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Avatar m tn Green vomit could mean she is vomiting bile. Bile is a green substance that is excreted by the liver into the gall bladder then into our intestines to help with digestion. She could have had a gall bladder attack. Is the back pain located by her right shoulder or in-between her shoulder blades? That is a sign of a gall bladder or liver problem. Gall bladder attacks tend to wake people in the middle of the night. She could have passed a gall stone.
Avatar n tn My son has regular stomach problems about ever 4-6 weeks. His "attacks" hit suddenly, he becomes nauseous then projectile vomits a few times then wretches for a few hours with a severe headache; he's then weak and nauseous for the next few days. Today was a usual case of one of his "attacks" except he is vomiting dark green bile, almost the color of Nyquil - he has never done this before, plus his last "attack" was only 7 days ago.
Avatar n tn I searched PlanetRx and it says Fioricet is not a controlled substance and that the maximum dosage recommendation is 6 tablets per day. Yet, because of anxiety and depression, he has been dishing out first Xanax, (but it made my headaches worse) then Valium like they were candy! I checked with PlanetRx and both benzodiazepines are controlled substances and highly addictive. I realize that the Butalbital in Fioricet is also addictive--if this is true, then why isn't it a controlled substance?
Avatar n tn every 3-4 days the first thing in the am he vomits this yellowish / green substance.. no solid food in it looks like bile.. then he is fine . has no loss of appetite and is very active. i have been told he is probably getting into something outside. i take him out on a leash and i do not see him getting into anything..
Avatar f tn If the vomiting produces a fair amount of yellow or yellow-green substance, it could be bile and it would reflect possible problems with the gallbladder.
Avatar n tn I have had dogs who died from pancreatitis and that is why I am so concerned, but it doesn't appear that he has it. He usually just vomits up a bile like substance. I have him on a natural dog food (dry) called Wellness Weight Reduction as he's a bit heavy for his breed and size. He's never been able to tolerate treats per se so I've always given him apples or vegetables for treats.
Avatar m tn Our bile creates a green liquid and helps with the digestion of our food and when the food moves to quickly (and the green substance) it can result in a green stool or green diarhea. I'm wondering and thinking that a colonoscopy:( would be something that you should consider..i don't think that u mentioned this (if u had one) in your med history. I think there could be somthing there that there not able to see with an x-ray.
Avatar n tn Same to my mom here. She was operated 20days ago and still the same. Vomiting green and diarrhea. She developed breathing problems which lead her to ICU for the last 5days now.
Avatar n tn Gave her a bath, she calmed down chnaged into jammies then vomited again in my bed! she kept vomiting until it was all green bile! I rushed her to the er. The doc looked at her vomit (i brought the bucket) he said bile was normal. He gave a drug caled Zofran used for nausea and vomiting in cancer patients. Well it worked, she was jumping up and down on her hospital bed. Weds she was fina all day back to herself, thursday morning she was fine too. I put her to bed and bam she vomits again!!
Avatar n tn Moochy is 3 years old and started vomiting a week ago. She coughed up two big hairballs in that time and wouldn't eat. I took her to the vet on the third day. The vet kept her for five days, did every test available and confirmed she has slight bilirubin and a very low white blood count but he couldn't find any cause. She doesn't have feline HIV or leukemia. He gave her broad spectrum antiobiotics and gave me some to give her now she's back home.
Avatar n tn but after 5 days doctors removed the ng tube and told to start liquid diet but the next day she vomitted with green substance in it.after that whatever she drinks comes out after few hours.The vomitting stopped by some medicines but after 3 days it started again, she cannot eat or drink anything now because of vomitting .
Avatar n tn i now have some substance to my stools but still a very dark green color haunts me.. and my right side rib cage is fine but there is an annoying lump or bubble that i feel on the outside edge of my right ribcage. i am 22 years old and have no history of illness or take any meds.. should i be worried or did an extreme round of vomiting stretch and tear a lil??
Avatar f tn All went well until the night of dec 22 when my pup began vomiting a frothy yellowish green substance with clear sticky substance which looks like phlegm to me. he has also that substance in his stool. His stool is normal in color and soft in consistency. He vomited 4x that night and so i brought him to his vet the following morning the 23rd. I told him about all the things i observed about my dog telling him about having his very wet nose which he licks...
Avatar f tn The sickness turned into vomiting dark green bile as I obviously had no food left in my stomach. Sickness only lasted about 10-12 hrs but the diarreah persisted. It is now 2 days later and I am finding myself running to the toilet every 30mins or so and excreting what appears as an orange, oily substance that runs like water. I have now started to eat again as I no longer feel sick but only managed some dry toast and have been drinking water to rehydrate myself.
