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Avatar n tn I have an inspiratory wheeze. During the night i wake and can hear a crackle and wheeze on expiration, I cannot expire completlly it makes me cough. I am short of breath on exertion and even talking is difficult when my throat is irritated.
Avatar n tn Most everything lasts a while past expiration before deterioration, including food. Expiration dates have a margin of safety built in. That being said, the above is true, but vitamins usually have way more that anyone needs in them so a little deterioration in potency isn't that big a deal depending on why you're taking them. After all, much of them just goes down the toilet anyway, so again, a margin of safety is built in there, too.
152264 tn?1280354657 There should be an expiration date on the package--if its expired then I would not use it; pesticides can break down and become less effective or more toxic with time.
Avatar n tn These were precribed to me but I noticed the bottle expiration date is 10/2008. I have almost full bottles so I haven't thrown them out. Can I consider these safe? My husband says yes.
Avatar f tn You may want to check and see if there is an expiration date. Even if the expiration date is past, there are still okay to use as the expiration date is for the packaging. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I got a barely used graco car seat from a friend. I can't find the expiration date on it anywhere... would I just call the company?
1646889 tn?1301481228 I would question the fact that the pharmacist chose to ignore an expiration date, I don't think they just pull expiration dates out of the air,thet are there for a reason, it is not legal to sell a medication beyond an expiration date, I don't know why you would be advised to ingest one and have it be effective? He may be confusing a synthetic with a desicated medication, it could be synthetics have a longer shel life, but I would not use any that are expired, even over the counter meds.
152264 tn?1280354657 Is an unopened bottle of Systane that's 1.5 years past its expiration date safe to use? At least until I can get to the store for a fresh bottle?
Avatar n tn So I just noticed that my last two packs of pills have the expiration date of 7/2009. Im supposed to start one of the packs this sunday, and that means I will be taking 4 days of expired pills (the first four days of July). Will this be risky? I called planned parenthood and they said I would be fine...and that I can't come in and get new packs since I have two...I'm a little scared these pills won't work since its so close to the expiration date!!
Avatar m tn Hello and welcome to the forum. Could you give us more details? Normally expiration dates are stated on the pill bottles. Here is some general information. But you should most certainly check with your provider and a pharmacist.
778044 tn?1299542934 HI there is an expiration date on one of the flaps. I also got mine in Feb and mine's good until 8/2011.
Avatar f tn There is an abnormal increased velocity involving the celiac artery origin in the supine position with a peak systolic velocity of 294 cm/s, at inspiration 326 cm/s, expiration 406 cm/s. The knee semi-upright position during expiration the velocity is 276 cm/s, upright expiration 147 cm/s." However, when my doctor followed this test up with an MRA it came back normal. I am confused how this could be.
Avatar n tn Definitely! So, the only way the condom would've not been effective is if it had broken? So, there's no such thing as miniscule holes that could enlarge after the expiration date, right? Thanks again!
Avatar f tn 5 milligrams 3/4 am and 1 at expiration date on my bottle says disgard after date which is 1 year. now my pharmacist said benzoes are only good for 6 a little confused at this point.
237039 tn?1264258057 I also switched to nitro spray which is less fragile than sublingual tabs and it saves a few seconds from unscrewing the tab bottle and it easy to see how much is left. Watch the expiration date also. Sorry for your miserable 20 minutes. Joan.
Avatar f tn I agree with aaron n sophia, the warning label not being there isn't so much of a concern (unless you can't see the expiration date on it), I'd be more concerned of an accident previously. They can look perfect and still have been in an accident, that and the crib are what my doctor told me to make sure I didn't buy 2nd hand, they're most important!
Avatar n tn From what I have read the only issue with exceeding the expiration date is maybe less potency. In your situation, I wouldn't worry about the date. Can you get a prescription for Armour? If so, I have a potential source for you, in Canada.
604185 tn?1233960857 Well, personally, I think it's fine! It's only september anyway, and I would imagine those expiration dates have some leeway. It's less than a month past the pharmacy date, and the manufacturer's expiration date is not until I say go for it!
121828 tn?1333464491 I would definitely use it. From what I have learned about expiration dates, all that it is really is a date that, by law, MUST be put on food products so that you have some idea of how old they are and when it would be BEST to use them by. But it DOES NOT mean that magically, on that day, it all the sudden goes bad. Especially where it is SO close to the expiration date. I am positive it is just fine.
Avatar f tn If you smell it and it stinks, I wouldn't use it. But we always use ours for like 2 or 3 days after the expiration date as long as it smells fine.