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Avatar f tn Hello, I have been prescribed 50mg Vyvanse and have been taking it for a few weeks now. I have anxiety issues and it seems to be a little too strong to start with, not terribly bad but I feel A little on edge. Also it seems to not last nearly long enough. I read that you can pour the powder in water and drink it. I know it had to be digested to work so my question is can I pour part of the powder straight into my mouth and then swallow with water?
Avatar n tn My son just started takeing vyvanse and i woul like to know how long does it take to get in to the system and show signs of working?
Avatar m tn What herbal remedies are there --i used to take ephedrine i.e. mahang is it back on the shelves or do you need a script? What else is there?
Avatar f tn how long does it usually take for an overdose on vyvanse to where off?
Avatar f tn I prefer medical marijuana but we finally found something that worked. Vyvanse. I'm not to sure about how this stuff works and I was curious on how it works. Does Vyvanse help depression? I tend to think poorly about the future and about working out. But when I take a 40-50mg pill, I feel happy, confident, focused and smart. Am I the only one who experiences this? Is Vyvanse for just focusing or can it be used for depression? I want to hear some input about Vyvanse and its effects.
Avatar f tn hey guys this is my fourth day taking vyvanse and i heard when the first month is over the euphoria is over. how bad is it after the euphoria is gone?
Avatar m tn I'm not addicted or ever think about being addicted to the vyvanse or any drug I've ever used. No matter how addictive the drug might be, I can take a normal dose or a high one, as I have mentioned. And I had minor side effects with no addictions... And the 250mg actually lasted two days in a row, if I just took the 250mg one morning and the next morning I took 50mg... I felt like it was still staying strong.
Avatar m tn He actually recommended that I take it only as need because your tolerance doesn't build up as fast when you do this, therefore, making vyvanse more effective in the long run. And about how you're crashing really hard and feeling queezy. I believe that is normal, however you might be on too high of a dose. Everyone is different. Vyvanse works wonders for some people and other people just hate it.
Avatar f tn His doctor put him on Vyvanse. He has since flunked out of 2 colleges due to the fact that he can't focus. He IS and has always been a very good athlete, playing football and basketball in high school and college. I assume that is due to the fast-pace of those sports. However, I am beginning to wonder if the Vyvanse is working on the problem. The doctor said that he has to get him on the right dosage and has been changing the strength.
Avatar f tn he faked being ADHD???to get vyvanse from her. How the hell to you do that? And be on Ambian and restoril and Xanax??????? How unethical is that? I went with him to his shrinks office and she took him off the ambian and "dosed" him down on vyvanse...this was last June 2011. He was unwilling to end it entirely by late Nov. I ended it. These shrinks should have their licenses yanked! I was put thru hell for 3 yrs. not knowing about the vyvanse.
Avatar f tn Is there published research on long term effects of vyvanse on memory? 1200mg of vyvanse per day is the helpful dose. Does this increase probability of memory loss? If so, what kind of memory loss? How serious or debilitating?
Avatar f tn I have been reading online the possible correlation with vyvanse and the acne. She began taking Vyvanse in December and is on 50 mg. I don't want to rush into Accutane if there is possibility that the Vyvanse is what is causing this. Appreciate any input. She has always been in the small percentage that experiences side effects. She has been on Bactrim for a month now. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I took a 70 mg vyvanse capsule by dissolving the powder in a water bottle and drinking it about 1.5 months ago. I do not have ADHD, I took it to help me prepare for my exams and the SAT. I'm 16 years old. My body weight is 180 pounds and my height is 6 feet. So is it normal for dry mouth to last this long? I'm afraid to go to the doctor because he may report me to the police for the illegal use of an ADHD medicine. Please help.
Avatar n tn i have a long day and take vyvanse very early it is suposed to last 12 hrs but i think more like 7 i read that people take boosters with it i still have ritalin cause i just switched 2 weeks ago to 70 mg vyvanse and it doesnt do anything anymore did the vyvanse make it so it no longer works what is the best way to go about this aftr work i take care of my kids all night and have been lacking energy and very short with them which isnt fair cause it is not their fault id ask my dr but he would jus
Avatar f tn Is he having trouble sleeping at night? And, yes you should let your doctor know what is going on. At what time is he taking the intuniv?
