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Avatar n tn This is a patient to patient forum, most of us have Hep C but there are no doctors here to answer questions just so you are aware of that. Do you mind giving a little more info? What are his stats and liver condition? What genotype does he have what is the history? Is he in a trial now? Lucky him to have such a loving, concerned daughter such as yourself caring for him.
Avatar f tn During a baseline u/s 2 small tumors (7mm) were found on my liver. I have chronic Hep B. I am an e-antibody positive, 36-year old female. My last liver panel show ALT 39. Historically, my ALT is high normal, which I guess is actually high for a woman by newer standards, right? But 39 is low for me so I was happy with that. My DNA has alway been undetected by this last time it was 371 IU/ml. My doc said it could be something as simple as not enough sleep and too much stress. Is that true?
Avatar m tn My thinking is if you still test negative on the test for the virus the HCV RNA by PCR test in a year you don't have hep c. Bear in mind you will likely always test positive for hep c antibodies. But my best suggestion is to follow your doctors recommendations.
Avatar m tn (1) What is the likelihood of getting HIV, HSV, HPV or Hep B/C from the encounter (which I deeply regret)? (2) Based on the symptoms, do you think I have HIV, HSV, HPV or Hep B/C? (3) What is going on with my penis? The candid cream doesn't seem to be working. Does this sound like HSV?
Avatar f tn it can come back, but extremely unlikely if the patient is receiving some sort of prophylaxis
Avatar m tn 5 days ago... a csw gave me a bl*w j*b.... I don't know her medical status... I c*m on her mouth... Does this event can cause hepatitis ? Thank you!
Avatar f tn I have been to two ID doctors for ongoing symptoms, they didn't help me but they just write for lab testing; that's it; all std include hep-b,c negative at 4 weeks; Come to my hiv testing , I have tested hiv pcr RNA quant(quest dia) 6,16 weeks not detected, hiv eia antibody(labcorp, quest dia) 2,8,16 weeks negative, Ora quick hiv home swab test 4,8,12,15, 20 weeks negative; Compare with high risk exposure and symptoms that more looks like hiv, so I have continuously tested for lot hiv test
Avatar n tn cdc 2016 april update fyi, after pep a 4-6 week test is done including for hep c.
Avatar m tn 4 and a half weeks post exposure (4 days after pep) full STD screen including HIV duo - all negative 6 weeks post exposure (2 weeks after pep) HIV duo plus HEP B + C test - all negative 6 and a half weeks post exposure (19 days after pep) PCR RNA test for HIV, HEP B + C - all not detected Today 8 and a half weeks post exposure (32 days after pep) I have a 4th gen HIV DUO test booked as well as a syphilis and hepatitis test.
Avatar n tn I think Jboyhk has hep B so I flagged his name to help. Although hep b victims are routed here, most of us have hep c, but not all. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Had unprotected, vaginal sex 3/23 w/ stripper (unknown STI status) Visited clinic 3/24 & was given prophylactic treatment of Rocephin & Azithromycin & 30-day prescription for nPEP (Truvada + Kaletra) Had baseline tests run 3/26...
Avatar f tn I would not worry about either of these infections. Hepatitis C is not sexually transmitted among heterosexuals and if you acquired herpes you would develop lesions of infection within 2 weeks of your exposure. If you do not develop lesions, you do not need to worry about herpes.
Avatar m tn I have a therapist and set up a meeting with her. In addition I get regularly tested for STI's, I don't have Hep C, I have my vaccines, blah blah. I haven't had anal sex since January and have had conclusive test results since. It ***** how one encounter can really bring out your anxiety, even something so low risk like getting a *******. I know many magnetic couples engage in these behaviors with nary a second thought.
Avatar f tn 1) 30 gauge used (ridiculously small tip) and was wearing gloves 2) I had placed in a new anesthetic carpule right prior to my incident and always by nature push the anesthetic to the floor prior to inserting the needle in the mouth which pushed away any blood to the floor (from inside the needle at least) 3) there was no visible blood onto the tip of the needle 4) my perforation site on the skin was not even visible after 1 hour 5) the HIV + patient's physician shared with me that the patient
Avatar m tn i have the ability to show and prove along with my blood test papers that shows the hep c and hiv blood test and things like that if you want in order to answer my question.
Avatar f tn MSM story, first and only risky sexual experience. 20yo African American male. No previous health problems. I performed unprotected penile oral sex (fellatio) on (met from craigslist ad) 50yo white male stranger 9 weeks ago with ejaculation (spit some/swallow some) with intact mouth no ulcers/sores present, though I am a smoker and may have gingivitis (not sure, i don't floss). Then used mouthwash about 10 minutes after, spitting every chance on my way to the store before getting it.
Avatar f tn She said his viral load had been zero since 2001 and that his tcells were 700. He does not have hep a, b, or C. She started me on truvada and kaletra. I took the first dose of meds approx 2 hours after this accident. I am pretty terrified that I could have contracted HIV. Im wondering what my chances are, and how likely it is that i will be ok from this accident. Im only 27 and have a 4 year old child. I feel like I reuined my life. I cant shake this feeling of dread and up coming bad news.
