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217599 tn?1202854552 it was prescribed for me today along with flexeril for my back pain. i don't know anyuthing about them as norco was my DOC for many years and also methadone, both for the pain i am now treating with this new stuff. would like to know what the stuff is.
Avatar f tn I have a pinch nerve on my left shoulder (going to get it Xray to see what it really is), which only gets aggravated when I'm stress or overwork it in the gym. My Dr has tried Flexeril, Skelaxin, 500 mg of naproxen and it hasn't work. Now she prescribe tramadol. I have read bad things about it and its side effects. Everything is dated from a few years ago, so I would like update from anyone that is taking it. I was prescribed 50mg/4 times a day as needed.
Avatar f tn I currently take 200 mg at a time with 15 mg vicoden, 2 flexeril, 2 lyrica pills and drink my coffee and do it 4 to 6 times a day. sane? my kids dont realize they laugh at my antics and say stuff like mom and her pills. but what they dont realize is with 8 kids those pills keep me going all day. but inside i cannot take it .. i am dying slowly. my sister is going through liver failure due to antipsychotic, anti freak out pills taking them off and on all her life. shes only 44.
Avatar n tn Tramadol has the same kind of dependency as morphine once you are hooked, and it sounds like you are, so you should see a drug rehab.specialist to walk you through the withdrawals. There are dangers to be avoided, so be under a doctors care for this....
1349329 tn?1276988802 I feel groggy today, but the Anxiety is not as bad as with the Tramadol. I'm not taking enough Vicodin to get "high," but just to take the edge off. I'm also continuing to take my supplements and am keeping things quiet so I don't get more stressed out. I know that in a month the worst should be over, and I will start feeling better.
Avatar m tn I have recently had spinal surgery (Chiari Malformation Type I and Occult Tethered Cord Syndrome). I am currently tapering off of Flexeril and Tramadol. I know that narcotics and some non- narcotics are sometimes essential for the relief of pain following surgery. I also know that w/d from many drugs can be very difficult for some people. As a recovering addict I was very upset that the doctors in my area kept prescribing drugs to cover the symptoms of the diagnosis above.
Avatar f tn I have been feeling better and stopped all my medication with the exception of Tramadol. I started tapering and found the tramadol makes me feel like I have a seizure when I stop taking taking it. I started cutting my dose by 1/2 pill every 2-3 days. The thing is, i just found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant. So I need to get offf of it quick but safely. any suggetions? I take 350 mgs/day, 50 mg capsules. Thank you so much!
Avatar n tn I started out on Lexapro fine and have no problems with it still but with Tramadol I feel completely alone with dealing what I can clearly see as an addiction. I started out at 2 pills in the am and 2 and night. Now I take ten in the morning till I start to slow down around lunch time then I take ten more. I take 20 50mg pills a day and I can't stop. The quantities consistently increase no matter how I try to stop taking them all together. The withdrawls scare the hell out of me.
Avatar f tn A good muscle relaxant like I took Flexeril for 9 months helped with sleeping and the pain for a while. But it makes your really tired in the day time too. I also ended up with skipping heart beats so they took me off and I seem to be ok. I also took Skelaxin (works like a muscle relaxant) and isn't addictive and it was ok for two months then I started to get shortness of breath. So, you have to see how you react to things. Let me know if you have any other questions.
Avatar m tn I wish I knew more my friend.. I used to think tramadol wasn't addictive(due to DR telling me this)! Also, when I took it it NEVER got me high, even when I took like 5-7 at one pop. Same as darvon's(darvocet's) Do they get you high, like vicodin would, or oxycontins? Or is it just a mental withdrawl? I have heard alot of mixed bag answers to this medicine, so I wont pretend to know it all. But my fiancee was precribed #120 to use over a month period along with some flexeril..
Avatar m tn I have been abusing DHC (which is a much stronger drug, unscripted) with Tramadol up to 10 50mg in a day. I was in deep with these 2 drugs, both opiates. I would have 2/3 good (good! I really mean functional) days a week while I abused Tramadol and the other day I would take a maintenance dose to stave off the withdrawals. Half the problem with this drug is that it includes chemicals which act on the same brain receptors as an anti-depressant.
Avatar f tn I encourage you to look at my blog on detox options for more info on withdrawals by clicking on my name and you may be interested in taking a look at my clinic’s website, since we often detox patients with Tramadol addictions. Once you get through the withdrawals, the only thing you should keep in mind is as people start to feel really good after a few months out; they forget how bad the withdrawal really was and think they can start using again. Just once or twice....
Avatar f tn And sorry to hear about your experience with Flexeril. I have not heard of any dependency issues of that drug before. It does make sense that your body can become accustom to any medication. Have you discussed this with your PCP? As Sandee said I don't know how many you are taking per day not the dose. I think I would just gradually reduce this medication. Are you sure the migraines are related to the discontinuation of the medication....or could their be another factor going on?
Avatar m tn If you have been taking oxycontin, vicodin, ETC, and then run out of them, will tramadol help with the withdrawls, or keep them from happening? For example, I dont get high off tylenol3's or darvocet, but if i run out of the Stronger narcotics then if I can get those I would because they help keep the withdrawl away. So will Tramadol do the same thing? Or is it a non-narcotic that would be just about the same as popping Motrin? Any help on this would be great...
