Truvada overdose

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Avatar m tn Yesterday, I took 1 Truvada at 7am but since I was in a hurry after dinner, I accidentally took one more Truvada last night. I tried to vomit it up but I was able to vomit only a part (dissolved part) of it. Because of panic, I forgot to take Kaletra last night. I rushed to the A&E and asked the doctor's advice on what to do. Since I waited for more than 3 hours before I was able to see the doctor, I was already drowsy when the doctor talked to me.
Avatar m tn Its scary im worried sick & cant concentrate on work or my studies. My muscles are twitching. I just hope these pills work (Truvada 200g & Reyataz 150g are the pills im taking once a day). Its a vicious world out there & people should really be careful. I have learnt my lesson. But i hope its not too late. One last question --- Do you know anyone or persons who actually slept with someone positive & took the nPEP? and remained negative?? Thanks again.