afterwards well the doc said it was the stiches. well two days later i had to dig the chipped peices out! and what not!
1550634 tn?1296568028 The pressure feeling may be coming from the movement of the teeth. Its normal to have some pain or discomfort from your wisdom teeth as they come out. Try some over the counter pain medication such as Tylenol or Motrin (whatever you would take for headaches that's safe for you) and see if that helps. I took my 4 wisdom teeth out with an oral surgeon and I was put asleep. Didn't remember a thing.
Avatar f tn Be absolutely certain you've gleaned all the information and knowledge available ( and there's a ton out there ) about complications that can arise from wisdom teeth extractions. Alas, I did not investigate fully ( accepting only my oral surgeons view ) and am paying the price for that neglect. There ARE other options. Interestingly enough there's even a segment of dental medicine that advocates NO wisdom teeth extractions except under the most extreme circumstances. Please...
Avatar n tn sory to be so indefinite, but it may be a sign of TMJ and it may or may not be related to the Wisdom teeth removal----- remember when those teeth are removed, your jaw is manipulated and stetched in unnatural ways to get them out. The muscles can easily go into spasm right after or a short time later.... It's odd that you were fine and then it started acting up after you are pretty much healed, but i guess it is possible.