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Avatar n tn as soon as I can achieve that reading I will only have to go for blood test once a month. The stroke, according to my cardiologist was caused by Afib. I was working on my front yard raking some grass clippings on a very hot day and all of a sudden I felt needles and pins in my left arm and within seconds it went dead and before I could walk back to the house, (the whole episode took less than one minute) everything was back to normal as though nothing had happened.
Avatar n tn Traditionally, the effects of plavix on platelets is minimal after 5 days. Usually, blood clots normally about three days after taking warfarin. This is quite variable and can be confirmed by a blood test (either checking INR or prothrombin time), prior to surgery.
Avatar f tn widespread pain diarrhea dizziness headache feeling spaced out liver congestion irritablility In short, I hate this drug and feel FAR worse on this drug then I ever felt without it. I am healthy with no underlying risk factors. All I have is the occasional run of A-Fib which is usually self-limiting. I am so fed-up with having drugs thrown at me that make me feel like crap just because it is protocol.
Avatar f tn I test my own blood and adjust my dosage of warfarin. Usually I'm right in range 2.5 to 3.5 (2 art heart valves). About 6 to 8 weeks ago, I took augmentin for 10 days, 2 weeks ago, I took another antibiotic for 5 days. Since then, my PT/INR has been too low, 2.0. My diet and meds have stayed the same. I've been increasing my dose, yet it's still too low. Is it normal for this change? Please see my profile! Can it indicate my lupus activity?
Avatar f tn when taking warfarin,is it normal to cough up bloody sputum when your blood test shows the warfarin dose is to high,and when the dose is decreased then the bloody sputum stops.The person does have a persistant cough first thing in the mornings..From pearlyshells.
Avatar n tn Do to a leg blood clot I've been taking warfarin (7.5) for three years. I am 62 years old and very active. I weight lift, jog, and ride a bike. Will I have to take warfarin all of my life or at some point can I discontinue it?
Avatar m tn I have taken warfarin for 11 years now, (i am 25 years old - and will be on it for life) and normally I only need a blood test every 6 weeks. If you are from Britian it can be a bit hard to obtain these machines on the NHS, but if it is the only way you will be able to return to work it might be worth buying one.
Avatar f tn BE CAREFUL!!!!! My sister in law has a very rare blood disorder and her warfarin level was too high and she had just had her blood work done.. Well the Dr. wanted her to go on fragmin injectionson top of her warfarin and it nearly killed her! Luckily my sister in law called her nurse and the nurse told her no!! that she was to not take any medication at all and re test in 3 days.
Avatar n tn being on coumadin you shouldn't drink any alcohol and the most I would say is no more than 2 glasses of wine. I take 1 tablespoon of Carlson lemon flavor fish oil in the AM, 1 teaspoon in the afternoon and 1 tablespoon in the evening. Coumadin is one of the all-time worst "hangovers" from the "heyday" of patent medications: No matter how many alternatives there are for it, it just won't go away.
Avatar m tn heparin until Warfarin build up in blood with INR 2.5. This brings me to now. I'm still taking Warfarin. Recently, I've noticed an increase in upper chest discomfort during stationary bike exercises. The discomfort begins about 10 minutes into a warm up session. I slow down enough for the discomfort to go subside and keep efforts on the low side to avoid having that pain. Once into the cycling session, I can increase efforts, but can feel that level upper chest discomfort.
Avatar n tn If your active and don't want to get your INR to high or to low which either way can be dangerous.. I would test weekly. I test myself at home - ProTime Machine. I test once a week. I would not feel comfortable going any longer without getting tested. There is a web site that has many patients who take warfarin/coumadin and there is even one forum titled "active lifestyles" - there are many people who are active that might be helpful. The web site is: http://www.
612551 tn?1450025775 I use to take Plavix (Clopidogrel as clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate). It likes the blood thinner as you described above. No need blood test and it won't cause excessive bleeding. It has been approved in Australia for a while. It comes with clopidogrel 75mg 28 tablets in a box. Cost AUD $82.79 for no medicare patient. I have been diagnosed TIA. I also have a history of low platelets (ITP) so I can't take Warfarin nor Aspirin. The neurologist prescribed this Plavix for me.
1069105 tn?1256704012 - Haematology: all within range. “Platelet clumping noted” - Biochemistry: non fasting, all within range or non clinical significant On her follow up visit with the Neurologist, her legs were checked & the Neurologist indicated that she doe not have tendency to embolize. And the brain CT scan (done in Sept after discharged from hospital) shows blood clot in her brain is almost gone & she is unlikely to have Alzheimer. Her BP has been in the 110-120/80 ranges.
Avatar f tn still at 87 it may be more critical than at 60, say. The main concern about AFib is blood clots and stroke, and that's what the warfarin is about. I don't know about the side-effects you note, I don't associate any of them with warfarin, which I take at 5 mg a day. One can eat greens, it is just necessary to be consistent so the correct dose of warfarin can be set. I'd ask the doctor if you mother can get by with taking just an aspirin, just in case the rare AFib bout should occur.
