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Avatar n tn my pain level gets to a 10 and when I take the meds it never gets beyond a 7 on a pain scale, I have been given vicodin,toradol,Norco,and roxicodon. the Norco and Roxicodon makes me so ill, they gave me naseua medicine but it still makes me sick. its as though the meds are just not strong enough 5 mg to 10 mg, I have not slept as I can not get the pain under control, any suggestions? I just want to get some relief so I can sleep.
Avatar f tn Hi Totie, I honestly don't believe you have tried enough variants of medications in the categories that you are struggling with to truly say that no medication works for you. Doctors are also extremely cautious with patients around your age, no matter how much you tell them something doesn't work, they are reluctant to increase the dose and if they do, it is only by a small amount...not enough for you to notice a significant difference.
Avatar f tn My pain management doctor recently switched me to hydrocodone 10-500 due to pharmacy crack downs and I am itching like crazy and having bad nightmares and don't sleep well and grind my teeth bad. I must be having an allergic reaction? I'm not allergic to anything but this now. I'm suffering in pain cause I can't take these side effects! I was on Oxycodone 10-325 and didn't have any problems.
1041243 tn?1375230520 but in my personal experience, thats all that vicodin does, too. vicodin makes me violently ill and i found that ibuprofen, tylenol and asprin all worked better than the vicodin...but i talked to my doc first, which is what you should do.
Avatar m tn m feeling daily pain in shoulder blades, like knots forming there and are painful to the touch, my muscles in the back of the neck and shoulder are tense and almost daily I have migraines, which is very debilitating. I'm not feeling anxiety or panick attacks, so I think is not from the Xanax tapering off. Could it be that these symptoms are from the Vicodin/Tramadol withdrawal? What can it helps to at least avoid the migraines? Thans in advance for your input.
Avatar n tn I was recently working out, and as soon as I started to lift, my very first set, i got a massive headache and could not do anything else. It happened to me once before, but it was a different type of headache it was in the back of my head and my neck so i didn't work out for a week or two and i was fine. Since then i have been going to the gym for about two months and it hasn't happened. Like i said, this is a different headache. I just started taking creatine if that means anything?
Avatar n tn I am in my 3 trimester now and I still work out and run. I did a marathon 3 months ago and just yesterday I did a 2 hour cycle class for the new year and my normal weights. Just listen to your body.
Avatar f tn I'm 33 weeks and have been working out everyday. Just don't over do it and don't lift anything really heavy. I use 8 or 5 pound weights on my arms. But if you are unsure just check with your doctor.
Avatar f tn m a body builder and very very active with lifting heavy. Yesterday was the first time back in the gym in about two weeks (moved out of state) and well I forgot about the 25lb rule. BUT I still lifted extremely light. 85lb free weight barbell squats, with 35lb dummbbell shrugs and 25lb tricep overhead extensions, and 45lb plate to chin shrugs... I am 9 weeks and 2 days pregnant.. should I just stick to cardio and every single thing I go to lift stay at 25lbs ??
559862 tn?1311516637 Were any of you ladies working out rigorously prior to becoming pregnant and how long did you continue working out??? I also lift weights about once a week and wondered if anyone on here has had experience with lifting while pregnant. From what I've found (of course always ask your doc) that you can continue lifting just not your max and as you get farther in your pregnancy cut the weight in half?!?! Thanks in advance for any replies! p.s.
4779253 tn?1359063555 I go to the gym here and there to take walks on treadmills and squats and few lifting here and there. i want to gain the right amount of weight for my baby, without gaining too much weight as well.. im only 11+4 days, i hope im not puting my baby to risk. but i want to stay healthy and fit as well. any one else concern aboug weight gain..?
Avatar f tn I am pregnant with a my second baby and I am not backing down on working out. With my last pregnancy, I worked out 5-6 times a week for 40 to 60 minutes. I had a very healthy pregnancy and baby! The best part was I was able to bounce back very quickly post baby. My current schedule consists of spin class twice a week, elliptical,running (just slowed down a bit),stairstepper, and a cardio mix up class. I am just more careful and I don't push myself as hard.
