White discharge with herpes

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Avatar m tn My fiance has had a complete physical and std test with herpes test as well and he came back clean on all. Im just wondering about the white discharge..... can you have herpes and have white discharge through out your cycle? thanks!
Avatar m tn usually any discharge with a herpes ob is clear, not white. it stops once the ob is over.
Avatar f tn since this was unprotected sex, you can follow up with proper testing at the proper times. You can get tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia anytime after 1 week post encounter. syphilis after 6 weeks. herpes, hiv and hepatitis after 3 months.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with HSV-1 in july and haven't had another out break sense, I started taking a new birth control and now i am having white discharge more than normal. could this be caused by the herpes? could i have an infection? or could this be caused by the new birth control? also my boyfriend and i had a condom break...i couldn't be pregnant could i?
Avatar f tn Today i have notice a white discharge with no odor and painful urination. What would this be? I have been diagnosed with herpes already but I dont have no lesions and I just got over an outbreak so I know its not the herpes virus. Could it be an UTI or yeast infection?
Avatar n tn In May 2008 I had unprotected sex and got a rash over my legs, and a thick white vaginal discharge. The rash went away after a few days, but they discharge remained. I tried yeast treatment over the next few months which didn't make a difference at all, plus antibiotics from the doctor to no avail. I have just been for a test and requested a full STD screening - I tested negative for HIV, Hepatitis, Chlamydia, Ghonorrhea, Syphilis, BV, Herpes, and I also tested negative for Yeast.
Avatar m tn Hep doesn't cause discharge, and herpes can, but doesn't usually. A bump with a hair is likely an inflamed hair follicle, and nothing at all to worry about. If you have to pull the meatus (opening) apart to see anything, its not discharge and its likely just natural lubrication. There are herpes antibody tests in every country. Since you are in London, your GP can do a type specific IgG blood test - you might have to do some persuading - but it is available.
Avatar f tn Also most often with trich there is a green discharge not white. Since your sexually active you might want to check your herpes status anyway and your partner also just as a precaution.
Avatar f tn could be an infection, a yeast infection of some sort.....
2108821 tn?1334080535 yea my discharge is watery and has a white color to it...and ive been treated with "everything" metronidazole,diflucan,clindamycin,doxycycline,monistat,terazol gyne lotrimin you name it ive tryed it nothing has worked...
Avatar n tn No, this is not all herpes related. Discharge with herpes only occurs with lesions and is typically clear. Have they examined your discharge under the microscope or sent it off to the lab to see if you have an excess of "normal" lactobacillus too? What about testing for allergic issues?
Avatar n tn Discharge all the time isn't due to herpes. with herpes you'd only get a discharge if you have an ob and usually it's more clear. Milky discharge is usually due to bacterial infections though it can also be from overgrowth of normal vaginal flora as well as from allergic reactions. I'm not sure when they last tested you for yeast and bv but if it' sbeen more than 2 weeks and the discharge is still there, return to your provider for retesting and further evaluation.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with HSV-2 I believe it is termed, and I also have HPV genital warts. Recently I have been noticing a brown discharge. I was just diagnosed with the herpes and was taking Valtrex which cleared up the a discharge and the lesions. The brown discharge is now back though and I am having some pains and sensitivity/redness in the vaginal area again, but no lesions yet. Could this all be a sign of the herpes returning?
Avatar f tn For 3 days now i have had tingling sensation around the vagina area. Today, I just notice some white discharge (no odor) and painful urination. Could this be a yeast infection or UTI? Could it be something that deals with herpes that I dont know about. Please give me any information you can?
Avatar f tn The discharge was white, thick, and cottage cheese looking. I suspect maybe yeast infection, so I went to my doctor. He said it was yeast infection but he also tested me for chlamydia and gonorrhea. Both came back negative for such, however I did learn I was pregnant. Weeks later I start to be concern about my razor bumps because two were still there and both had white pus liquid when I pop them. I was still experiencing itching and discharge even after taking meditation for yeast infection.
Avatar f tn I am very worried about Herpes..A little over a month ago, I had sex with a new partner (I've only been with to, the first was tested and was clean). And now, I have two small, painless bumps in the crease where my thighs begin that won't go away! I am so paranoid, a new bump just showed up on the opposite side, it is also painless. They look like pimples..I am so worried! I recently had a culture done, and it came up negative, so I have no idea what it is..
