Will acne scars ever go away

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Avatar n tn I live in the UK so am not familiar with spironolactone but anything with anti-androgen properties will help your acne as it will block the action of male hormones which cause oil and acne. Don't let anyone tell you it's 'just a few spots'. You don't have to live with acne. Make a note of the medications mentioned above and decide with your doctor which would be best for you.
Avatar n tn made for my skin type, but when they go away, I'm left with scars from the pimple. When I have a few pimples, it looks like I have lots of pimples, because I have so many scars. I've tried everything.I don't know what to do.
554628 tn?1362781519 Well everytime i get pregnant i sweat my face turns into a road map of acne bumps i VERY RARELY get a break out usually but both of my pregnancies i've had the morst horrible acne ever most of it is on my chin and sides of my face, is this normal and does ne one know if it's safe to use proactive while pregnant i'm desperate to get rid of this acne it's driving me nuts i'm gonna have scars on my face if they don't go AWAY lol
Avatar n tn I'm a woman, so you're right that our hormonal situations might make us very different, but I just wanted to let you know that my dermatologist thinks my constant chin issues may be rosacea (with the rest of the stuff I deal with in other areas of my face being traditional acne). The chin stuff just never seems to go away fully, and constantly flares up.
Avatar f tn At the age of 62 I still get some spots from time to time. You ARE beautiful, acne scars or no acne scars. Crooked teeth can be corrected by the dentist by having braces, or it may be that you have one too many teeth, pushing the others to make them crooked. Have a chat with your dentist about that. It is much better to get them straightened whilst you are young. The main problem is to tackle the bullying. Feel sorry for the bullies because bullies are very insecure.
Avatar n tn I know I said the maximum it took for my acne to go was a week but this acne is kinda turning into scars(what I mean by that is one of them is a little brown dot now which looks like a speck of dirt on my nose.
Avatar n tn I have gotten a couple of pustules during my recent prescription, they disappeared within a few days. There were no spots left behind. Will these blemishes/spots ever go away? Will my skin ever return to normal? Is there anything else I can do, other than taking antibiotics, to help my skin? -- washes, astringents, etc? Any ideas about this situation?
Avatar m tn on since the past 2 days and um so far everything is the same. Should I keep putting it on?? Will it really work?? I really want this scar to go away =( HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn The scar you are seeing will take a long time to go away, it will fade over time but you will slightly see the fade. When you get a cyst the best thing to do is ice them. Ice them down with ice every so often this will help eleviate the swelling also crush 2 to 3 aspirin dip the aspirin in water let it dissolve into a paste and apply it as a mask. apirin also helps eleviate swelling. NEVER POP A CYST.
Avatar f tn I feel so worries about this acne... What should i need to do for it? and what kind of anti scars i will use?? Thank you so much...
Avatar f tn Idk what to do!! Will it go away after pregnancy? Can I do something to make it go away now?! Why is this happening!?... I'm 24 weeks and due Nov 6... I'm getting to the point where I don't want to be seen!! I have always had buetiful make up free skin.. And now this!
Avatar n tn (yeah it *****) I never really had ache problems in my teens but as soon as I got pregnant my face started getting loaded with them(yay..lol) For me, it stopped being so severe about 6 months after having my son, but i'll still get it occasionally(more so than in my teens which is bizarre imo) And with my second child it was the same thing, and she is 4 months old and I am still having the acne problems so i would either go to a dermatologist to get maybe a prescription med or just wait it out.
Avatar f tn Before I had the Mirena I never struggled with acne, I'm just wondering if the acne will go away if I get it removed? I read some women experience worse acne after getting it removed.
Avatar f tn I always looks like I have marks on my face and sometimes I get cysts where they hurt and are huge and hard. They leave ugly scars and take months to go away. Please help! Could it be parasites? or candida? I'm at such a loss at what to do. I just want clear skin for once in my life. I dont want to take any medication that could interfere with conceiving and/or being pregnant.