Avatar n tn I've had several needlestick injuries over my career, and although none of the pts were confirmed HIV POS, one was Hep C +, and one was Hep B POS (which, as you know is pretty similar biologically to HIV). I did take prophylactic gammaglobulin, but of course, I ended up being fine. I once cared for a nurse when I was working in employee health that had sustained a needlestick injury from an AIDS pt with an IM needle. She was just fine.....
Avatar m tn Couldn't really find a PCR test that sensitive in my area, I believe the cut off value is 100 IU/L... I guess since they all focus on Hep C. I will double check with my doctor, and hopefully my ast/alt will be lower. I will also stop lifting weight when going to the gym, only mild exercise.
Avatar f tn at 16 Days ON pep medication the ID dr ordered an HIV RNA by PCR- this came back undectable down to 20 copies. 2. at six weeks post exposure- Negative hiv antibody and negative hep C 3. at 16 days OFF pep medication and ( 46 days from exposure) another HIV RNA by PCR-- undectable down to 20 copies. I unfortunately was fired from my job due to this exposure. So I have been on my own for testing.
Avatar m tn 29 iu/ml December 2012, alt 82, ast 37 Hep Be AB, non reactive Hep e AG non reactive July 2013, alt 53, ast 28 Hbv dna dectected in range 10-19 iu/ml Hbv Be ab reactive Hbv Be ag non reactive December 2013, alt 78, ast 39 Hep b quant pcr, hbv dna detected June 2014, alt 86, ast 41 Hep A a ab reactive Hep B dna dectected in range 10-19 ui/ml Jan 23, 2015, alt 67, ast 33 Hbv dna not dected Jan 30, hbv dna virus detected 1860iu/ml (lab called back a week later redraw blood due to not enough
Avatar m tn I am currently genotype c, hbeag - bcp / pc mutation. Stef you seem to have the most experience regarding supplements and trying to clear. If you were in my situation would you try to clear? 1. If I was a inactive carrier before hbeag - anti hbe + and I entered immune escape, is it because hbv virus mutated in my body and that I acquired double mutation now? 2. My uncle had hcc 6 months ago and had chemoemobilization and currently doing fine.
Avatar m tn Since i have been vaccinated, i am ok and i know my future baby will not be infected by Hep B, but i don't know that it will be affected by the drug since it's category C. Please keep me posted if you have any new info. thanks a lot!
Avatar m tn Most of these symptoms have now lasted about 2 months. All tests have been negative. Negative for hep a, b, c; gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, herpes simplex 2. I now have sharp pain when defecating that has lasted for almost 2 weeks now. Just looking for any advice and some motivation to keep on living.
Avatar m tn Baseline: negative hiv 1/2 antibody screen, negative Hep C 6 weeks post exposure- Negative hiv 1/2 antibody screen 6 and a half weeks post exposure, (16 days OFF pep) - undectable HIV RNA by PCR down to 20 copies. 13 weeks post exposure- Negative hiv 1/2 antibody screen 20 weeks post exposure ( 15 weeks and 5 days from last dose of pep meds ) Negative hiv 1/2 antibody screen, Negative HEP C.
Avatar f tn On Dec 6th 2011 I had an occupational needle stick injury while I was draeing blood on a positve white male, using a butterfly needle size 23 by 3/4 gauge. His viral load was one hundred and thirty nine and he was negative for hep c and b. I took pep consisting of truvada, norvair and presista for 30 days with 100% adhearence. Ive had the following tests: baseline negative, 16 days on pep the id Dr ordered HIV pcr by rna that came back undectable.
Avatar f tn the thing that gets me is that they look at the tests and do not put the clinical symptoms in the mix. my ID doc is thinking it is my hiv or my hep c and not thinking of other pathogens. wonder how long it will be to get the neuro work up scheduled. i swear when i had my last attack on Sept 12 i wanted to go to the hospital. last time i went to the local ER they dismised me and thought i was drug seeking, didn't believe my pain.
Avatar n tn truvada is tenofovir+embricitabine ftc and you will find hbv therapy under this combo and not under truvada but they are exactly the same thing, probably you save money with one pill truvada instead separate that is just marketing exactly like they wrote for tdf until 2008 that is to say tdf doesn't cure hbv....while it was the most potent antiviral.
Avatar m tn I am asian male 33 and have had chornic hep b probably from birth (adopted so no parental records to work off of). I finally got to a specialist and am a litlte concerned because I get mixed feelings from different specialists... sometimes it's "oh definitely start medication right now" and sometimes more "well it's pretty early stages of damage, we can monitor and see, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to start treatment".
Avatar n tn (thats another conversation, she had lied all along, we got to find out she was seeing a hiv specialist at the same hospital , we dont have access to her records but im thinking of taking her to court, as my doctor stated) on same day (day 3)the doctor carried out hep b and c tetsts (core) and vrld testson me and they all came back neg and they gave me pills to cover syphillis, gonhorea, vaginitis, syphillis jab etc After 80hrs of exposure doc also added alluvia PEP two pills each morning 10 am