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Avatar n tn Hello... I contacted you last week regarding an exposure in South Africa just over a month ago to a girl of unknown status. You said then that the risk was very very low. I now have another question. To summarise my situation, I had just had my wisdom teeth removed following infection, while she had had a tooth removed the day before. There was 'deep' kissing, mutual masturbation, and I had put my finger in my mouth for one moment.
Avatar m tn I am currently travelling in South Africa. I had my wisdom teeth removed only two and a half weeks ago and ended up kissing a girl who had molar taken out the day before we kissed. I would normally not consider kissing to contain any significant risk but it seems that it is possible both of us had open wounds in our mouths. There didn't appear to be any blood from either of us and both though my teeth are still a little sore from the operation. I do not know her status though I am negative.
Avatar n tn I would really like to get your opinion on my risk of being infected with HIV. During my visit in South Africa I ended up spending time with a girl . Due to high HIV rates there I was staying away from sex, but we did end up 'deep' kissing, as well as mutual masturbation. At one point I also put a finger on my tongue for lubrication after touching her. Stupid of me. There was no insertive sex, vaginal, anal or oral.
Avatar f tn I am a European who has been working in South Africa. I met a black South African in the apartment block bar on 21 june and after a few bottles of wine we went to my room. We had unprotected oral sex and while there was some momentary genital contact as she lay on top of me there was absolutely no penetration. After the incident I discovered a small cut in my penis. This is due to a tight foreskin that has previously torn. This healed in 2 days.
Avatar f tn She seemed fairly unknowledgeable about HIV so didn't do much at all to put my mind at ease. I'm in South Africa so the odds of someone having it here are far higher than in Europe or America. I found a website of one of the big labs here that claims 1 in 5 people are infected in this country! They offer the 4th generation Elisa test and say that they can give a conclusive result from 21-28 days. Does that sound correct? They say that they give you the result in 2 days.
Avatar n tn oh my 25000 is really a lot, as investment it can only work if they dont care about US market and FDA, since FDA just preserves US drug makers intrest and will never approve it on the other hand US is going bankrupt and asia getting rich, in the near future china/india may become the richest in the world (if not already) and also the most intrested in hbv cures, so also drug investments should go to asia soon