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Avatar m tn Look at the bottle and look it up online. I have been addicted to vicodin for the past 6+ years and any other opiates. But never heard of Sequel. Sorry. I hope you concentrate more on her sucess of going through the withdrawal and not worry too much about the 1 sleeping pill at night. PRAISE HER SHE NEEDS ENCOURAGEMENT. If you find information present it in a concerned loving way and not a condemming way. Please.
Avatar f tn I've taken vicodin for 6 years, 3-4 a day. now I cannot stop without pain and or panic.
Avatar n tn I am married and my wife and I are trying to have a baby. I have have no excuse for abusing the pills. I know the results of abusing these pills and have had to tell people that their love one is dead because of an overdose. I love my wife and have told her of my addiction. I am sorry for ranting on. I am also sorry for my lack of ability to spell correctly. I have been reading this form for some time now and decided to write for some advice.
Avatar n tn my doctor continues to prescribe vicodin decreasing the amount of pills daily and weekly. the only problem is i have to cotroll the amount myself. it is easy to say i will take 3 a day and then 2 a day but when you have the whole months supply in hand i cheat and tell myself i will catch up. i am really trying but it is very hard. who could beleive that someone who never even smoked pot during the days would get to this point. i will keep the forum informed. thanks singer.
Avatar n tn people quit taking vicodin at a much higher dose and never look back, they had said they just didn't feel good and never associated anything with withdrawal. You say you are sensitive to medication? has any other med you have taken produced the same kind of effect? are you on anything else and have you ever had a panic attack before?
Avatar f tn I have the opposite problem and feel I sleep too much since i quit the pills....even during withdrawals i would take naps and sleep 8-10 hours at night...i guess everyone is different but i sometimes wish i did not need so much sleep!
Avatar n tn Please give me some advise as to how to get off the otc sleeping pills, the alternatives and what to do about my vicodin intake, i am currently out of my vicoprofen which isnt due to be refilled until the 22nd of this month, today is only the 8th. I am in pain now and will have to take the percocet to relieve the pain which gives me a terrible headache which then i have to take advil to relieve that. I feel like im spiraling out of control, and would love to be off of everything.
Avatar f tn He has been resigned and so have we to date of just letting him take his four vicodin a day (he is very regimented about taking only four a day) but he is not sleeping AT ALL NOW so FINALLY the stubborn goat is trying to ween himself off of it. He is unaware of what real withdrawal is like and reading here about the vomiting and stress to the body, his heart cannot take it. We are very scared and do not know what to do with him. He will not do treatment in a center.
Avatar m tn Went to the and told her the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.She prescribed trazodone for sleep and to simmer me down.Took one this afternoon and it helped.Suppose to be non addicting with negliable side affects at this low dose.Its a roller coaster but Im still hanging on.Thanks for the support!
Avatar n tn I've been on these damn pills for 5 years, went thru Withdrawlals once and hated it. I thought I was dying. So i'm really fearful of this upcoming detox. I've had enough of these monkeys on my back, it's effecting my work, my relationships with family and friends and I'm tired of being TIRED all the time. I've been wanting to quit for two years but have always been afraid of the WD symptoms. Now i can no longer get hydros or vics so I'm done whether i like it or not.
Avatar n tn I went to a pain doc who took me off the Vics and soma and replaced with 1 mg methodone 3 time per and 2 kolonipin (Sorry for spelling) She is also trying lanesta sleeping pills for nigh time. I must say that it helped alot and the waking to 4 and 4 no longer are needed. I am having some trouble with stress and taking those damn pills. I am going in about 3 week from now to have the bulges injected. The last time I did this it was horrible.
Avatar n tn I have a family member who was diagnosed with chronic pain and fatigue over 10 years ago. I believe that she has an addiction to vicodin but I am curious of the signs and symptoms that I should be looking for. She sleeps probably 19 hours out of a 24 hour period and admits to using vicodin "occasionally" for the pain. I am getting ready to go to stay with her in the next few weeks because my sister who lives near her has been worried about the way that she has been acting.
237152 tn?1206654636 I have been on and off vics for about a year and a half now. The only reason I've ever been off is due to lack of the pills which leads to a hellish withdrawal until I get more. I have experimented with cocaine a lot in the past and it never f***ed me up like the vics have. How long do I have to be off before I stop feeling completely useless and hopeless? The emotional withdrawal is awful.
Avatar n tn Will it be very hard to sleep at night without the nightime pill? I've tried Nyquil, Advil PM, Tylenol PM, OTC sleeping pills, and they seem to not work well. I dont want anything stronger, they wind up become even more addicting. Will smoking a joint at bedtime work? Im not an addictive personality. Right now im going on a full week of weaning off of Percocet after using it for a year plus straight, and have no desire to take 2 or 3 at a time. Just want to sleep at night.
