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Avatar n tn How can a positive result for Vicodin be positive when I know I have not taken it?
Avatar f tn Aside from my adderal and my norco, the only thinh that allows me a sort of cruch if u will to sustain any kind of activities outside of sleeping-eating-using the restroom and ghe occasional shower is dxm. What can i do? I have been off my adderal and norco for about a year now due to a pregnancy and since having the baby i have yet to find a new psychiatrist that is excepting new patients as my dr of ten years had retired during my pregnancy.
Avatar m tn This is an issue I wrestled with several times myself in early and later recovery from a 4 year vicodin addiction. We all have different chemistry and therefore different responses to medicaitons but I think overall the OTC cough remedies are mostly safe. The only caviat is that the active indredient for cough suppression is dextromethorphan (DXM or DM on labels) and some people abuse it since it can act as a dissociative hallucinogen similar to ketamine or PCP but only in very high doses.
Avatar m tn Vicodin and methadone......Been free of the vikes for over 2 years and the methadone for a little over 9 months.
1035021 tn?1296820707 Hi, I'm a 36 yo male. 2 weeks ago I made the most stupid thing in my life by taking for the fisrt time a complete bottle of pure DEXTROMETORPHAN when I'm taking TRAMADOL daily, that day I ended in the hospital by a respiratory crisis, tachycardia and high blood pressure, after that I'm having like night panic attacks and high blood pressure moments that I control with an special med. I'm afraid everything is in my mind but I can't control it sometimes.
Avatar f tn They need to put you on correct and appropriate medications, so that your actual issues are fixed and you do not crave drugs that in these doses can cause irreversible damage to your young brain. Please get the help you need and stop hurting yourself by overdosing on DXM. If you stop now, your brain has an opportunity to heal, since you are still young. Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn it helped tremendously during the days i was going through the withdrawals. The DXM helped me sleep and it totally got rid of my RLS. The marijuana and the L-Tyrosine helped dramatically with all of the mental stuff. I've been off oxycontin and everything else for around 9 days now. I'm back to 100%, eating right, excersizing, working, etc, and I don't even have the urge to take the stuff again.
7224450 tn?1389318137 Medicines containing dextromethorphan are easy to find, affordable for cash-strapped teens, and perfectly legal. Getting access to Coricidin and other cough and cold products containing DXM, is often as easy as walking into the local drugstore with a few dollars or raiding the family medicine cabinet. And because it's found in over-the-counter medicines, many teens naively assume that Coricidin and other OTC products containing DXM cannot be dangerous, but this assumption could be deadly.
Avatar f tn My son has been abusing cough medicine. He somehow extracts the dxm with chemicals and lemon juice to make "agent lemon." This week he complained of an earache. I'm wondering if the dxm or the chemicals could have damaged his throat/eustation tubes or set him up for an infection.
Avatar m tn i was ordered to move back to my parents house for a year, no license and other stuff and dxm seems to be the only drug i can do which is coincidental because its my drug of choice. i have different experiences when i take it which is usually at night. i usually take 8 60mgs. then an hour later take 4 60 mgs then an hour later take 8 60mgs and once in awhile but not always another 4-8 at some point for a daily average of 1200-1680mg.
Avatar m tn So now im stealing and buying bottles and boxes of pills of DXM everyday and stocking up and taking it like candy all the time. it felt good to escape the reality i was in. i wanted to forget so i used dxm because it helped me do that. i wanted to forget the person i was. i had low self image. i didnt like myself or my situation in life in general. i hated everything. And the DXM fed me power i wanted.
Avatar n tn DXM is often abused in high doses by adolescents to generate euphoria and visual and auditory hallucinations. Illicit use of DXM is referred to on the street as "Robo-tripping" or "skittling." These terms are derived from the most commonly abused products, Robitussin and Coricidin. DXM abusers report a heightened sense of perceptual awareness, altered time perception, and visual hallucinations.
Avatar m tn s probably one of the most attractive things about DXM. I can think of many eventless days spent on DXM that were exciting and interesting. I suggest trying to find new hobbies to occupy the time that DXM abuse filled. There's more fulfilling things to spend your time doing then dosing up on a dangerous drug that destroys your brain cells. Just know that you're making a wise choice, and really are taking the more healthy path!
397118 tn?1219762250 lol, well, I am pretty sure that DMX is a rapper. But DXM is found in cough syrup and taken in extremely high doses can cause you to feel high. Its really big with teens these days as it is over the counter. I watched that too and it was nuts wasn't it. I felt bad for him. I really did.