Avatar n tn im a 22 year old black male who never had any acne what so ever up until about 2 years ago. at first i got severe welts and/or lumps around my jaw line, under my chin, and around the lymph nodes on my neck. I ignored it and thought they would go away but they didn't and very soon after i started getting white heads all over my face, especially my cheeks. I went to the dermatologist and was prescribed differin gel, i think 100mg of tetracyclin 2x a day and some other cream.
Avatar n tn The acne does not bother me as much as the hair falling out though. Just hang in there and it will all pass.
Avatar n tn ) It's normal, try to get a facial cleanser with an exfoliating factor to it, it will diminish the dead skin cells that can irritate acne more. Ever since I bought an St. Ive's apricot scrub at Wal-Mart, my acne has decreased, not gone away, but lessened some. Keep the questions coming, it's the only way you'll find out.
Avatar n tn Hey lily, I took accutane because my acne would NOT go away. I tried everything and it's the only thing that 100% completely cleared my face. I had some side effects, but not any of the serious ones. I did get really dry... my lips and my skin.. but other than that, it went well. I was very very pleased with my results. My face stayed clear for about 5-6 months after I was off the accutane, but now my acne is back. Not as bad but it's baaaack. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn Laura: There are many ill-defined itchy conditions which make people miserable and respond poorly or erratically to treatment. If scratched--and they usually are--they often leave scars which I suppose can be reminiscent of chickenpox, and I assume that is what you are describing. Doctors sometimes refer to this as "prurigo nodularis," which more or less restates our ignorance in Latin. Cause is unknown.
Avatar m tn And I have never heard someone cure their acne EVER by washing their face 3 times a day. We weren't made to use anything on our faces. We were made perfectly, when you disrupt the balance of our faces ph and moisture that's when you get acne.
Avatar n tn I have also developed acne on my back/shoulders with some very large pimples that just wont seem to go away. I noticed a similar affect with Wellbutrin but mainly just on my back/shoulders nowhere near as bad as with Effexor. I was on accutane in my teenage years which helped clear up my acne significantly. Interistingly accutane had a side affect of depression. I am now 29, depressed and have acne again!
Avatar m tn Its been horrible. I just got in touch with a dermatologist this year. I am currently on antibiotic. I have noticed my perspective on life has changed a great deal the past while. I have held off taking meds for my skin for ages. I grew up wanting to be fit and healthy like my role model Arnold Schwarzenegger. I eat healthy, I workout, I do marathons in the summer, and yet, I am still plagued with acne.
Avatar f tn However, the dark spots on my cheek seem permanent and I don't know when they will go away. I hope the problem will go away before I enter college because the face routine I go through everyday is too time consuming and it makes me not look forward to getting ready to do any thing because I know I have to spend a lot of time on my skin.
Avatar n tn I have moderate acne. But, I can relate to what you are saying, and feeling. I will avoid anything and everyone when I have a narly breakout. ITS SO DEFEATING! I am taking ancezine now and am in the "break out before it gets better" phase. Grrrr! I hate that. But I can say that my ZENO is like one of the best things in the world. I spare no expense on experimental acne products, and ZENO has been one of the best investments Ive EVER made.
Avatar f tn It seems to bounce back after every treatment though. People looking at me would only think I have mild acne on my cheek and some acne scars but I know it's not that. I'm 33 years old and up until 5 months ago I never had this issue. The skin on my face simply isn't looking or behaving the same way it did for three decades of my life. I'm hoping for good results with the fish oil but the study I'm basing that on took 70 days to 6 months to clear the warts of the patient (http://www.ncbi.
996490 tn?1251868470 thank you loiloi for the information. i did not know how acne occurs. i have had acne problems before but it was not severe and went away by itself. i did not even go to doctor.
Avatar n tn His back is also broken out, but with a different type of acne, not cystic type as well as his chest. But his face will be cyctic type with out medication.. Sorry so long of a post -- Any suggestions please...
463575 tn?1211306288 I feel like i have noticed a huge difference. Less acne and the black acne scars have faded almost completely. I love it. I also wash my face with a indian soap called neem soap before i put the vicco tumeric cream. Neem is an herb that has antiseptic qualities. Excellent!