Avatar m tn I think you need to go to detox and rehab. You'll be monitored as you come off the alcohol and pills. You'll be cared for medically and they'll monitor your blood pressure. You need to stop now. I hope you'll check yourself into a detox. This is your life.
9193583 tn?1404494882 vicodin for over 11 months now and just went downhill I feel just horrible I have ammodium and women's vitamins and 5 valium some sleeping pills too is there anything that can make this easier for me? My kids are ur7 years old and 10 months old.
Avatar n tn With no way out of the dinner and feeling soooo bad on my 4th day in, I took 1 vicodin and made it through dinner. The next day I took 1 1/2 and stayed at 1 1/2 for about a week... feeling a little better than I had during detox. Then I came into about 40 extra vicodin, and 25 percocet and suddenly was taking WAY too many pills again. Long story short, I'm on my 2 week cut back period before my refill.
Avatar n tn I had NO idea he was doing this. I had the pills hidden, and had no idea I needed to have them under lock and key!!! I wanted to make sure we had "a stash" so when he had a back flare up he wouldn't be in pain, some times it takes a while to get in to see the specialist. Little did I know.......thanks for the support and good luck and congrats to you!
414776 tn?1202742290 I am sure that was an error))))) No unfortunantly it wasnt an error and im not having any liver problems, im just a timebomb ready to go off if it causes liver damage, i was feeling good on them, im also a drinker and taking the vicodin and drinking i have alot of blackouts...
675923 tn?1296241611 Hi. I am on my 4th day of withdrawling from Lorecets (pain pills) and xanax. This has definatelybeen oneoformaybethevery hardestthingI have ever done! DO NOT TURN BACK AND TAKE NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE PILL!!!!!!! I cannot stress that enough,because I have been battling this for a coupleof years. This is the best I've ever done so far and believeit ornot, the best I feel (but at the same time the worst...make sense?) If you are on day 5 and I amon day 4 we are about the same in our detox process...
Avatar n tn If you can take the vicodin as prescribed and its the only thing that gives you relief ? Sometimes it is nessesary for quality of life. Just make sure you keep it in check. As we all know it is so easy to get out of control with them.
Avatar m tn He sleeps a lot during the day and then has trouble sleeping at night. He takes a Xanaflex and drinks rum to get to sleep. That is the only alocohol he drinks in a day. Again he believes he is not an addict????
Avatar n tn What I told my doctor was that I had been in pain management and I've decided I don't like the pills and want to stop all together. I thought he would send me away but he was actually proud of my decision. At no time did I use the word addict. If that's what your scared of then just say you are dependent. He should give you blood pressure meds and maybe some phenergen. The phenergen is an anti nausea pill that makes you very sleepy so it may help you sleep.
Avatar f tn Anyway, you will have a bit of a rough time of it going cold turkey, but it should be over in a little short of a week. You will need immodium and an otc sleeping aid. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids and eat whatever you can. Hot baths are soothing and keep yourself occupied to keep your mind off of it. One more thing---do you blame the doctor who prescribed them If so, then you have an even bigger problem. You need to get with that also.
Avatar m tn The hardest was the sleeping , I was taking a pretty good shoot of Nyquil right before bed and I was able to get about 6 hrs a night. I havent had to use any after day 5.The anxiety really hit me on day 4 and made it hard to do anything. I came clean to my reg doc and got a RX for prozac and xantax for the anxiety nd it has made a big difference.It will a few days, eveyone is differrent with how long but it seems like day 4 is good turning point.
Avatar n tn I am hoping the Doc or others might have further info for me on what to expect now that I've officially left detox from Vicodin and have 7 days under my belt. Today my nerves were wrecked and was so jittery and antsy. I finally asked the nurse for clonopine so i took one a couple hours ago and that seems to have helped. Will this go on for some time or will I start to notice a difference in a week or so?
Avatar n tn i am not a addict, but my husband is and it is tearing our family apart, i can tell you that my husband is not near the man that he once was, its like his soul is empty, emotionless, angry, for us i just wish that me and the kids could have him back, the pills vicodin and xanax for 6 yrs, have taken there toll on him, and they have actually brought on depression, i have done a lot of research on his addiction, and unless he actually gets off of them completely, in time he will begin to feel bet
Avatar n tn The Doc perscribed me Penicilin and Vicodin and I was soooo nervous to take my meds. Now I feel more confident and mabey just mabey I'll be able to sleep tonight! Thank You!
Avatar f tn I know I have a bit of an addictive personality so I have been VERY careful with these pills. I felt that I was getting bloated looking and opted for the injections so I could get off them. But, as you experienced, my pain is the same and sometimes worse! But, then again I wasn't taking the pain killer any longer so my thinking was my own pain receptors had to learn to start working again and toughen up! I really didn't have a prob with the wd the first couple of nights.