What states is marinol legal

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Avatar n tn Marinol is legal in all 50 states from what I know, but is only available by prescription and is used almost exclusively for cancer patients. Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and D.C. but not in Mississippi.
Avatar f tn That is part of my job as his mother...to educate him on the dangers. Making it illegal or legal won't change that. I know what your saying, I just don't see it the same way. I am the child of an addict and have seen first hand the danger of alcohol. This is the same thing...I will be teaching him from a very young age (unfortunately they start very young now...kids in elementary school drinking and such..it's pretty sad). I also believe in teaching by example.
338489 tn?1215561709 then only available in the states that have medical marjuana He also mentioned f you are lucky enough to be living in a medically legal state... Marinol is looking promising with helping with spasticity...
Avatar n tn , my doctor would have scripted it if I had wanted. In the pill form anyway. It is called Marinol. Hopefully someone else will come along who knows about trials. I know New Sojourn gets medical marijuana.
233488 tn?1310696703 THE CASE AGAINST EASIER MARIJUANA ACCESS At one time asbestos used in school construction, doctors recommending cigarettes to soothe sore throats and putting cocaine in soft drinks seemed like good ideas. Now we can only wonder, “What were they thinking?” Perhaps we can forgive our forebears because scientific evidence of the cancer causing properties of asbestos and tobacco and the addicting and health destroying nature of cocaine was not in existence at the time.
177275 tn?1511758844 Suffice here to say that THC is especially dangerous to children under age 15 and increases the incidence of mental health problems, in some cases the risk of Schizophrenia is increased 10 fold compared to the general population. Ambition and drive is blunted, memory impaired and IQ may be reduced permanently by as much as 8 points. Driving and working while using marijuana dramatically increases the chance of accidents and injuries. The rapidly expanding commercial marijuana industry e.g.
917763 tn?1311632496 Here's a fairly recent list of states that have Medical MJ, and to what degree it is legal. My state, Maryland only provides a court defense, BUT the law was signed into effect by a Republican governor. I was pretty sure NC wouldn't be on the list. The blue states are usually more liberal about this sort of thing. Here's the link: http://medicalmarijuana.procon.org/viewresource.asp?
649848 tn?1484935765 That often is an argument thrown up . . . well, alcohol is legal. What's that old saying, two wrongs don't make a right? I think I would be disturbed to walk by people smoking pot openly. I haven't smelled it in years, literally. I have not a friend that uses pot recreationally. It must be in various groups or something or you hang out with people like yourself, I don't know. But most people my age--- in my 40's have been there done that with pot (or never did) and are completely over it.
1056851 tn?1318724578 ) There is a pill that has the active ingredient in it that is available to cancer patients (I'm in Canada) Not sure if it's legal or what it is called. I agree with making a legal, prescribed pill and regulating it like other medications. I don't agree with letting people grow weed, and buy it on the street with a doctor letter, way to many areas to be exploited.
Avatar m tn Most of these medications don't work very well for this kind of pain, and tolerance is a real problem. Most frightening to me is that someone dies in the United States every 19 minutes from a prescription drug overdose, mostly accidental. Every 19 minutes. It is a horrifying statistic. As much as I searched, I could not find a documented case of death from marijuana overdose.
224049 tn?1204594715 again a bunch of idiots leading the FDA, what they need is drug addicts that have been clean to decide what schedule to put drugs under, guaranteed weed wouldnt even be on the damn list, but cigarettes would...we are all smarter than the FDA, LOL!
560501 tn?1383616340 I can not believe what you have just shared w/ us about what Law Enforcement is doing . This is TERRIBLE!!!!! if you have the Form.....I would fill that baby out and let it go from there! Yes! as we all (who have posted) agree that MM is Much, Much safer than all this other crap that we are on.......MM is definately NOT a "Gate Way" drug like society has pegged it to be! And, as you said....
1747881 tn?1511918860 I know that I am one mother who will not allow her child to drink alcohol until he is of legal age. Just the way I feel about it. Same thing with smoking, pot use, any of those things. And hopefully I can teach him that although all of these things are in fact legal, they are not in his best interest. As for folks that will sell it illegally - if they sell to a minor the repurcussions should be twice as tough as if they sell to an adult.
Avatar n tn I think medical pot, especially Marinol, is a really good option for our sx.s. It has been used for HIV tx. for along time. My doc wouldn't presribe it because I was getting really depressed & "he said" it can cause depression. I'm not sure if it really can, cuz I never felt depressed back in the old days. One real plus that I can see immediately is the munchies. I know I had no appetite while on tx.
Avatar n tn This was several months back and my memory is not what it used to be. If it were legal here I would give it a try. My take on fibro is that some drs were never taught anything about it therefore, it doesnt exist.
Avatar f tn What is the link to fibrosis? I don't understand that part. From what I understand about marinol (have not used it) it does not have any psychological effects. Part of the reason to use cannabis is for these effects. I agree that any smoking cannot be good for the lungs, etc. However, the amount of smoke consumed is much smaller than even half a tobacco cigarette. Also, there are alternatives to smoking.
Avatar f tn I have never known a depressed pot-head personally, but the pill might be different. However in my state it is legal to prescribe this for HCV. But it is expensive.
1159737 tn?1286520857 just about anything your mind can cook up, with it! Sure wish it was legal in ALL US States though!!! But hey...JUST found out tonight that it is up for vote again here in OK! I also heard that all the 'pre-survey polls" are saying that it's gonna pass this time! Having my fingers crossed & saying my prayers!! May not be for everyone...but boy does it ever help me!!!
29837 tn?1414538248 Nausea and lack of appetite were not problems for me, but I understand how smoking would help those having those side effects. Which states allow MM? How willing are doctors to prescribe? Do you buy from a legal source or is it ok to buy it on the streets? Is Marinol (sp) as effective as smoking?
Avatar n tn shtml The tricky part is to determine if what we are feeling needs intervention or will it subside after the crisis is over, Is it severe enough for therapy? Even though the NIMH states that a combo therapy is best, most MDs just like to Rx pills because of its easiness. When I took Zoloft, it dd affect my emotions, and I did not like it. It helped me numb the pain, but it also kept me from feelling things full force.
284078 tn?1282620298 In my business it is extraoridinarily rare for an acute, severe problem to happen to both eyes unless there is some sort of terrible industrial accident, explosion or facial trauma. Topamax, when it causes this extreme side effects, will almost universally affect both eyes. What is the indicence? I don't think anyone knows but I'll just throw it out there.
Avatar n tn Hmmm...interesting thread.I smoke MJ,injest MJ and my liver stats have reversed themselves.3/2 to 1/1.I cannot do the MJ in butter thing,hurts my stomach.I wish I could join a club.MJ helps w/my arthritis and my diverticulitis.For those of you that have the stigma of being a pothead need to try it for your mood,pain felief and anti-anxiety benefits.There is nothing else like it.And it is natural!