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Avatar f tn I have braces on my upper jaw and I just got my lower wisdom tooth extracted, its been 5 days, the swelling did go down but I can notice that my face has changed. Do extraction of wisdom tooth make the face fat ? Thnk you.
Avatar n tn It sounds like maybe your jaw is a little out of alignment ,you should go back to the dentist and have him check that and check for "dry socket "try to keep food away from the extraction site.
Avatar f tn Hi, Actually, evolution has shortened the lower jaw, thereby making wisdom teeth (or the third molar) obsolete. Many people today are born without them at all. Those of us that have them, if they are crooked or impacted, it's recommended for removal. They can have a direct relationship to the alignment of your other teeth if they have no room to erupt. Not to mention the possibility of jaw bone problems with a tooth trying to erupt directly into it.
Avatar n tn I recently had my wisdom teeth out, and since then I've had tinnitus in both ears that seems to come and go but is never completely gone. I only had two wisdom teeth, both on the bottom. In the days before the surgery I had some eruption pain, and the teeth were fully impacted, and I had some mild tinnitus. However, after I got them out, the tinnitus has gotten much worse.
Avatar n tn If it's getting worse, I would go back and have them check for a dry socket. Usually the pain from an extraction will get better over time. If it all of a sudden gets worse, we always tell patients they may have a dry socket which is most common when lower wisdom teeth are extracted. It may feel like the upper jaw but this may be referred pain. I would have it checked out because they can pack some medicine in there to help it feel better.
Avatar m tn And now before I came across this I did some research about it and I have found alot of things of people having the same problems with the dislocating jaw. But my absolute main question is this due to the extraction of the wisdom teeth?? Like from opening my mouth a little too wide that they done damage??? As the surgeon said himself my teeth were the most difficult he had encountered removing.
Avatar n tn Kirsch On Nov 27 I e-mailed a question concerning a wisdom tooth extraction that has left numbness( now 8 days past surgery date) in my lower lip, teeth, and chin on the left side. I neglected to mention that my age is 60 yrs. 11 mos. How much difference should this make in the extraction decision considering also that there was no problem with the tooth at the time. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Impacted wisdom tooth might be serious at any stage, so you may consider about removal of wisdom teeth. Wisdom tooth can cause some risky dental issues such as pericoronitis, tooth decay, gum disease, periapical infection, etc. Also it can damage the structure of the jawbone. So, don’t delay and contact dentist as soon as possible. Treatment: • Extraction of wisdom tooth. • Radiotherapy. • Reconstruction surgery for impacted jawbone.
1809287 tn?1316744936 i am due to get my wisdom teeth removed in a short period of time and am considering putting it off until all this pain is gone. ive had a lot of work done on my teeth in the last month, including root canals and even another extraction, all of which went by smoothly and the healing process was quite fast, however, this time around, it is becoming unbarable. i find myself in tears after hours of constant pain. i would love some answers. please help!
Avatar m tn I have been suffering with a pain in the left eye cheek and jaw for the last 25 years. I just been for a private consultation and told I have to live with the pain. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Tempoporamandubluar joint disorder. I would be grateful if anyone has experienced a similar problem and would be grateful for any help from anyone who is experiencing similar problems...
Avatar n tn After a week on mine I can now pretty much chew soft things such as cake if I take it slow. Anyways my symptoms were pulsating pain in my jaw acompanied with excessive swelling and a lingering fowl taste. You may want to insist on your dentist if he blows things off I'd suggest getting looked at by another dentist.
Avatar n tn I now am off of my pain meds and over the past couple of nights the bump as slowly started to gravitate up my lower right jaw line toward the back of my jaw. The swelling around it is gone but it is still hard as my elbow and tender if you put to much pressure on it. I can't open my mouth all the way, in fact I'm lucky to be able to open it wide enought to get two finger widths in or my toothbrush. The extractions seem to be healing great and the stiches are coming out now.
Avatar f tn You can get nerve pain from teeth extractions. There is another injury board where people post from dental injuries and one of the "common" ones is from wisdom teeth extraction. It appears the longer you wait the higher the risk of nerves being intertwined with the tooth. Did the pain start shortly after the tooth extraction?
Avatar f tn Your headache is more than likely due to the extraction of your wisdom teeth. Your jaw was open extra wide, and the muscles leading from there to your head could be spasming or understandably sore.
Avatar m tn Dear Patient Yes, if you do have TMJ dysfunction extraction of the wisdom teeth could exacerbate the problem. Let the oral surgeon know, sometimes they will use a prop which will allow you to bite on it and at the same time not have you stretch to far open. Secondly the x-ray you had done probably was a Panorex x-ray which I would not consider as a proper x-ray for diagnosing TMJ dysfunction. In order for a proper diagnosis of your TMJ condition I would recommend seeing a TMJ expert.
Avatar m tn The strange thing is that it has been 4 months since the last extraction and now the teeth next to the extraction sites are hurting just like the previously removed teeth but they too look normal and my gums look healthy. I still feel run down but I can take a simple antibiotic (such as a 5 day Z-Pak) and I feel VERY energetic again but it only lasts for about 2 weeks tops.
1700643 tn?1464846682 So I'm approaching100days clean and sober.Heres the thing.I'm29 my wisdom teeth have never come n.Now that I have said I plan to not take opiates my mom+husband have convinced me there gonna come n now.I know its a rediculous what if situation but now I'm all worried.Has any1had there's pulled+not take opiates?I wanna put my own mind at ease.I'm actually worried about something that hasnt happened...leave it to my BIGGEST supporters to freak me out about the hypothetical LOL.
Avatar f tn I have pain in my temple nerves, knot on lower left jaw, swelling on both cheeks, lower lip and chin is numbed after extraction. Dentist just say wait, but I can’t bear pain in my lower front 5 teeth’s, and dentist doesn’t care to do anything. I am on ibprufen 800 3 times a day, already completed antibiotic and steroid dosage for last 2 weeks, but no improvement. Still can’t open mouth much to eat proper food and feels pain 24 by 7. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Been there! Had three wisdom teeth done at one time. I did what was finally suggested and chewed gum and applied warm compresses to the side of my jaw at the angle. My mouth would only open about 1/4" for over a month! After being told, chewing gum and compresses helped alot. Wished someone had told me sooner! It was a pizza and liquid diet for longer than I wanted! LOL Good luck.
Avatar f tn I'm 24, and I had my wisdom teeth taken out about three years ago, and everything has been free of complications, until possibly now. It started as a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes ect; and infection, and I noticed I had a small sore were my wisdom tooth used to be. Over three days the infection has gotten much worse. It's a constant ache in my jaw, and is very painful to open my mouth or chew. the area is hot, very swollen, and tastes kinda like blood.
Avatar n tn The TMJ symptoms could be related to trauma from the surgery and is one of the risks involved with extraction of wisdom teeth. You should have your dentist or the oral surgeon thoroughly examine you jaw joints.
Avatar m tn A week has gone by from all four impacted wisdom teeth were surgically removed. My jaw on the right side feels like it is locked. I can only open my jaw 1 inch. When I try to open it farther I get excruciating pain and it won't open. Left side is fine. I was very swollen the first three days after surgery. What should I do?
Avatar n tn Generally speaking, 99% of of all wisdom teeth surgery patient's have no swelling or lingering effects from their surgery within 7 days. That being said, I am a Board Certified Surgeon and have done tens of thousands of Wisdom teeth. Like any other healthcare professional, some are better and more experienced than others. This does not mean that your dentist necessarily did anything wrong. In the US, all licensed dentists are permitted to extract teeth.