Avatar n tn I am one of the lucky ones you so far (shot 12 tonight) that has not suffered with sx but I do feel so wiped out in the afternoons and by the time I get off work and get home I do not feel like doing anything. I had hoped (know that sounds sick) that I would lose weight on tx but Oh no not me, not so lucky... if anything have gained. *****.... I am not sure what to do but to look toward Dec. when I will be finished with tx and have energy.. I agree with the goal sitting...
Avatar n tn Working out is fine!! Unless your doc says other wise. I worked out very hard before this pregnancy! However I have had to tone it down a little. I still lift light weights and have had to reach out and try some new things because I was finding the old exercises hard to do. I joined Pilates, because I clearly couldn't spend so much time on my abdominals! And I found it helped a lot for back aches and si pain. Cardio is a lot harder to do pregnant!
Avatar f tn I'm 31 weeks and just started working out again since I first found out I was pregnant. I have an athletic build and am in pretty good shape. I keep my jogging at a minimum speed and under a mile a day and lift very light weights not to overdo it. Doctor says its fine but everyone tells me I shouldn't run. Anybody else in the same boat and if so up until what week in your pregnancy did you stay active?
Avatar f tn How long after you have your baby can you start working out?? Like sit ups and stuff in the abdominal area??
Avatar f tn I walk on the treadmill for atleast 35min to an hour squats and the stationery bike and eat your greens and fruits no fast food try and make yourself a fruit smoothie those are always yummy n add some spinach youll be fine good luck mommy
Avatar f tn i just currentley turned 27 weeks AND wanted to start working out at The gym, How many of you ladies start workout so late AND i hope Is not dangerous to The baby.
Avatar f tn How many times a week should I work out and for how long? Im lose about 16 pounds maybe a little less.
Avatar f tn hi and a mom of a lil 3 year old boy and I'm pregnant with my 2 baby, im only 1 month pregnant and I've gained alot of weight since I left my job in December, 14 lbs and I feel so ugly and gross nothing fits and I cried yesterday. I need to know if I can still work out?? I don't have my doctor appointment till Next week but I really need to work out and If it's possible to lose weight while pregnant this far along??????? -young mom.
Avatar f tn If u were working out before pregnancy, I say keep at it (unless your dr recommends otherwise) your baby will love all that oxygen and blood flow.
Avatar m tn About 3 weeks ago i started to use very hot water on a rag to clean my face after running and working out. Now my nose has turned white with red blotches. I really didnt know what had caused this but i am thinking it might be drying out of the skin, but when i try to use lotion on it and nasal spray to get the color back and remove the red blotches i find my skin stays the same just becomes more oily. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Do any of you girls work out while your pregnant? And do you think it's safe to do squats??
Avatar f tn I started working out and eating healthy about a year ago too...I had lost 72 pounds before finding out I was pregnant, I still work out now im almost 30 weeks, I walk alot and play a workout game on my xbox kinect I just change some of the workouts so they don't hurt my stomach....I did run a little in the beginning and the protein shakes are ok depending on what kind it is, I would google it or ask your doctor!
Avatar n tn What is a good amount to work out ? i am very active and have been. I use to work out 5-6 times a week for two hrs mostly weight lifting with 3 times a week cardio. I know now i cant do that but what is a good amount ? I am almost 20 weeks and have been walking on treadmill on incline watching my heartrate and doing a bit of strength stuff.. any suggestions ? Good amount of days to do ? or any workout suggestions ?
Avatar n tn Without smoking you might have the potential to easily grow another four or five inches, maybe more and become svelte and slim. At 110-115 lbs, you're at a good weight for your height. Just maybe 5 lbs generous but you're only 15, it's important to allow for grow spurts so that the most can made out of them. If you lost 15 lbs, you'd slip into the underweight (heading towards anorexic) BMI category (which does not really apply to children but pretty close for your age).
Avatar f tn My midwife said that lots of women who are used to working out simply stop during their first trimester since they feel so bad. I'm ok with this as long as I can get back to it in the second semester. I'm so worried that I'm gaining too much weight in my middle already!