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Avatar n tn Okay, I've had MS for 13 years. I was just taken off Tysabri in July, I was on that for almost 5 years. I now have to go on Gylena in January, but before I start the new drug...I have to do 6 months of iv steroids. 3 days every month with NO taper! I have just finished my second round...and I'm ready to through in the towel. The side affects of the steroids are at this point almost not worth doing. They are trying to prevent a relapse since I am not on any MS therapy.
Avatar m tn I would be very keen to know if anyone has knowledge of a Multiple Sclerosis sufferer going from an intense of Pregnesone and Solumedrol treatment onto Tysabri. My brother was diagnosed with MS in 1986 and has mangaed his condition for years with low dose Naltrexone and in the event of an exacerbation he would be administered with Solumedrol in an IV.
645390 tn?1338558977 I am thrilled you are back and I hope you are doing well these days. How is Tysabri working out for you?
294425 tn?1288531995 I'm waiting for my insurance to go through, then Solumedrol to wash out and I might be on tysabri in a month or so.
11119474 tn?1428705770 The Solumederol was just a patch to get me through until my Tysabri treatments started. I now have had 2 IV Tysabri inufusions and don't feel Great but better than before and I am hoping it will only get better. My Neuro said it would take about 7 months to feel somewhat normal again.....lol....what's normal??? After you have been in so much pain and had so many set backs you have to readjust your definition of normal.
Avatar f tn This eventually resolved with the help of Soulmedrol and time. This was my 3rd relapse in a year and a half, so my doc started me on Tysabri in the fall. I have had 5 infusions so far. I didn't think I had any major side effects from it besides the fatigue the day of and day after infusion. Recently, since Christmas-wish, my old relapse symptoms have come back with a vengeance, but have spread.
198419 tn?1360245956 Guitar_grrrl: dx 5/09. DMD Rebif 4 mos. Allergic! Currently on Tysabri.
Avatar f tn Hi T- Did you have any reaction to the first 11 Tysabri infusions? I=Did you also have the IV Solumedrol each time? Generally speaking things like rashes are not associated with MS. I wonder of you had some reaction to the steroids.
1088527 tn?1425316975 My MS doc always gives a small dose of Solumedrol, which is much larger than a usual prednisone dose, to his new Tysabri patients. They get the IVSM in the first hour. Then they get the Tysabri in the next hour. His experience says that the mini-dose of IVSM helps the Tysabri get to work faster by cutting any inflammation in our system. He does that for the first three Tysabri doses when just beginning this therapy. I hope you are less itchy today and can reach your doctor in the morning.
627818 tn?1271780626 I will have another MRI at that time. I have to wait for the SoluMedrol to exit my system. I guess it takes 4 to 6 weeks. Then a follow up and go from there. He recommends Tysabri if sI want to switch right now. However, depending on what he sees on the MRI it may not be a choice but the only recourse. So, any input on Tysabri would be appreciated. I have mostly good days, but too much activity on Sunday made me a slug yesterday! I woke up refreshed this morning and took a short walk.
755322 tn?1330272714 Saw the Neurologist today and they put me back on solumedrol drip for 4 days. After first day i felt a bit tired but better energy after second day felt great. After 3rd day am all puffy and have edema in my feet, ankles and lower legs and my stomach aches. ugh. one more day on Friday then a step down pack. i do hate steroids. hope this helps my eyesight and neuropathy. we also discussed a new dmd. Might look into Rebif, Tysabri or best yet, IVIG, which my neuro thinks works best of all.
572651 tn?1333939396 Sitting here having just had a gram of solumedrol pumped into me and now having my tysabri cocktail. I asked to se the NP because my right leg has decided it would stop working correctly and was just along for the ride- step, drag, step, drag was my recent gait. Definitely in need of steroids to kick start the healing but a quick dip also shows I have a UTI. That's the first one in at least 18 months.
Avatar f tn I fell asleep in the recliner the other night (which does not spin) and felt like someone was spinning the chair around at 100 mph. I had my Tysabri infusion yesterday in hopes that it would help (often my symptoms are lessoned with tysabri) and I woke up this morning feeling great. As soon as I got up and started my day it started coming on again. I am experiencing blurred vision, and the vertigo feeling gets really bad if I move my eyes too fast to look at something.
645390 tn?1338558977 decision, not really final but a good 90% if everything goes well with insurance... I am going to be starting Tysabri. She is very encouraged with how well I did with the Solu-Medrol this time, that it is even a better indicator of how Tysabri would go. I will be on it for 1 year, then see what is next. I am - JC virus, and fit the rest of the categories, that "allows" me to be on Tysabri.
4848471 tn?1372242352 He said I needed three days of solumedrol at 1000 mg each day to close my blood brain barrier and selected Tysabri as the MS drug I will be taking. Frankly, I am more frightened of solumedrol than I am Tysabri,JC virus notwithstanding.So far, I have tried to load up on potassium,a few other basic electrolytes and he told me to get some Pepcid ac to protect my stomach lining. he called me and we discussed that part and he said,"now we're ready to roll.