Avatar n tn The risk for excessive bleeding is more likely to occur when you first start taking this medication and/or when you are taking too much warfarin. To help decrease the risk for bleeding, you will be closely monitored with lab INR test to make sure you are not taking too much warfarin. You have an EF below 35% and there are medical opinions that warifarin is a better option for anti-platelets for that classification of heart disorders.
Avatar n tn However this needs to be confirmed by doing a urine pregnancy test or a blood test for beta HCG and an ultrasound scan. If it turns out that there is a pregnancy then warfarin needs to be stopped and she can be put on another drug during the pregnancy. Consult your Doctor. Hope this helps.
53833 tn?1235000229 , also agreed to this 7 day time frame, even though they have been attempting to get his dosage in line for more than a year (due to blood test results). I have read a couple of articles that state patients taking warfarin for atrial fib have a high risk of having a stroke while off warfarin in preparation for a surgical procedure.
Avatar f tn Dr's began to run more test on my Blood. Found out I am protein c deficient and on warfarin for life. (So they said). I tried to come off warfarin and after about 30 days I had enormous pain in my leg after an hour drive. The pain grew worse and it was indeed a blood clot. I could not walk for 2 1/2 months. Now I'm on my meds without question. AS FOR PAIN, I have plenty. My Dr. prescribed Lyrica 50mg, but I can't bare the swelling and depression it causes.
Avatar n tn Ideally you should it in the evening, but choose a time of day that you will remember to take it. On the days you are getting your INR level checked, do not take the warfarin before the blood test in case a change in your dosage needs to be made. Ÿ Should I take warfarin with food or on an empty stomach? Warfarin (Coumadin®) should be taken on an empty stomach, either one half hour before or one hour after a meal. Food impairs the absorption of the drug.
Avatar n tn what about paxil would that effect the test at all?or immodium?does anyone know.
Avatar n tn If you are on warfarin, you need to have a blood test every 1-2 weeks to make sure the dose of medicine is neither too high nor low. The medicine does not harm the heart. I hope your mother has had a thorough evaluation by a neurologist. If she has already had several strokes by the age of 49, the future does not look bright for her. I assume in addition to the MRI, her doctors have looked at her heart and carotid arteries as a source of the stroke. I hope this has been useful.
1569985 tn?1328251082 I am going to a different hospital for oncology and they want me to discontinue Warfarin 7 days before and use a Lovenox bridge injection for the interim. I called my regular EP and they say no need. What would you do? 7 days seems a long time without blood thinner -- I'm on it because I'm at risk for strokes, right? Any comments and/or advice would be welcome. Also, any pep talks welcome!
Avatar n tn I have a PT test every other week, and my level is 2.3. I am told that it can be 2.0 to 3.0. I am assuming that is what you meant by being within range.
Avatar n tn So if you are reluctant to take warfarin, you should go for the international normalized ratio (INR) test. Normally patients on blood thinners are kept at an INR of 2.0 to 3.0. For patients who have an increased risk of clot formation the INR needs to be higher - about 2.5 to 3.5. So if your INR is higher than this, you may need warfarin to bring it down. As with other drugs, warfarin can cause allergy, rash, itching and GI symptoms like diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.
Avatar n tn yes, I have a history with blood clots about 2 yrs. ago i had surgury on my leg he put some kind of graphs in my leg it is hurting again really bad i had test they say i have 56 percent blockage in my left leg, what can doctors do for thaat?
Avatar f tn How often should he take blood test? He is suffering from DVT.
Avatar f tn n July my 77 yr old husband fell going "up stairs" thankfully but still fractured shoulder. The next day while helping him into shower discovered his normally thin ankles & feet were swollen. He assured me nothing to do with shoulder...but had been this way for months! Don't ask/don't tell is his theory of life! Finally the kidney Dr said blood tests remained the same (stage 4 disease stable for now) suggested going to his heart Dr .. had not seen for years.
Avatar m tn heparin until Warfarin build up in blood with INR 2.5. This brings me to now. I'm still taking Warfarin. Recently, I've noticed an increase in upper chest discomfort during stationary bike exercises. The discomfort begins about 10 minutes into a warm up session. I slow down enough for the discomfort to go subside and keep efforts on the low side to avoid having that pain. Once into the cycling session, I can increase efforts, but can feel that level upper chest discomfort.
Avatar m tn 1. Does BNP test results of 50 with normal range < 100 pg/mL and PRO-BNP test result of 251 with normal range < 0 - 624 PG/ML rule out congestive heart failure in a women of 82 years of age, who is taking 5 mg warfarin daily for leg vein clot , but no other drugs or medicine?If no, what is the best test to diagnose congestive heart failure in above women of 82 years of age or any adult? 2.
996946 tn?1503252712 I am going for a TEE test tomorrow that will determine whether or not I can go off my blood-thinner after almost 4 yrs. I'm a little nervous and don't quite know what to expect. Has anyone on here had a Trans-thoracic-esophogeal-endoscopy? I think that's what TEE stands for. Thanks in advance for any information or advice on this.