Vicodin and underactive thyroid

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1757697 tn?1313069068 I too have an underactive thyroid. I first had a hyperactive thyroid but got radioactive iodine and therefore it turned hypo. I have been on something like synthoid to keep my levels normal and was able to breastfeed my son for up to 11 months. If you get your levels at a good point then you should be fine.
1327431 tn?1327072104 You have to tell them that you have done your reading and looked into your condition and care about the long-term treatment of your health and thyroid. If you fight for what you want, you will eventually find someone that is happy to go along with your wishes. But we all have to take charge of our own health, right?
Avatar n tn Hi I had some blood test s done early because of my iron deficiency and my doc done glucose and thyroid s blood came back my iron is low thyroid is low glucose is fine... and as you do I looked up underactive thyroid and it can have all sorts of birth defects.... I'm so sad... im scared as hell... my doc didn't give me any meds maybe because I got my first scan and full blood tests done next week but every one is on about medication! Any ones else out there that got it ?
1289966 tn?1326101570 here is a very good article that explains how our pancreas, liver, stress, metabolism and thyroid etc.. work for us and against us when dealing with hypothyroidism and the host of dietary difficulties it can create. I hope you find this information of value.. Wishing you the best of health.
Avatar n tn I am a 30 year old female and Ive just recently been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. I am a personal trainer and majorly active. I had such bad fatigue with this thyroid thing I have barley done anything. My doctor put me on eltroxin 0.05 about a month ago and I am still just as tired as ever. I am going for blood work next week to see how its going. I have also gained 8 lbs :s will the weight come off once the dosage is correct?
5939183 tn?1377163795 Both myself, my dad and his mother have rheumatoid arthritis. My mom and her sister are both on thyroid meds for underproductive thyroid. Should I get tested again and push for meds. My kids are growing like weeds and they are thin but should I get them tested anyway? I am obsese and have been so since my mom put me on a 3 month birth control injection which stopped my periods.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed in 1996 with an over active thyroid, I weighed 111 lbs. I'm 5'5" tall. After treatment for a few years the thyroid went to underactive. I've been on 88mg of Levothyroxine for many many many years. Recently I noticed a weight gain without trying. My PCP appt in October 2017 I was 142, my most recent visit along with thyroid testing I was 146. I have not changed my eating habits at all.
Avatar m tn had this a year now ,first started after an health check at forty ,started on 25 mcgs of levothyroxine now on 125 mcgs but ive always had the symptoms of felling very very tired all the time, very perticular too hot and cold temps.being very sluggish.
Avatar f tn I have a low thyroid and I am extremely thin. The thyroid weight gain is usually under 10 pounds and is mainly water. Still, I would have a full thyroid panel with thyroid antibody test to rule out thyroid disease as it could be making you not feel like exercising--leading to the weight gain. Also, children do put on weight after age 5 so the tonsil surgery could be a coincidence rather than a true correlation.
Avatar n tn i was told i had underactive thyroid. scale is suppose to be 5.50 and blood work showed 6.73. what does this mean? i was put on synthroid .025 mg to start and another blood check in 6 weeks. is this just a little off or a lot? and can you please explain some of the symptoms to me? i know my menstral cycle has been heavier and some spotting in between. bloating, contipation, sometimes severe constipation. Some anxiety with panic attacks. No ambition, and trouble sleeping.
Avatar f tn I'm not so sure about the heart murmur, but the rest of it is part of hypothyroidism. I have a mild heart valve prolapse (a leaky valve), but I'm not sure exactly what a heart murmur is. An anti-anxiety medication would help with your other symptoms. I'm taking Alprazolam, and it has helped quite a bit. Low Ferritin levels are also common. I forget what supplement you need to treat that.
Avatar f tn I have an underactive thyroid and goitres which I have had for the last 2 years. I have recently had a scan which has indicated that my thyroid has enlarged since my first scan 2 years ago. The reason I requested a scan was due to the severe neck pain I am getting on a regular basis. After seeing a surgeon for the 3rd time he has given me 3 options, 1. not to have an operation, 2. To book the appointment for the operation or 3. Take time to make my decision.
1289966 tn?1326101570 just received a letter from the hospital saying that i possibly might have a underactive thyroid ,so i have got straight onto my doc to get a blood test on tuesday ,can i take interferon and riba whilst on thyroxine tablets,im not on tx yet ,plus ive got evidence of liver scarring,if its found that i do have an underactive thyroid ,then for the rest of my life i will be on tablets, will this affect my treatment, thank you john byrnes
720499 tn?1230845510 Sorry its me again forgot to mention that i have a underactive thyroid I was told this could be the cause of my cyst what do u think?
Avatar f tn I have an underactive thyroid, too. I was regulated before my pregnancy but that honestly means nothing because pregnancy itself can cause a controlled thyroid to go out of wack.. They'll probably draw your blood much more and adjust your medication accordingly, but I've had no issues with mine. My previous pregnancy I had no idea I had an underactive thyroid til the end and my son was just fine!
Avatar n tn I had to ask him how my results were and thats when he told me my thyroid was underactive. My father also has a underactive thyroid and takes a pill every day. Now when the doctor told me about the underactive thyroid he gave me another blood test and I still havent heard back from him. Do I need medication like my father takes everyday for this? I always feel tired. bad memory and I dont know what I should do, If I should see another doctor about this, or if I need medication.
Avatar f tn however, you should get both thyroid and B12 levels tested. Many people who have thyroid problems are deficient in B12.
Avatar n tn Since my miscarriage I read about underactive thyroid causing issues in pregnancy such as increased risk of miscarriage and still birth and difficulty conceiving. I have had an underactive thyroid hypothyroidism since birth and I have been taking 150mg of thyroxine medication all my life. My Nurse checked my T4 count a fews weeks ago and said all was fine before I knew I was pregnant.
787258 tn?1280087945 the doc then found out bout my underactive thyroid 3 months after i lost i fell prg again and at 24 weeks i lost the bby because of lack of oxijen to the plecenta i am now trying for another bby and i was woundreing weather my thyroid problem will cause me to lose again please help sumone ??