Avatar f tn There seems to be a pattern to my I chose to have solumedrol for 5 days (my normal for an attack these days) and of course the specialist calls me that day with an appt 5 days later. They are 200 miles away, but we got to see great friends. So the specialist saw me in pretty much top form, but due to my history, recommended Tysabri. I had my first treatment and got a sinus infection that night. It took 8 days for the infection to heal after I finally had antibiotics.
462771 tn?1358359443 _ever_ when we're on a DMD (I've been on Avonex for 5 months)? He also hinted at Tysabri, which I'm very much against at this point because of the risk involved, but my insurance requires the failure of 2 CRABs before they'll approve Tysabri, anyway. Does this mean I've got an aggressive form of RRMS or is it possible that he just wants me to go on Tysabri because it's "better" than Avonex? I'm kind of worried about that implication now...
Avatar n tn Hello I am a 25 year old female and four weeks ago I was diagnosed with optic neuritis, I was admitted to the hospital for 5 days of IV solumedrol therapy (1000 mg a day). After the treatment my vision mostly came back and the eye pain was completely gone. At the same time I also had a burning arm pain in my right arm with numbness and tingling into my fingers. During my hospital stay I had an MRI of my head, which was normal.
Avatar f tn So the UCSF trip was great and the specialist and I had a big talk about Tysabri and agreed it is the best treatment for me short term until the MS oral treatment comes out. We talked about the Touch program you have to be involved in with Tysabri and that I would have to come back at 3mo, and then every 6 mo. I thought "great, our friends have a nice house 1 mi from the hospital this will be wonderful" plus I would be able to be seen by the specialists again.
10624661 tn?1414904229 Do you know why your doctor wants to start you on Tysabri rather than one of the more first-line treatments?Tysabri is usually used when less 'extreme' measures haven't worked, or when secondary progressive MS is pretty clearly evident. Not saying that is how things work on paper, but in the real world most often T is considered only after other treatments have seemed to be ineffective.
Avatar f tn The specialist at UCSF is switching me to Tysabri and has told me to go ahead and stop my Betaseron. It has now been 2 shots that I missed (well didn't take) and for the past 2 days I have been feeling like someone beat the crud outta me. My husband is insisting it is cuz I am not taking my shots. I don't see how that can be. We went to UCSF Monday night (4 hr drive), had my Dr appt Tues which took 4 hrs.
Avatar n tn If i do have MS when will these symptoms go away? My dr. told me I could get a solumedrol (sp?) infusion for a few days, but heard there are bad side effect so I did not. Can anyone help with how long this 'episode' might last and if I should get the steroids or wait to see the other doctors?
Avatar f tn I started the solumedrol in November. They said it could take up to six months to start working. But like I said, my mobility problems keep progressing so maybe I am in a continuous flair. Shell: yes. My worry is all the lingering problems that are arising from the flairs or flair. The damage is sticking and progressing. My ability to do things has been drastically reduced and I know it's the disease. I am just waiting to see it level off. I guess I have a couple of more months to go.
Avatar m tn Thanks for checking in on behalf of your sister. the solumedrol (IVSM0 can leave some residual problems, but from this distance it is hard to guess in her case. It is much too soon to call this a new relapse- the time frame for that would be 30 days or more from the previous one. It also can take several weeks for the complete effect of the IVSM to kick in and for the central nervous system to settled, again.
199980 tn?1233801004 I sure hope this round of steroids gets things calmed down. How are you doing with your sleep? I couldn't sleep at all while on Solumedrol and had to be given short term sleeping pills. One thing was for sure, I had so much energy that on the third day of my IV steroids, I bowled my first 200 game. Unfortunately, that was the last night I ever bowled again. The MS took over and robbed me of something I dearly loved. Please keep us informed about progress.
Avatar f tn I was on betasaron and woke up with severe leg and vertical face pain. I was pale, very fatigued and weak. Dr. Took me off betasaron, told me I was a no go on tysabri because my ms was too active and put me on monthly solumedrol and Copaxone. My dr. Has not told me what type of ms I have. I have not had one day that I have felt well. I always have some level of fatigue, numbness, tingling, Myclonus, stiffness, pain. Some days are worse than others.
1946393 tn?1326434135 My spinal MRI came back normal. Here is my problem. They tried treating me with solumedrol and I had a severe allergic reaction and a seizure where I lost conciousness repeatedly for several hours. How do you control execerbations wiithout steriods?? I am currently taking Avonex and am violently ill on it and super depressed despite taking an anti-depressant. My symptoms are getting worse.
Avatar f tn I haven't been on any meds other than a course of oral Prednisone last year and solumedrol infusions this month. The reason for this is because I was so allergic to interferons they nearly killed me. I'd rather not go into that as I don't want to frighten anyone. This Thursday, Dec. 13th, I am supposed to go for my first Tysabri infusion. But I just can't bring myself to do it. So I am once again chickening out of it, this will be my 2nd time this year.
572651 tn?1333939396 Sorry to hear of the relapse! Know the feeling all too well. We can commiserate together.