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Avatar m tn Thanks, With Ventolin getting some side effects and thus stooped its use after 5-6 days.
7748835 tn?1393868668 Hello. I'm 16, 5'6 and 118lbs. I've had asthma since I was little and I just got a diagnosis that it was moderate persistent asthma but has worsened since I've had that diagnosis so I'm sure it's severe now. I'm on Advair 250/20 as a preventor and I have Ventolin HFA as a rescue inhaler. I take Advair twice a day, but sometimes forget to take it. I don't believe it helps prevent any symptoms or attacks whatsoever.
Avatar f tn Im just a little concerned because i used it once so far, and i know that sometimes the side effects can be really severe (ive been having REALLY bad drowsiness, but thats just annoying not much of a big deal) but it also seemed that the inhaler actually made my chest pains worse. It just made it seem like i had this huge gulp of air caught in my chest.. like i needed to burp but couldnt make it come out.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Ventolin HFA and Asmanex. I took these medications and had a lot of side effects from both medications. The side effects felt worse than the actual symptoms. I continued taking the Asmanex and did not really notice any difference in my breathing which further leads me to believe that I may not have asthma. I have been prescribed Xoponex HFA and Flovent but I am afraid to take them because of the side effects that I experienced last time.
Avatar n tn Flovent is a corticosteroid with serious side effects Among them are osteoporosis, overgrowth of Candida albicans, adrenal problems, cataracts, and on and on. In addition to Ventolin you can use natural anti-inflammatories. There are many - vitamin C, vitamin B6, mullein, marshmallow, boswellia, ginger, and on and on. I use a nebulized albuterol combination (Duoneb) as the only prescription. I no longer use inhaled steroids after developing serious problems.
Avatar f tn Side effects and allergies to drugs would be very different. Side effects could improve over time or with improved inhaler techniques. Allergies would stop you from using the medication completely. Allergies to medications should be limitated to certain drugs or ones that work very similarly. There should be other inhaled steroids (same use as budesonide) that you should be able to safely use. Another possibility is singulair if the asthma is allergy based.
Avatar m tn The only new med that I have been taking in the past 2 weeks is Ventolin HFA (Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Aerosol) for my coughing after coming down with flue. I have also been eating lots of broccoli sprouts and home made fresh ginger tea mixed with little honey. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon! Regards, Perez.. (IBS/IBD?) L.
Avatar f tn I been smoking for 11 years now. The er at the time prescribed me ventolin hfa. I went to my regular dr a week later and they ordered me a pulmonary function test. I got the results and it says that there is nothing wrong with my lungs. But i still continue to get the cough off and on every 3-4 months. Every time i use my inhaler, my chest gets aggravated and congested and it makes me cough of 2013, im 28 weeks pregnant and im still smokin cigarettes.
Avatar f tn If yes and you are using a dry powder inhaler - you may be like me and react to the lactose they use as the carrier molecule to get the medication into your lungs. Advair HFA, alvesco and any HFA inhalers are lactose free. Puli org, symbicort, any disk inhalers or rotatable ones a Have lactose in them. I did have to fight to get my doctor to believe me and switch my inhaler but proved it once I was off for a few months - improved and then did spirometry before and after taking symbicort ...
Avatar m tn Santos, You can please name those tests which can be asked to attending doctor to order, in PFT test it shows- FEF25-75 NOW IS SIGNIFICANTLY DECREASED SUGGESTING INCREASED SMALLER -AIRWAY AIRFLOW OBSTRUCTION, Attending doctor started VENTOLIN HFA , getting weakness,trembling with this only usage of three times, please guide-
Avatar m tn Many people have trouble with Foradil 12 mcg (formoterol fumarate), but I have used this long-lasting inhaled non-steroidal powder with no side effects whatsoever. It is much longer-acting than albuterol sulfate. And the effects are rapid. As Tammy2009 stated, there are ocassional flare ups. I hope things settle down soon.
Avatar f tn My names Eve and Im 15. I got diagnosed with asthma around 4 months ago after suffering from a reoccurring cough, wheezing, heavy breathing and shortness of breath. spirometry confirmed that it was asthma I had and I got out on the brown preventer inhaler and the blue reliever.