Avatar f tn He was starting to experience heavy chest pains and a racing heart due to smoking this, so he decided to stop 3 days ago. In the last 3 days he has had very bad chest pain, nausea, vomiting, head aches, no appetite, hot and cold sweats and generally very unwell. And has not been able to work. Does anybody have any thoughts on the severity and length of these withdrawal symptoms, has this type of "synthetic drug" had similar effect on anyone else who has tried to give it up?
Avatar n tn my ten year old had had severe pain in his left stomach . green stools and a green bial type substance..the pain does move to the middle of his stomach...
1538414 tn?1293653756 There is no feverish symptoms only chronich naseau and now recent vomiting of a yellowish bile substance. She has had a pregnancy test and it is negative. Any advice or suggestions would be highly appreciated.... Thank you.
Avatar f tn That night she became very ill and began to vomit a dark green substance. Fearing it was a reaction to the pain medication, she quit taking it and has not had any since. I took her to the ER and they scanned her for a blockage. Nothing was found and she was again released - this time with a perscription for nausea. I was again up with her all night. She was still sick to her stomach and her heart rate was in the upper 90's.
Avatar f tn I was so sick this past week that I could not eat or drink for 4 days Sunday and Monday I spent my day at the ER for uncontrolled nausea and vomiting. They ran every kind of test possible and found nothing. I have a green discharge with no Zofran for nausea and vomiting but if I try to stop taking it I become very sick again. My preg test is still positive but the ER Doctors both told me to have an ultrasound done asap to make sure things r in place, What does that mean?
Avatar n tn I am a nurse and our pharmacy recently contacted us to implement the changes of tramadol over to a controlled substance. Yes, went the switch was converted over, it went straight to the higher class of scheduled drugs. It will be a bit for the drug books to catch up, but when they republish, tramdol will be listed as a controlled substance.
Avatar f tn The long-gone gallbladder may be part of the issue with the yellowy stools you're having. And if you're vomiting up a yellow-green liquid, that also may be related to the gallbladder. The yellow stool could be due to unregulated release of bile from the common bile duct. It's an unfortunate side-effect that some find happens after gallbladder surgery. You may want to consider following a low fat diet to see if that helps.
Avatar f tn i found the following in my teen's room: 1/2 green & 1/2 yellow capsule with "collins" imprint and a round yellow pill with NO imprint can anyone please! help me?
Avatar f tn The pain remained and got worse. I began getting dizzy spells, constipation, diarrhea, sweats, vomiting, nausea, headaches, lower back pain, etc. It comes in cycles that last from 2 weeks to anywhere around 6 weeks. I never have constipation and diarrhea together during the constipation "episodes" and visa versa. It isonly 1 or the other.
960887 tn?1283485836 Izzy is a 4 yr old Chihuahua mix that came into our emergency clinic last weekend with bloody diarrhea and vomiting. Her owner had put 4 drops of Rescue Remedy, a homeopathic flower extract, into some water and Izzie drank all of it. The next day, she was lethargic, not eating, and started to have severe bloody diarrhea. She was so weak when she got to our clinic she could not stand up. Poor Izzie’s owner was racked with guilt.
Avatar f tn I went away for a long weekend and forgot my RX at home and needless to say, the vacation was AWFUL! I was shaking uncontrollably, nauseous and vomiting, horrible headache, and severe anxiety. I so badly want off of this medication if THIS is what my body does by not having it! Does this mean I am addicted now to this medicine?
Avatar n tn She is vomiting green bile substance, and has according to her green slimmy stools. All the tests results show nothing. Her white blood count is 12.6, and she is getting very tired of hurting. Today is her 16th B'day, what a raw deal for her. She goes to see a GI specialist Monday and I hope he will either do a ERCP or HIDA Test. What could be, and how can I keep comforting her when she is tired from it all?
Avatar f tn ) Also, other than opiates, have you had problems with any other substance. I.E. Alcohol. Were you/are you a heavy drinker? I don't mean to be blunt, but bloody emesis is not a common side effect of suboxone, and there could be a number of reasons for it. If you do not wish to elaborate on any of this stuff, my best advice would be to see a doctor as soon as you can.
Avatar f tn Furthermore, he was flanked by his future wife, Deanna Tynes, and a very sober-looking Mike Holmgren, head coach of the Green Bay Packers. Favre was so nervous, he would write later in his autobiography, that he was "shaking more than Elvis in 'Jailhouse Rock.' " Then the words came out, haltingly and in a trembling tone.
Avatar n tn Everytime she eats or drinks anything 10-15 min later sometimes 25-30 min later she has a bowel movement and stays on the toilet for about an hour all the time. Her stool is usually very loose and the other day she had some white jelly or mucus like substance come out.During this time she has seen about 3 GI doctors and 2 bariatric doctors. One of the bariatric doctors felt that she needed a Gastric revision but it had to go through a board of his peers and they felt that it wasn't warranted.