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1497731 tn?1288979901 ve been addicted to vicodin. I go with it for months at a time, stop, and then start up again. I recently decided to quit for good cuz I couldn't keep living like that. I would wake up first thing in the morning, make myself a cup of coffee and take 2 bills for breakfast. I would then have 2 more at night before dinner. It was a ritual and the high was incredible and got me through some rough times but I hated how I sometimes felt so drowsy and NOT IN CONTROL of myself.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed me vicodin for my migraines... has anyone else been prescribed vicodin while pregnant??
12103503 tn?1423448886 I have severe back pain and my doctor has given me vicodin. She said it was safe to take while pregnant. Have any of you taken it while pregnant?
Avatar n tn How can a positive result for Vicodin be positive when I know I have not taken it?
Avatar m tn I am currently taking vicodin 7.5 750 Mg for torn muscles in my shoulder. I usually take one or two or occasionally three tablets through the day. It says on the bottle may cause drowsiness but they seem to have the opposite effect on me they make me hyper. So i have found when i get home the only way i can sleep is to have a couple of beers to calm me down. I work second shift so if i don't drink any i will be up all night not getting any sleep.
Avatar f tn I too have been addicted to vicodin for the past two years. i am weeks away from having my second child, the ob said it was okay to use but never really said how many. My ob said the baby shouldnt be born with any addiction that it is very very rare and they have people taking high doses of stronger narcs like methadone and are pregnant. i have to take in the am when i get up as my neck hurts the worst when i try to sleep at night.
4381292 tn?1355701521 When i was in the hospital at 26 weeks with siatica, my ob gave me vicodin. I was also on vicodin while pregnant with my daughter after a car accident. I wouldnt take unless ob prescribes as there are many different doses. Im sure (same with even tylenol) it can be bad.
Avatar f tn so my head was hurting really bad at work and i didnt have my medicine so my friend gave me a tylenol.. well i started to feel weird and she realized she gave me a vicodin!! im almost 33 weeks my question is will that show up when my baby is born like will they take him or question me about it?!?! im freaking out..
Avatar n tn I know I am now dependent on vicodin. I felt this way once before after knee surgery, but just tapered off. I also quit smoking cold turkey so I am fairly motivated to go the course. After a second knee surgury this year, I am having trouble getting off the 375 miligarms dose 3 x a day. Stopping for a day results in chills at feet and hands, no sleep, and increased emotional pressure to just pop one. That is especially true at night.
Avatar f tn does anyone know how long vicodin stays in your system 4?ive been tappering 4 about a is my first day with nothing.i thought i wouldnt feel as bad because i tapered but i def do feel it.couldnt sleep at all last night.sweating and rls.does anyone know how long this will last?i only was taking about 20 mg a day.then tappered to 5mg for a nothing why are the withdrawls still so bad?
Avatar f tn I have been taking 5-6 Vicodin, 5-6 Phenergan, 5-6 Vistiril and sometimes 1-2 Elavil every day for more than a year for pain and nausea. I guess I am just confused because I don't feel addicted to them because they help me too much. When i dont take them I am in way too much pain to function. My question is that I am supposed to be having surgery so the pain will stop but will i still feel the need to take all these meds?
Avatar n tn I was in a motorcycle accident a year ago. I have been taking Vicodin ever since, now I am up to 8 to 10 a day. I don't need them anymore for pain, I am just taking them to be taking them. Well I stopped taking them three days ago. Legs hurt, arms and back are sore, headaches and I just started with diherria. I have been taking Aleve to help with the soreness but they don't seem to be working very well. How long will I be feeling like this.
Avatar n tn My husband has been taking vicodin for pain for 4 years since he had a hip replacement. He has changed tremendouly, VERY negative, explosive, reads the news paper, as usual, for cover to cover and TALKS about all the bad things. He is never happy unless he's drunk. I think he has a serious problem and he doesn't. How can I help him see what he has become???????
Avatar n tn 5 mg vicodin every 4 hours around the clock, and more if she can get her hands on it....she is a new dialysis patient, has chronic neck pain (degeneration), and just this week she entered a nursing home for rehabilitation (our suggestion). Long story short, she is 70, a recovered alcoholic (dry 15 yrs.) and during that time she also had been addicted to prescription drugs (vicodin, librium).
Avatar f tn I have been taking vicodin 7.5/750 for several months and all the tylonel is starting to upset my stomach. Does anyone know the different strengths of vicodin so I can try something different?
Avatar m tn I have been on vicodin for 1 year and want to stop. My psychological addiction is the worst. What can I do?
Avatar n tn The er gave me a prescription for vicodin bevause of stomach pains, I haven't taken it but is this normal?
Avatar m tn Hi...I have been taking 5-6 vicodin daily. I started taking them for headaches but now they seem to give me a boost of energy. Im so over wanting/needing them. Im ready to be done. Is it safe for my heart/body to quit cold turkey? I know it will be hard, but Im willing as long as it wont kill me to just stop!
Avatar n tn I'm not quite sure what you are asking? If you are prescribe Vicodin...then these are Vicodin pills. Ever pill, both brand name and generic, depending on the manufacturer has different markings. If you have any questions then you can ask the Pharmacist where you picked up your prescription. It's very possible that your Pharmacy changed brands/generics and this has different markings from what you took previously. They still all work the same as directed...
Avatar m tn ve been broke from vicodin i just got laidoff and this year has to be the worst every night and day i always thinking ending my misery, seriously. i had to pawn some stuff to really get something to eat and gas and vicodin i went to the doctor and he gave me 120 almost a month ago i eat 3-4 a day. I want it out of my life also It feels like everything is falling down and i'm crying so hard inside noone can hear and i hide my emotions.
Avatar m tn I take about 6-30mg oxycodone and 20-10/325mg Vicodin a day! How do I come off of these...
Avatar n tn I was in a car accident 3 years ago. I didn't want to have back surgery so I've been maintaining the pain by taking one or two vicodin Everything I have read says to stay away from the pain medicine. Does anyone else have any info or have taken the medicine while pregnant?
653611 tn?1235776013 ive been taking vicodin for a surgury which took place two days ago its a minor surgury so im going back to work tomorrow, i was wondering if i took a vicodin tonight {its about nine pm] will i have a hangover tomorrow when i have to be up for work ay 730 am?