Avatar f tn I posted this a few days ago and now i have different symptoms and im kind of feeling like its herpes so I was just trying again...i had unprotected sex with someone fore about 4 minutes 9 days ago and i ended up having a weird discharge with a odor and went to planned parenthood...it was bv...i then got back together with my boyfriend and we had oral and vaginal sex...the next day we both had a sore throat but it went away and it wasnt unbearable or severe at all...
Avatar n tn Yesterday (two days after the Zithromax), while I was urinating, I noticed a white thick discharge in the toilet. When I squeezed my penis, some more milky discarge came out. It looked like a small pile of semen in the toilet.
Avatar f tn which I felt was from running myself down and drinking to much ( i have felt this way after binge drinking before) Today I wake up with what seems to be a yeast infection- white discharge and burning when I urinate. Could this be an outbreak? I know my ex is safe- but could it be from the interaction on March 30? I know I was clean prior to that. I know that recurrent yeast has been said to sometimes be herpes. Thoughts?
Avatar f tn I am going to go down to be tested for herpes tomorrow (I was told I had Molluscum by a NP a month ago after having it for about a month but she didn't swab or take any other tests to confirm or deny it, plus the sores in question look different and I'm unsure they were there when I first went down) and I read if the herpes sore isn't new, the result isn't always positive with a swab.. so I would assume it would be best to take a blood test..
Avatar m tn I recently had sex with my wife and she started to feel itchy in her vagina a couple of days after and she also has a white cottage cheese discharge. In addition I'm experiencing frequent urination and red dots on my penis and my wife and I have loose stools. Could this be herpes? Thank You.
Avatar m tn And so the next day I had unprotected sex and afterwards i was examining the sore and was pulling on it to get a good look at it them I immediately washed up with mild soap and during washing up my penis swelled up along the shaft on the left side right below the head so I put some antibiotic gel on the sore and the next day I experienced white discharge. Also 3-4 weeks ago I was a recipient of oral sex what could this be herpes?
Avatar n tn These symptoms dont at all appear related to herpes as herpes would be blister type sores on the shaft If your having a white discharge first thing in the morning, that is a symptom of a urethra infection and from oral sex and most often it would be NGU since you tested negative for gono and chlamydia. The issue with NGU is that it only means its not Gono and is a non specific infection that would often take a few trips to the doc to get it cleared up.
Avatar m tn I was totally fed up and depressed, so i went to the gynecologists, she did i swab test told me it was a mild case of bacterial vaginosis, prescribed with antibiotics and some other things, after 5 days everything was back to normal kind of- but now my discharge was very white and thick- I thought now that maybe i had a yeast infection- also my vagina started itching again, so itched, felt little bumps while doing so, looked down and i was bleeding a little (like small cuts) now i'm panicking t
Avatar m tn I had sex with a girl a month ago. Just recently I noticed there was a pretty large red bump in my pubic hair with a couple of hairs growing out of it. It was painless and I thought it might be a ingrown hair so I pulled it out. I got a little more red and then discharge some clear fluid from it. I thought it could be herpes, so I researched online. The bump didn't resemble any pictures I saw. I didn't have any of the other symptoms as well (no flu, aches, burning when urinating, puss, etc.
Avatar m tn Does herpes cause urethral irritation and discharge? Especially white/yellow discharge? If not, what else could it be? I was tested for gonorrhea, claymydia, trich, syphillis, etc. All negative. Do I have genital herpes for sure? Or should I be skeptical? Thank you all for any comments you may have. I am quite anxious and worried. Glad to have found this community.
Avatar m tn and lastly, the tingling feeling has continued after the test and now I have a tiny amount of white/yellow discharge? Could it be herpes? I worry alot,or could it be from checking 24/7 or other std or uti? im just very nervous. Like to say no other symptoms st all doesn't really burn to urinate either. Please offer advice. Thanks.
Avatar m tn that doesn't mean that your symptoms now are due to herpes. did they do any other testing? Herpes won't cause discharge like that. if you can get a copy of your blood test results to post here, I'll gladly look at them for you. All I need are the numeric results - e.g. hsv1 igg 5. 3 and hsv2 igg 4.9 or whatever they are. that way we can know if you were properly tested and if you need further confirmatory testing or not.
Avatar n tn I've always done a covert visual inspection of a girl before I have sex with her and noted no sores, discharge, or odd odor prior to sex. Both nights from beginning to end this lasted between 30 and 40 minutes with her being on top for upwards of half the time. Three to four days later I noted what I thought was a slight burning sensation (no bumps) in my pubic region. I do shave completely and at that time did not observe any discolloration of the skin.