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616534 tn?1233240097 After going to a neurologist for carpal tunnel and trigger thumb, he prescribed 50 mg of Tramadol HCL a day for the pain. Is this safe? Everything I read about these two drugs, is telling me these should not be taken together. Should I take the Tramadol or not? Please help as I have to have something for the pain in my hands and fingers.
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544292 tn?1268886268 Day 22 Cold Turkey Tramadol ... I woke up HAPPY. I used to wake up happy all the time, before the Tramadol. Waking up happy is good. Then I tried to move. I had to use my hands and arms to get up out of bed. My body has been pushed as far as it will go. So after trying all my best tricks (aminos, coffee, food, vitamins, water) I finally stopped the struggle and called in sick for work. Tomorrow will be a busier day anyhow.
541953 tn?1262589826 I find that I do need breakthrough pain meds. Oh and the drug is oxymorphone hcl. Hope that helps and good luck to you.
Avatar n tn What dosage is appropriate? The Clonodine I have is Clonidine HCL 0.1mg. They are prescribed to my Mom and she is helping me get through this. Again, I can't even begin to tell you how much reading these boards have helped me in just the past two hours. I am so very greatful to all of those that post here and plan on making this site a daily visit for me. Just getting started...
Avatar n tn there is, in fact, a viable alternative. the medication's generic name is tramadol Hcl and it is called Ultram in the United States. Ultram is touted to be as effective as morphine for pain relief, and Ultram is Non-Narcotic. However, and this is a BIG "however": This particular drug is the most addicting drug I have ever tried. If your Grandmother is able to take Ultram, it is VERY CRUCIAL that she has enough to never run out!
Avatar n tn here's what I know to be true, a pharmacist has 6 years of training in drug reactions and interactions, a physician has 1 year only. One vs. 6...hmmm... who should we listen vote is a pharmacist!!! Also the verdicts are clear one that one has to look at the whole patient profile. Toxicity is common with tylenol, even in children, certainly in sick livers, and unless one was early stage and no conflicks with ones P450 profile....
Avatar n tn Thanks for the advice, but i'm afraid I have no choice. If you read some of my post below, starting w/ 1/26 under Tramadol (the 1st time I posted here) you will see some of the problems I'm dealing w/. I access this site to stay informed and I've learned sooo much here. You will also gather from my story that I'm scared to death of addiction and what it does. I sympathize w/ you, I do. Its terrible. Esp. when the world just continues on, and your expected to just keep going.
Avatar n tn I used to be an ULTRAM junkie (15-20 or more per day) -now I just take 3-6 per day to control my neuropathy... I had taken 2 this morning.... Well, I read that Tramadol is an ANTAGONIST and hydrocodone is an AGONIST. So what happened here? did they cancel each other out? Anyway, that was my last time experimenting with OXY.. and some people pay $1.00 a Mg for that ****?!
Avatar n tn I fully expect to dodge some arrows in the next week or month, but the comment about going off vs staying off is in the forefront of my mind. There is no physical pain I have ever experienced that equals the absolute despair and Anxiety-ride I went on over the weekend. I may have started the Thomas Recipe too soon, or maybe adding the 5http did something, but I was literally 5 minutes from a decision to go to the hospital when I started to feel better, a little better.
Avatar n tn I have been off the percocet for 3 wks but chnged to tramadol to help get off of it (actually, thats all i could get my hands on). I had an apt to go back to the dr fri morn for my percocet refill and my dr found out i had been going other places. so, she cut me off. now, as of yesterday, i took 15 tramadols per day, yesterday at 4pm was my last pill. I have a child and husband that neither of them know I'm on pain meds.
Avatar n tn A newer form available now as a supplement is I believe Pyridoxal, and is claimed to have none of the potential side effects of plain old pyridoxine hcl. Chemically speaking, it has been long suggested that pyridoxine changes to P-5-P in the body, so taking the co-enzyme form is a waste of money. However, I have heard of people using it and finding no apparenty toxicity issues. Dr. Roger Williams (deceased) said that stores of all B vitamins remained in cells for weeks and sometimes months.