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Avatar f tn I had mono when Iw as pregnant with my daughter...
Avatar n tn I'm coming in a bit late to this discussion so I apologize for that... I'm curious about the numbers though... Vicodin comes in 5mg, 7.5, and 10mg for the hydrocodone mg. The second larger number is the Acetaminophen on the tablet/prescription. I'm not sure I understand the 50, 75 and 100 numbers that you are talking about?
Avatar m tn Why do you think it is withdrawals? How much vicodin and how long? If I knew more I could inform you better but it sound like it is possibly depression.
Avatar n tn I had been taking vicodin for 10 years and then my dr. left for good and my new one decided to wean me by giving me 30 pills for the first week to wean me and then just stopped giving me them!!! now I have had to go cold turkey for the last week so bad thought about killing myself . But naw that wont do so here I am suffering , still can not sleep at night no energy no motivation no hope . This has got to be hell !!!! I am hoping that tommorro will be better for me and then it isnt.
370337 tn?1209870560 Im an addicted mom to two children also. My DOC- Vicodin, about 10 a day at its peak. Husband didnt know either for the most part. He knew i took them for my bad back and other chronic pain issues, but didnt know i got high from them too, nor realize that I couldnt just stop takign them without WD, etc. Its been a very long hard battle for me, Ive relapsed a couple times both by my own choice and due to an injury.
Avatar f tn Joint of littlest toe on right foot is red and swollen, painful. Vicodin cream prescribed for left foot helps. Jan 14-18: Virus? Vomiting. Jan. 15: Rheumatalogist says MRI of left foot and blood work are both inconclusive, but because symptoms and some tests point to an "inflammatory process," he prescribes sulfasalazine. How she reacts to the medication will help to indicate if inflammation is truly problem, or not. Jan.
Avatar m tn In the second eek of January I started to have a slight sore throat, and a diarrhea that lasted a couple days. Well i was tested for strep and mono, both negative, i asked about hiv and was told that it was highly unlikly.
Avatar n tn Am a 45 y.o. teacher who was diagnosed with mono 3 weeks ago. Was fine (generally) until 2 days ago. Mono reared its ugly head again. Ended up in ER. Have been resting but have experienced skull crushing headache b/t eyes and at base of skull. It has lasted over 24 hours. No relief with over the counter meds. Have had these headaches before (infrequently), always come on at night. I wake up with my head pounding--even before mono diagnosis. If you have migraines, does this sound like one?
432103 tn?1207238637 This pain has reach a level now where if her arm is held, it actually results in an injury type pain which lasts for days. She has been retested for EBV and has normal levels. She has been through a battery of blood tests, CT scans of the brain, and MRI's of the brain and cervical spine. The C-Spine MRI showed muscle spasms had caused the neck to lose its curve.
Avatar f tn I am sorry to hear of your difficulties. The severity and progressive nature of the symptoms you describe is far beyond what is to be expected of herpes in a normal host; it in no way resembles any condition caused by this virus. In addition, the migratory nature of your complaints is not at all characteristic for herpes. This is too complex a problem that it can be readily dealt with at this forum and, I suspect, is a manifestation of a problem other than herpes infection.
Avatar n tn He is taking Pamelor 20 mg for headaches, Vicodin for pain, Veramyst spray for allergies, Zyrtec for allergies. Previously, he was on a round of Augmentin before surgery, Levaquin after surgery, and tried various other pain relievers such as Darvocet, Fioricet, an Imitrex without success. People tell me to take him to a University or a specialty clinic. I have made some calls, but they want to know what specific doctor to see. I don't know what kind of doctor he needs.
Avatar n tn This also happened the night before to a lesser extent (I woke up and couldn't sleep for an hour or 2) but that night I had taken vicodin. So I'm kind of confused here - am I addicted on such a small dose? Should I taper off and if so at what dosage? Should I go back to 2.5 mg and then try and go off of that for awhile or should I just stop it cold turkey and hope I can sleep through the night tonight? I really need to sleep because that is the only way Mono will get better.
Avatar m tn I have had swollen tonsils for about 2 months now. Some days they are worse than others. I had gone to my doctors back in early January, and subsequently had a swab test for strep, which came back negative. Back in August of 2008, I had a similar issue, and white chunks were lodged in my tonsils. I was sexually inactive at that time. My doctor said that some food had just gotten stuck in there, and that I should just let it work it's way out, and it did.
Avatar n tn both negative, ive been to the doc and tested for mono and that was negative. i took myself to the hospital for nausea and body aches, an earache and a really bad toothache. i was perscribed antibiotics. ive also taken myself to the dentist and was put on vicodin, i still feel very nauseated and very achy with a headache. what can be wrong with me?