Avatar f tn Vyvanse uses adrenaline/cortisol (fight-flight hormones), stopping is similar to exhaustion following an intense situation and recovery time correlates to how long you've been taking it. I would discuss having his doctor prescribe a "short acting" ADD med to lessen the Vyvanse withdrawal symptoms. With adult ADD, I've taken Vyvanse for 6 years - works great in a job Where immediate concentration is necessary.
1575110 tn?1334668235 Soo I did I don't like it makes me feel depressed n think to much about life. y this likethat N that like this. Kind of deal. Vyvanse don't last has long has concerta.
Avatar f tn Do a little research online about Straterra and ask your doc if it's an option for you. I see how you can like the feeling of Vyvanse but when I was on 70 mg. it made me too mellow so I asked to have my dose reduced. That is a normal reaction for someone who does have adult ADD. Good luck to you!!
Avatar f tn This is called Off Label Prescribing. Does anyone here take over 70mg of Vyvanse? If so, how long does it last? I actually called Shire this past weekend and made a product complaint. I told the rep that my meds were wearing off after 4-5 hours & asked if it was possible to get my doctor to write for more than 70mg. She said that the doctor can do anything he wants, he can prescribe as much as he feels the patient needs.
2106542 tn?1333931739 //www.addadhdblog.com/vyvanse-dosage-how-to-get-the-right-dose/#c987e And - http://www.corepsychblog.com/2009/06/vyvanse-dosage-for-adhd-finding-the-safe-top-of-the-window/ I think these two sites will answer a lot of your questions about dosing. Also there are two adult sites dedicated to ADD. They have a ton of info. Way more than I could ever type here. When you get bored or have a lot of time you might want to check them out. The site totallyadd.
Avatar f tn The powder in a vyvanse often gets compacted making the capsule seem less full.
3063045 tn?1340657653 Generally speaking you should not change the dose of prescribed medication without checking in with your doctor first. I'm not sure how long you've been on the medication but many require a few weeks for your body to adjust and feel normal again. Another thing you could do is talk to the pharmacist, ask if feeling this tired is considered normal. S/he won't be able to switch your dose or med but they can let you know if you have a problem and need to talk to your doctor ASAP.
Avatar m tn //addadhdblog.com/vyvanse-dosage-how-to-get-the-right-dose/?doing_wp_cron=1390777491.
447130 tn?1225474466 I've been taking his 40mg vyvanse here and there and it made me feel fantastic. Then last week I took one and I felt like how all of you were explaining. I shrugged it off and just thought it was a bad weekend. Well today I was prescribed vyvanse. I've taken my first 50mg and I don't think i'm going to take the rest. I know I should try and see this out and take the prescription, I highly doubt I am going to. Aderol seems like it is the correct drug for ADD if given in the right quantities.
1666464 tn?1303228958 In fact I waited a whole 24 hours until my last Adderall pill to take Vyvanse just to make sure I was safe. When I began Vyvanse treatment it really worked. It kept me focused I was pretty much where I wanted to be. I had some tension and anxiety but I could cope with it. Vyvanse was giving me the clarity that I was looking for with some side-effects that I could manage, at the time.
1447814 tn?1284739057 for the last 3 months who now says he is ADHD and the want to put him on Vyvanse. I just want to hear what anyone has to say about it and if they have a child with ADHD or similar behaviors please share. I have not started the meds but suppose to start tomorrow. The behavior at school has to stop he is getting behavioral forms sent home everyday. I dont know what else to do!
Avatar f tn When I increased to 10, he was a zombie. Chris how is your son's diet and weight on the Focalin? I have taken my son off of the Vyvanse after two days of hell. I already posted my concern yesterday. Then after posting - later yesterday, my son said he saw someone named Johnny stabbing himself with a pencil. I will never give him Vyvanse again. I am keeping him on the Focalin 7 mg. This has been a very scary experience for two days. I cannot bear to watch my child go through.
Avatar m tn i realize this is a known side effect to an overdose of this medication, but i was just wondering how long it could last, or if it could cause other medical conditions.