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Avatar f tn Whilst having this tummy bug I noticed my vulva had completely swollen out and I was also releasing a yellow/green discharge. I noticed one small bump next to my vagina and thought maybe it was just a reaction to the swelling or something. I wasn't able to treat any of these symptoms as I had a severe tummy bug and was at home constantly puking and not in a fit state to leave the house.
Avatar m tn There is no change in the colour or smell of discharge in this case. Secondly, It can be due to vaginal infections or STD’s if there is a change in color or smell of discharge. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn My question is what would cause whiteing of the vulva and enter walls of vagina?
Avatar f tn Over the last few days I have developed a painful itching around my vulva. There appears to be small blistering bumps covering the area and the skin is very dry on my outer labia. It also seems as if the skin of my clitoris is peeling. My discharge has become very thick and yellowish in colour. What could this be?
Avatar f tn please could anyone help I have been very itchy down below for a few days to the extent that it's very sore, I've been using vagisil but not helping much, there also no discharge,
Avatar f tn What is this!? I have no other symptoms, no burning, no funky discharge. So why do i get this from time to time? It disappears for a while then comes back.
Avatar f tn It all started after I had sex with my boyfriend, it was protected sex. But now I have a itching sensation of the vulva and ammonia smell. It isn't always itching, just randomly it will itch. I just recently started getting a light yellow, snotty discharge and also a burning sensation when I pee and even when I am just sitting there I'll start feeling it.
5973125 tn?1378579463 I have nomore pain during sex, nomore heavy discharge and nomore itching. Just the vulva odor. I've checked to make sure it wasn't my discharge that was causing the smell, it has no odor to it. Now I know smegma smells but sometimes when I don't that yet it smells. I've tried so hard for so long to find answer but it seems like dead ends. I know bacteria causes bad odor and I've tried to find a why to kill it and get rid of it for good.
Avatar f tn Im 32 years old. My vulva burns during intercourse. There is no discharge. And most important there is lack of lubricant in my vagina. It sores and red. This is what im facing. nothing else. Please help, because I have not been doing sex with my husband from near about 1 month. please help.
Avatar f tn Am 39.2 weeks pregnant.experience a white itchy discharge since today.could it be an infection or my water broke.
Avatar n tn Hello, Vulvar cancer presents in form of a lump or ulceration, often associated with itching, irritation, sometimes local bleeding and discharge. Also dysuria, dyspareunia and pain may be noted. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar f tn i have used hydrocortiscone cream on my vulva and canesteen cream dakacort cream canesteen hc cream and i have taken diflucan tablets my vulva is in flamed and i dont no what else to use can you help please
Avatar n tn It is basically a yeast infection caused by a build up of Candida albicaans. Some people get a yeasty smelling discharge as well. It is usually caused by an upset in the pH balance of your vagina. This in turn can be caused by things such as hormonal changes eg. around menstruation, taking antibiotics and also washing the area with soap. If you shave down there soap or shaving cream can get inside and also lower the pH.
Avatar n tn we rinsed off in the shower after we were finished and i put on my damp underwear and then sat down in the car and drove and accummulated more sweat between my legs. later that day my vulva became itchy and uncomfortable. i put on some vaginal anitfungal cream before i went to sleep but i woke up many times in the night due to the itching and could get no relief. the next day it was still itchy, but only mild. i put on the same cream and also used Penaten cream. i got some relief.
1718217 tn?1309845024 Hi, I have really bad itching on my vulva beside my labia. I have been keeping the area clean and dry, there is no discharge, no smell but I scratched so bad and caused a bad rash that actually bled. Is there a home remedy for this itching or should I go to my Gynocologist for an exam?
Avatar f tn The right side of my vulva is sore and itchy.. It was swollen and the skin was cracked and peeling, but since i began using thrush cream the swellings gone and the skin isn't peeling.. However now that ive stopped using the cream its itchy again! The skin looks wrinkled and is sore to touch. I first got this itch last october, i used thrush cream and it went, then it came back in January during my exam period and left once exams were over.