432103 tn?1207238637 hi, my sympathies to your daughter. i had mono almost 16 years ago was hospitalized for 2 weeks because it caused my air passages to swell up. i was also a very "severe" case. at the time i had a lot of fatigue, dizziness and pain in the occipital region of my head that seemed to be swelling/edema. like your daughter i also passed out during a blood draw. in addition i had difficulty reading and walking due to the dizziness. no one knew why.
Avatar n tn I should mention that I am currently on valtrex, vicodin and chlindamyicin for all of this.
Avatar n tn Have you had weight gain with this? I had mono for 7 months, and some of my symptoms were fatigue, joint pain (in my knees), low grade fever, heart palipitations, sever fatigue, sore throat, headaches, abdominal pain, etc. All the tests you had, I had, and they were all normal. I'll give you some of the tests my doctors gave me. Did you get tested for EBV? I was positive for this. Fibromyalgia? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Vitamin D?
432103 tn?1207238637 My 16 year old daughter contracted a severe case of Mono in September 2007. She experienced a 30 lbs weight loss (115 to 86 lbs.), extreme body pain, and extreme fatigue. Her doctor identified it as the worse case she had ever seen. Her symptoms were subsiding by the end of December 2007, when she was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Approximately two to three weeks after the accident, all of the symptoms we had associated with the Mono had returned.
2048234 tn?1330817700 Thank you for responding... This just stinks!
Avatar f tn I'm 16 years old, and the most recent of the symptoms above (photosensitivity) has been going on for about 6 months. Any input would be greatly appreciated, since my doctor just ruled out mono and autoimmune and then said she didn't know.
Avatar n tn then i was clean for 3 weeks and i started on vicodin now im in the same rut..i just feel like theres no life you know..?
Avatar n tn Doctor took one look at me and said, It looks like strep throat, but it really sounds like Mono as well. He took a throat swab and gave me a prescription for Pennecillin. My lower back, front part of my thighs and lower back of my calf constantly ache I'm constipated and I can't make a bowel movement, if I strain my head pounds severly.
Avatar f tn I was started on gabapentin and vicodin. My blood work had a + ANA and I had the complete workup for Lupus and was seeing a neurologist for a few years that just prescribed loads of percocet for me. I tried every drug there is, Lyrica helped the most but had a nasty reaction. I finally found a great pain specialist, after several frogs, and was diagnosised with RSD or CRPPS (despite no trauma) I had a spinal cord stimulator placed and was doing ok until my legs started hurting.
Avatar f tn hello and welcome. do you have a prescription for the vicodin? the baby will feel the withdrawal more than you will when you cut back or dont take them. it is dangerous for your unborn child. you need to be completely honest with your doctor now before the birth of your baby. most hospitals now check the the cord blood for signs of drug abuse. they can test for use during your whole pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Your symptom profile is eerilly reminiscent of that of a friend of mine, who is currently waiting for a refferal for an MRI to check for MS. She was fortunate enough to finally get a doctor who takes her seriously, and is willing to look past the fact that she also has depression, to find a physical cause. I notice that you have hit a lot of letters twice in typing your post. Are you having problems with your fine motor skills?
Avatar n tn The doc gave me Pamelor which used to be used for depression, now it is mostly used for diabetic neuropathies. Hasn't helped at all. Any ideas????? I really need your help.
964753 tn?1247290084 Hi, thanks for the post. The doctor did an excisional biopsy on one of the lumps in my groin region. I am contacting the doctor first thing monday, because I am in extreme pain still from the biopsy.
5591135 tn?1380171656 I have been a member to this site since 2009 and although Id love to say Ive been sober that whole time I have not. So since opiate abuse really started for me Ive had mono 3X, a rare staph infection (staph ludgenesis) and most recently a small bowel obstruction. Not to mention depression and a significant suicide attempt that I almost succeeded at. Oh and psoriasis. Just curious to know if anyone else. had issues.
Avatar n tn A month ago the doc gave me a bottle of syrup with hydrocodone in it (5mg) for a sinus infection. I was then diagnosed with Mono. Anyways, I had been taking 1 tsp of it nightly for the illness symptoms. It definitely helped me feel better but it also felt good (i.e. "fun") to take it which confused me a lot. I stopped taking the syrup a couple nights ago and woke up in the middle of the night at 3AM and couldn't go back to sleep until 7AM. Bleh.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the feedback. Just did blood work for this month would really appreciate feedback on last's months results. I am geno1-31/48, (the doc didn't have a problem with the following results. He had already reduced me to 135ml of peysus/1000 riba): out of range: WBC 2.7 L RBC 3.19L HEMOGLOBIN 10.9L HEMATOCRIT 33.