Avatar f tn Watch inactive ingredients present - all of the dickus medications (advair, ventolin etc) have lactose as a carrier for the medication. You might be reacting to that and not the medication, switching to the HFA inhaler version would help that (or vice versa). If is VERY unlikely you are allergic to every single medication for asthma because there is a lot of differing types and specific meds.
Avatar m tn may i know if ventolin expectorant is safe for a pregnant women for 16 weeks. Is there no side effects for baby?
895401 tn?1302792967 I expect the ventolin would give you some physiological response, not sure if they, or the side-effects, are being misinterpreted as manic symptoms. You will know your body best though. It could be a drug reaction or even just because you're feeling more vulnerable at this time due to the flu, chest infection and now breathing difficulties. I have absolutely no idea when it comes to medication so you'll have to wait for the doctors response.
Avatar m tn I am not familiar with that particular med, but broncho dilaters are all stimulents and will speed up the heart some. That one may have less of that side effect than Ventolin though. Another option would be Xopenex. It doesn't have the stimulent side effects albuterol has. I hope you find some thing. Some times the regular breathing treatments are needed, but you also need sleep.
Avatar f tn I did that and the results came back fine, and there was nothing wrong with my lungs. The er gave me albuterol ventolin hfa. Whenever i use it, the medicine makes my chest more worse. I dnt know why, but as of now im 28 weeks pregnant, and as of right now since mothers day, i been having this whistling in my chest and i have been coughing since last week sunday, with a rumbling sound in my chest wen i inhale and exhale. I havent used my inhaler or nothing else.
Avatar n tn The cough cleared up for the most part, as did the wheeze, but the meds had serious side effects – I stopped the Levaquin after 8 doses, because it was making me depressed and exhausted, which I still am. I am also still coughing a bit (producing a little mucus), and feel short of breath, but my lung function is at 92% and I have optimal peak flow (475). I’ve cut back my meds to 220mg flovent twice a day, and albuterol when necessary. 1.
Avatar n tn Although it can cause nervousness and many other ill side effects, bad temper does not seem to be one of them. The temper could stem from the asthma itself...because she is 6 she is still trying to find ways to express feelings, pain, etc. It's possible that she's acting this way because she's feeling nervous from the medication or from the asthma itself...remember that it's a scary thing not being able to breath.
1570941 tn?1295664225 Headache mouth and throat irritation, tremors and bronchospasm are possible side effects of salbutamol or ventolin. It is possible that your symptoms are related to the increased dosage of this medication. It is best to discontinue it at this time and check with your doctor for proper evaluation. Rest, ice packs and prescription medicine from your doctor may help. Take care and do keep us posted.
920032 tn?1550680156 The very best mucolytic I have found (and no side effects whatsoever) is vitamin B5. Try taking 500 mg daily. That will probably work. I take 1000 because I have chronic bronchitis. I am glad you got off steroids. I too developed adrenal fatigue. That stuff is poison. I substituted natural anti-inflammatories and mucolytics and my breathing, like yours, is much improved. Steroids were actually worsening my condition.
1154802 tn?1266485720 I have been prescribed prednisone to help keep my asthma under control twice in the past three months. I've noticed there are a lot of bad side effects (as there is with any drug I suppose) and I know most of them are from long-term use and ten days isn't really long term use, but they still worry me! I'm on a preventer (symbicort), two puffs morning and night. But I still find I'm using my Ventolin at least 5 times a day (bad, I know!!
Avatar m tn I heard that symbicort has less long term side effects but after over a year my FEV1 scores haven't improved at all on it
Avatar f tn Well my doctor said the risk of no oxygen is higher than the side effects...
Avatar n tn What you are feeling, light pain and breathing problem suggests that your asthma is not as well-controlled as it could be. Another explanation could be that you are experiencing side effects from the Rotacap®. It is possible that the dose is too high for you and if you are going to take this medicine you should divide the dose. But there is something else the Ventolin® Rotacap® is a short-acting bronchodilator.