Avatar f tn My vulva is really itchy but not all the time. it comes and goes and sometimes at the most awkward moments like when im sitting in class. Its not red or swollen and there's no red bumps of any kind. i've never been to a gyne and im kinda embarrassed to go. does anyone know what could be causing the itch or how to treat it?
Avatar n tn I have vulva itching that lasted about 5 days with no discharge or any symptoms related to a yeast infection. I still bought OTC monistat. Went away after the 5 days. Dont ****** or have any new soaps. It is back again and the only thing I did was fertlize the lawn and pulled weeds the other day. I did notice my hand my fingers stung after I touched a weed , and washed it right away. Could this have anything to do with an allergy?
Avatar n tn About a year ago, I developed an itchy vulva, which usually occurs about 2 weeks after my period. It starts out mild and intensifies as my period nears. It reminds me of the itch accompanied by a yeast infection though it's not. The discharge, when present is milky white and there is no smell. I've just been to my Dr. for my annual check up and she has no idea what it could be. Did a PH test and it was normal. Checked for yeast, nothing.
Avatar f tn First of all I apologize before hand for sharing vulva is very swollen!!!! I'm almost 30 weeks & noticed this morning how swollen my private is....its literally like bulging out!!! No foul smell....its just very very swollen.... anyone else experience same issue???
Avatar m tn I have white blood cells in my urine which would suggest either infection or inflammation but when I get a urine test it comes back with no growth. I have had burning pain in my urethra which has irritated my vulva and also I have the urge to pee even after I just have finished. I am waiting for a referral to a urologist but am in constant pain while i wait to get an appointment. What could be causing this and is there anything I can do to decrease the pain?
1474998 tn?1287069124 Ever since I got off my menstrual cycle I have had this weird discharge, it is sticky and a yellowish color and has a slight oder to it and it will not go away is this something I need be worried about?
Avatar f tn I'm a 14 year old girl and 2 days ago my vulva lips and vagina area are very sore when I sit (or anything that uses the muscles around that area) I looked for a cyst of some sort but found nothing. I am not sexually active at all. What could it be and how can I help fix it?
Avatar f tn August 4th I discovered a cyst near the vulva, lower left side. It swelled to about the size of a pecan. I was going to go to the doc, but my husband convinced me it was simply an ingrown hair folical and I shouldn't waste my time going to the doc and have them call me in an antibotic. Which I did. Three days latter, he complained of having a cyst on his bottom between groin and anus but would never let me see.
Avatar f tn What does it mean when the vulva is always red, inflammed and sometimes itchy??
Avatar n tn I have experienced irritation around the pubic and vulva area for many years but now that I am over 50 it has increased to the point that I am scratching myself raw. This is happening nearly every night when I am ready for bed. I have found that if I bathe the area before I go to bed it alleviates the symptoms. Creams and suppositories have not helped, swabs have shown nothing. I have decreased my sugar intake, use non scented toilet paper and soaps but to no avail.
Avatar f tn Two swollen areas on my vulva. They look like blood blisters. One of them actually bleeds a little and the blood looks like it may be slightly pus-y though I'm not sure if that wasn't just due to where the blood was coming from.. I put Neosporin on them after my shower. Have recently become very sexually active (monogamously) and wondered if the added frequency could cause this. They don't hurt really. Color is normal around the vaginal area and there is no discharge or odor. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn Hi. I've had green, cottage cheese-like discharge for a couple months now. I am awaiting pap results from a doctor I saw. Now, my left libia minora on my vagina, is puffy, big, swollen, and inflamed. Its very itchy, and beginning to hurt. It burns a little to urinate too. Please tell me what this may be. A yiest infection? Or something else. Just concerned how serious I need to be. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I went to my GP as I noticed a few strange little bumps on my vulva, and around the entrance to my vagina. He said there's nothing to worry about and said he couldn't see anything of concern, and said the skin down there isn't meant to be smooth. However, I'm still a bit stressed as to what it could be. I've attached a photo. It sort of itches/burns a bit, similar to thrush. No discharge that I've noticed, no smell. There's about 6/7 little bumps in total at various places. Please help?