Avatar f tn Well 5 months later and I'm still under the spell of addiction. But it's funny that you should bring this old post I made back up now. Last night I swear I hit bottom( again) and I'm determined to get clean and off DXM. I got confused as to how much I had taken and took too much yesterday. I've been just maintaining, trying to avoid withdrawal. But last night I got high and couldn't drive my kids to the birthday party they were planning on going to.
1440164 tn?1284007639 Dont do dxm! for real, my freshmen year i got into that and everynight out "group" would buy boxes of c's and dex tabs i lost all contact to all my other friends, i was on a 3 week beng and decided it would be a good idea to take "death risk" dose. BAD IDEA. I shouldent even be here too tell this story.
Avatar m tn I am addicted to OTC cough meds (DXM). I take it daily and no longer take it to get high. I have tried to quit before and still feel compelled to take it. It cures my boredom and anxiety. I've found a few other people on this forum who are addicted to DXM. But I haven't found anyone who's quit. It's very difficult to quit since its so accessible. Good luck. You may want to go to your local NA meetings. Let me know if you have success quitting.
Avatar m tn According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, long-term use and subsequent withdrawal of DXM involves symptoms such as insomnia, dysphoria and depression. DXM addicts also complain of itchy skin. The hardest part of DXM detox is the depression. The dissociative effects cause psychological issues with some recovering drug abusers such as psychotic episodes and night terrors. " http://www.thehillscenter.
Avatar f tn He has been on a ventilator and in ICU critical care three times now. The issue with DXM is that it will shut down your kidneys - and other organs, when taking too many of these pills .. my son has been in denial about his problem, and he is now in jail for 'public intoxication' on these pills. He was walking the road and nearly fell into oncoming traffic and a stranger called an ambulance. He went to the ER but also got a ticket - and then ICU and then jail.
Avatar m tn I bought the benzo's off the internet and only take them when I feel like I can't do anything but the dxm. I'm careful w/ them and don't use them to get buzzed, ( not that they do that for me anyway). It's just to relieve the tightness of the chest and rapid heartbeat that sometimes accompany the w/draw. Maybe once or twice a week. I'm working w/ a therapist thru the VA who specializes in 'harm reduction'.
Avatar n tn Depends. Are you taking the whole bottle at once to get high, or just taking correct doses for a cold? If you're taking a lot at once to "trip", then you need to stop. I had a friend in high school who did it once a month or every couple of weeks for a long time (2 or 3 years) and it really messed his brain up. He's never been the same, and he's 30 years old now. He hasn't done it since those days, and never fully recovered.
673183 tn?1232732878 Check the back of the box for ingredients. I have alot of experience with DXM, and if the back of the box has "dextromethorphan" then she is trying to trip. If it has "sudafed" listed then she is trying to speed. The DXM will over ride the sudafed if both things are listed as ingredients. She'll just get a trip with a speed effect. To overdose on DXM is ALMOST impossible, but it is possible.
Avatar n tn alchohol,DXM,& acetaminophen, among other things. It gave me 10 hour high. I was: moody, irratable, tired, lazy, sad, didn't care about anything, and was losing friends. I view eminem ad role model, seeing how he too got off of nyquil. You and your son should listen to:déjà by, my darling, both by eminem. He really talks about the affects of addictions.
1390858 tn?1279930486 Or maybe you end up like a guy we got in the regional center. He hallucinated from taking DXM and killed his best friend. He is doing life in a forensics unit in a psyche ward. Kid was only 18. Sound good? Now go see your doctor. You can do this. Were behind you. GOD bless.
Avatar f tn Hey guys, I was takin 40-50 pills of coricidin (the OTC cough med for people with high blood pressure), and cuz i couldnt get them one day I over dosed on xanax and ambien and lyrica. I take Lyrica for my fibromyalgia on a regular basis, was hospitalized and not detoxed medically was not given anything to help with the detox symptoms. Drank last night (10-30-10) 2 drinks and am a WRECK today (Halloween) going to a party tonight and taking my children trick or treating. I'm a mess.
Avatar m tn DXM abuse long term causes some nasty side effects. Here is a link reagarding DXM abuse, and some personal user stories. Perhaps an intervention may be needed here, and some long term inpatient rehab? Keep us posted!!!
2218783 tn?1357571081 Its the stuff in cough syrups and cold medicines. So, a couple tsps of cough syrup with DXM may do the trick for the RLS. I hope so and don't go crazy with the cough syrup...I don't want you robo tripping!!!