Avatar f tn Hi, does anybody out there have advice on detox from taking about 10 tramadol 50mg a day?
733362 tn?1489798536 I burned a hole in my gut with aspirin, now I can't take motrin either. This Doctor wants to get me off all my meds. He must be crazy. He told me I could have Ultram since it's non-addictive. Are these Doctors that stupid? This is the same guy that wanted me to taper off Valium after 12 years in 2 weeks. It's a good thing I had some in the hole and found a Doctor that gave me 30 5's. I think I have enough to get off Valium for good. I asked for some 2mg tablets and he gave me 15.
Avatar m tn Well, Tramadol withdrawals are not fun. Psychological addiction has little to nothing to do with your problem. Two years of dosing on Tramadol is your main problem. (pure physical addiction) I just read the post of a guy who quit Tramadol and is on day 45 and is only about 65% back to normal. Tramadol withdrawals can be drawn out for up to weeks to months and can be very acute, pain wise.
Avatar f tn It helps force magnesium into the muscles. I am sending a note to avisg. She is quite good with Tramadol withdrawal.
Avatar f tn Dear Doctor: Could you please help me to cope with the horror of the abstinence of tramadol, I'm in my 25th day, but the insomnia is killing me I don't have energy for even going out or driving, I'm forcing my self so hard, I tried natural herbs like rhodiola ,but my fatiga got worst,besides brought back those cold sweats and heat waves that it makes feel like if my blood is burning internally; my system even rejected valerian,and also I'm taking 10 mg of melatonin but one day make sleep, not
511488 tn?1214624096 TO ALL OF YOU TRAMADOL USERS AND ABUSERS: I have been reading on here how many people are users and abusers of tramadol. I have a very important message for you that you may not be aware of. DO NOT take tramadol if you are already taking any anti-depressant called an SSRI (serum-serotonin re-uptake inhibitor). If you are unsure if your med is an SSRI, ask your pharmacist (many anti-depressants are). They is a contraindication with these two meds.
Avatar n tn The pain somehow got better, but still there. So Went for Motrin 800mg with Skelaxin, didn't help. So finally she gave a prescription of Tramadol 50mg.. it doesn't work. I don't what to do, I can sleep, I can't move my head, it's hard to drive. I had tried ice therapy and about to start heat theraphy, but I'm still waiting for the swelling to go down. I wonder is this a muscle spams or what? I'm freaking out.. can't cry no more, I loss all my tears last night. what should I do?
684012 tn?1227994056 I have to take two of them to get any relief, along with 2-ultram (tramadol 50 mg) four times daily with an extra strenght tylenol. That is the same as Ultracet. I will ask for 7.5/750 or another lortab or norco. There is another type of injection that requires her to put me out, I am just tired of being a pin cushion. However she did tell me we would have to try different meds to get it right. Okay thanks for answering me & listening to me.
Avatar f tn after learning recently that a medication called LDN may actually cure some of my diseases I decided I would give it a try.... can not take Opiates or Tramadol with LDN. It was through the yahoo lowdosenaltrexone forum that I also learned the truth about Tramadol and what I was about to have to endure to get off of it. And so this is what has led me to this board now.
Avatar f tn Is it realistic that by next FRI this will all be history or will I still be struggling with pain from W/D? I was taking 8-10 Tramadol a day for the past few months and prior to that probably 4-6 a day with some Darvocet and Vicodin here and here for a year and a half so that's the history of how long I was taking painkillers. The Vics and Darvs are totally out of my system, for a few weeks now. Is it possible to be done with this W/D process in 24-48 hours based on what I was taking?
Avatar f tn I was given flexeril and tramadol for muscle spasms due to herniated discs. The tramadol did nothing for the pain, I was able to receive some relief from motrin instead. I can't take stronger opioids because they make me nauseous. Morphine doesn't work for me either. Are the two medications related?
Avatar f tn I took tramadol for about a month after a surgery and now I am living with daily pain in both sides of jaw and back of head (base of skull).  Can tramadol cause that and does anyone know if it will go away...I'm miserable.  I can't even have a glass of alcohol socially or the back of my head starts hurting really bad.  I've tried a couple different muscle relaxers (zanaflex, parafon forte) and they didn't help.
Avatar m tn For instance last week I took some plastic totes down from my sons nursery closet that were filled with the next size clothing. That set it off. It went away after a day or two...or so I thought. Then I changed his mattress pad and sheets 3 nights ago in the middle of the night, doing it in Supermom speed. Lol! That set off my mid back which has never been a problem. I have been through PT. Then massage therapy at the chiropractor. And I have seen PM specialists.
5669694 tn?1372074010 Is it safe to take 150 mg of Tramadol a day for pain? I've been prescribed 50mg (take 1-2 pills every 6 hours) a day of Tramadol. It isn't working for my pain. I don't have another appointment with my physical medicine doctor for another week. Is it safe to take 3 pills (150mg) when my pain is really bad? I have really bad pulled muscle. It's okay early morning but as I move around it gets worse. If I sit up at the computer, walk to the store, pick anything up....
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors, Many people have come here for many years, giving support and getting support. Because I still believe that Tramadol is unique in it's ... terror and torture of humans, this thread continues. The people who can understand what you are going thru are the people who have kicked it and there's people here who come back to lend a hand. You also will never need an understanding ear as much. You can do it. You can quit. You do not need to be a slave to Tramadol.