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Avatar n tn I have this white spot - it is not raised or anything inside vulva (vaginal lip area). It tends to get itchy right before my period. I have had it for awhile and doctor took two second look at it and said it was fine but I wonder what it is. I was given steroid cream for it - doesn't seem like that will help it heal? Any thoughts. Again, flat white patch, small, no broken skin, not raised. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Recently I noticed a small white dot the size of a pinhead on the insides of my vulva. With closer examination, I noticed many tiny white bumps on the inside of my vulva, not on the outside. Some can only be seen when the skin is stretched a certain amount, then disappears again when stretched too much. I have attempted to pop the larger ones, and a hard white substance comes out. The skins bleeds, then the bump is gone, no scarring. Some are harder than others are.
Avatar f tn Am 39.2 weeks pregnant.experience a white itchy discharge since today.could it be an infection or my water broke.
Avatar n tn My question is what would cause whiteing of the vulva and enter walls of vagina?
Avatar f tn My vulva is really itchy but not all the time. it comes and goes and sometimes at the most awkward moments like when im sitting in class. Its not red or swollen and there's no red bumps of any kind. i've never been to a gyne and im kinda embarrassed to go. does anyone know what could be causing the itch or how to treat it?
Avatar n tn About a year ago, I developed an itchy vulva, which usually occurs about 2 weeks after my period. It starts out mild and intensifies as my period nears. It reminds me of the itch accompanied by a yeast infection though it's not. The discharge, when present is milky white and there is no smell. I've just been to my Dr. for my annual check up and she has no idea what it could be. Did a PH test and it was normal. Checked for yeast, nothing.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed some antibiotics but the symptoms never went away. I have been to several doctors who all say the same thing. I have white blood cells in my urine which would suggest either infection or inflammation but when I get a urine test it comes back with no growth. I have had burning pain in my urethra which has irritated my vulva and also I have the urge to pee even after I just have finished.
5973125 tn?1378579463 Ok so I got rid of my bv but my vulva still has an odor. I have nomore pain during sex, nomore heavy discharge and nomore itching. Just the vulva odor. I've checked to make sure it wasn't my discharge that was causing the smell, it has no odor to it. Now I know smegma smells but sometimes when I don't that yet it smells. I've tried so hard for so long to find answer but it seems like dead ends. I know bacteria causes bad odor and I've tried to find a why to kill it and get rid of it for good.
Avatar n tn I also just had a baby 9 months ago. Now I have discovered 2 hard white bumps on one side of my vulva and on the other side I have notice another one. I told my doctor about that but she didn't seem to worried, then again she didn't even look at them. What could these be? Could these be caused by an infection inside of me, are they cysts, should I be worried?
Avatar n tn For the last couple of months I’ve been using non-fragranced baby wipes to clean under the clitoris hood and around the vulva area and I’m still seeing these little white spots. IF ANYONE HAS SIMILAR SYMPTOMS PLEASE RESPOND. I’m doing a follow-up visit with the specialist at UCLA Medical Center in 2 months. Wishing hope on all those who understand.
Avatar n tn I have some white blisters on my vulva area. My fiance is a family practice physician and has diagnosed it as lichen sclerosus but I'm not convinced. I never had severe itching at all. It became painful about a week ago, I was on my period and was wearing tampons so perhaps that irritated the skin. We then had intercourse a few days ago which gave me a terrible burning feeling in my vulval area. When I looked at it the next day I noticed the blisters.
Avatar m tn I've recently developped an itching sensation in the vulva area and decided to have a look, I noticed a series of white lines going from my clitoris to inside my vagina. Aslo, it seemed that my inner vagina walls weren't uniform. It has really gotten me scared and I am unable to visit the gyno for two weeks, because of busy schedule. I don't know if it's related but I just got out of my period, and shortly before that, my discharge was yellow and extremely liquid.
Avatar n tn Her labia is swelled five to six times its normal size and there are some white blisters on her vulva. There is no discharge and no odor. To urinate sends her to tears. This has been going on now for a week. We are using over the counter creams and medicated wipes. Nothing is helping.
1153424 tn?1262142488 And after that, thats when i started to get this thick white discharge on my vagina and its really scaring me. about a month a go. i started getting itchy and i looked and had some white "spots" or something inside my vagina. i told my mom and she gave me monistat i believe thats the name. and the itching went away , I feel wet all the time and this smell that ive never had before, and the white discharge as well. I dont think its normal PLEASE HELP ME!!!
Avatar f tn Hi Im just wondering if white like dots through the skin all over the vulva is normal? They seem to be more prominent down the botton near the vaginal opening where the skin is darker and redder. Is this just my skin? Some feel lumpy when i run my finger over them.
Avatar f tn What does it mean when the vulva is always red, inflammed and sometimes itchy??
Avatar f tn They are in the skin, hard, and white if i stretch the skin apart and almost like pinpoint balls. In the past few months I have had irregular periods and some spotting one month. Just recently the tiny bumps have spread to around my vulva. They've been there about a month and do not hurt. Kind of unrelated, but I started the Nuvaring about three weeks ago. For the first week it went up fine and stayed in place. However, for the past week or so it's been slipping and causing some irritation.
Avatar f tn Hi I am just wondering if anyone can tell me if this is normal. I have white like dots through the skin of my vulva. All over. They seem to be more prominent in the redder areas at the bottom, closer to the vaginal opening. Is this just my skin? Or could it be genital warts? I have felt thrush like symptoms recently too.
Avatar f tn Literally it's uncomfortable to move! There is no discharge, no white mucus, no spots, no swelling, no bumps or rashes. At first I thought it was the onset of a yeast infection but it is too different of symptoms. I am trying to get in with my Gyno but can't get an appt till next Wednesday! I'm freaking out that it is an STD but not many of the symptoms match up. It is so uncomfortable and I don't know what to do?!
Avatar f tn I returned back to the doc who seemed a bit baffled as my urine tests were all coming back clear- no infection however showing white blood cells. I have been tested for every STD, bacterial and viral infection yet everything is clear. I was sent to a vulva specialist who told me that I have Vulvodynia and that I needed to take Amitriptyline orally as well as topically. I took the meds routinely however I still remained in excruciating pain. Every day varies but the pain still remains.
Avatar f tn August 4th I discovered a cyst near the vulva, lower left side. It swelled to about the size of a pecan. I was going to go to the doc, but my husband convinced me it was simply an ingrown hair folical and I shouldn't waste my time going to the doc and have them call me in an antibotic. Which I did. Three days latter, he complained of having a cyst on his bottom between groin and anus but would never let me see.
Avatar f tn i received oral sex about a month ago, i now just have developed this herpes like lesion on my vulva. I been told that it could be from a yeast infection, tho im not developing any flu like symptoms. Its itching, little painful, buff colored/white/grey like. I been diagnosed with yeast infection and just finished my period. Im wondering does this lesion sound it could be from herpes or infection?
Avatar n tn And sometimes it feels itchy. There are white spots on the wall. But the white spots doesn't cause any itch so i think it's fine. And sometimes I feel pain. Like a antbite. On my vagina. In my vagina. I keepthinking about it all the time.I can't concentrate in class. I really want to go to the gyno but I don't know how to tell my mom. Anyways, how much do an appointment cost? I REALLY HATE PUBERTY!! Like why is this happening to me.... Yes, I meant Vulva. Wall of the vulvva.